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Africa’s most outspoken homophobe seeks re-election for the seventh time

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Reader comments

  1. James Savik 31 Jul 2013, 3:55pm

    and he’ll win because he would have anyone running against him shot.

  2. … and presumably when he wins … The UK and others will continue to reward him with foreign aid. What a disgrace. MY tax money being used to support this vile specimen……

    1. Never mind your tax money, what about the poor people in Zimbabwe suffering under this atrocious man? My heart goes out to all them, I’m in a fortunate position to pay tax and to live here as a gay man in a wealthy and progressive country where gay rights are concerned. You can’t even imagine the appalling conditions LGBT Africans in particular are living in.

  3. Vile, horrible, depicable, disgusting human being, I just hope I don’t get shot for saying that, it happens to anyone who disagrees with him, he will win the election because he will forge all voting documents as usual, just like Vladmir Putin

  4. Democracy in Africa, the East, and many places in the west is a total sham. Bush rigged the US elections in Florida, why are we surprised Russia, the middle-east and Africa wouldn’t do the same? Not to mention the fact that the vast majority of average voters around the world have been deliberatley de-politicized and actually know very little about politics or what actually goes on in government.

    They don’t even need to intimidate or exterminate rivals, rig elections or buy out voters.

    All they need is some rich friends and a good PR team.


    Mr. Pink

  5. Godric Godricson 31 Jul 2013, 5:23pm

    Mugabe managed to turn a breadbasket of Africa into a basket case and in doing so he substantially reduced the lives of millions of people. Black and White have been financially ruined and physically harmed / killed. I don’t normally wish harm to anyone but would there be many people who would mourn the passing of this abomination?

  6. He is an utterly sad and tragic man. It’s terrible that someone like him can achieve such power. What must go on in his head, I don’t imagine he has even a moment of enjoyment in his life.

  7. Colin (London) 31 Jul 2013, 8:17pm

    After South Africa it was once the wealthiest country and is now the poorest.

    At every level Mugabe is a failure…just one bullet please. (and I’m not violent normally but my blood boils)

    Years ago I travelled around Zimbabwe. It’s probably the second best trip I have had. I remember the warmth and fun of the people together with a stunningly beautiful country. And the animals well well well..great memories.

    It’s so sad that this creep has been allowed to stay in power so long. We need a world police force NOW.

  8. You would think he had enough money to get glasses that bloody well fit his face… he looks so ridiculous, like a soiled child wearing daddy’s glasses… if he did not wield the natural and mineral wealth of Zimbabwe as he does, no one would take him seriously.

    Money talks.

  9. Strange how convinced he is that his god doesn’t approve of gay people yet he insults his god by attempting to halt the ageing process. Just LOOK at that hair! I’m absolutely positive his god didn’t want 80 year-old men to look so ridiculous with those whispy dyed locks. According to his bible, isn’t vanity just as big a sin as being gay?

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