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African Christian Democratic Party leader: Desmond Tutu is ‘out of order’ for alleging that God is homophobic

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Reader comments

  1. I think someone is missing the point that Desmond Tutu was making!

    1. Or he is deliberately misrepresenting Tutu to slander him.

      Is he an idiot or a conniving spin doctor?

      1. Both.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Jul 2013, 12:13pm

    Desmond Tutu didn’t allege anything. Clearly, Meshoe has reading and listening problems.

  3. Jock S. Trap 31 Jul 2013, 12:21pm

    Wow.. typical of these kinds of christians to take what someone said and change it to suit their arguments.

    This is just typical of the religious bigot, I mean how dare Archbishop Desmond Tutu have an opinion. It is clearly not allowed…. only to them nasty people that is, the rest definitely not. What rubbish!

    Fact is Desmond Tutu is one of the most respected people alive on this planet… in a religion. It is something people like Mr Meshoe can only dream of because they are unlikely to ever be seen in the same heading as this much admired and loved man.

    1. That’s what they do with the bible isn’t it? No surprise then – cherry picking what they want to hear again!!

  4. clearly they become smarter and smarter there. not

  5. Yes, because the “reverend” Kenneth Meshoe can speak for God, but Tutu shouldn’t speak for himself.

    Toxic fool.

  6. Mumbo Jumbo 31 Jul 2013, 1:31pm

    Donkeys attacking a Lion.

  7. That’s not what Archbishop Tutu said.

    Also, who is Kenneth Meshoe to talk about sin? He’s cherry-picking the ‘sins’ in the Bible he thinks God condemns while ignoring the many other ‘sins’ in the Bible that God has prohibited – shellfish, 2 types of fiber in a fabric, pork, divorce, etc.

    These so-called righteous Christians are the most unChristian, unChrist-like and hypocritical lot around.

  8. John in Toronto Canada 31 Jul 2013, 3:39pm

    I think someone should be careful, tossing about the word “civilized” when your society isn’t within spitting distance of the definition of the word. Theocrats lack that part of the brain.

  9. “We ask Archbishop Tutu not to confuse people who respect the scriptures,” he added”

    Oh they don’t need his wise words to confuse them, they’re perfectly capable of confusing themselves. The bible is the most confusing propaganda manual that’s ever been written, no wonder religion turned out to be such a disaster for “civilized” societies.

    Love Conquers Hate
    Always has, always will

    Mr. Pink

    1. Funny, that’s basically what the bible says in a nutshell..

  10. Christina Engela 31 Jul 2013, 3:46pm

    What’s rather amusing about this is the idea that either of these two fellows has ever met this alleged “God” and thinks he is in a position to convince anyone about what “God” hates or “God” loves… What’s annoying about it is the deluded moron in the picture who thinks that by criticizing another man who lives more like the Jesus both supposedly believe in than he does, he can convince other followers of his religion that his gay-hating genocidal ogre version of “God” is more accurate. Go figure.

    1. Sounds like another self-loather to me. People who are secure in their sexuality couldn’t give a MONKEY’S about the issue. So we must ask WHY these weirdos get so agitated about homosexuality. Does it ‘touch a nerve’ in them? Do they fear they are going to be sucked-in to a world of liberalised gays and that they might not be able to help themselves … and just have to join is …? Homophobia says far more about the homophobe than it does about the people they attack.

  11. Staircase2 31 Jul 2013, 4:06pm

    But he DIDN’T say God was homophobic…
    He’s making the point that God ISN’T…

    Further proof that bigotry makes people stupid methinks…

    And that the stupid will believe anything just as long as they’re told it’s in the Bible (whether that’s true or not…up to and including whether that something was mistranslated in the first place…)

  12. … and would Kenneth Meshoe feel the same if Desmond TuTu was advocating an end to race discrimination? Hmmmm? Hypocrite. Homophobic hypocrite.

  13. GOD DOES NOT EXIST SO HE CAN’T BE HOMOPHOBIC – The monsters who speak for this fictional deity are the homophobes – EVOLVE People!!!

  14. Perhaps a better name for them would be African Theocratic Party since there’s certainly nothing about them that is either Christian nor Democratic.

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