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US teacher: ‘Gay-inclusive curricula are like teaching children how to use crack’

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Reader comments

  1. Another day, another entry in the christianity freakshow.

    We could argue the issue but really, what’s the point? By their own beliefs they amend reality to suit their dogmatic nonsense. To paraphrase Dr Gregory House – If it was possible to reason with them, we wouldn’t need to reason with them.

  2. Stupid, stupid woman. It’s exactly THIS reason why we need to teach about LGBT history/culture in schools. To prevent dumbasses like this growing up without education and going on to spout an endless amount of embarassingly incorrect crap on a matter she knows nothing about.

    Dear governments everywhere,


    That includes YOU, David Cameron.

    Thank you

    Mr. Pink

  3. Are we sure she’s not a fella in drag? That picture cracks me up

  4. Jock S. Trap 30 Jul 2013, 3:38pm

    To change an old says :-

    I do Believe these Religious Nutters should be seen and not heard!!

    Questioning the seen bit too though!

  5. keith francis farrell 30 Jul 2013, 4:12pm

    As soon as I see American Family Association I know it is a load of manure. I hope that one day this hate group get out lawed, their tax status gets changed and they are charged the highest rate of tax possible.

    1. Good point. WHY are ‘religious’ organisations tax exempt? Can I register myself as the founder of the Peter Panites and pay no tax, please? We’ll believe in a Never Never Land where life is just heaven except for a nasty villain! Hang on a minute. Hasn’t someone already adopted that childish, mythical scenario ….?

  6. Nobody from nowhere says nothing of any consequence. End of.

  7. I wish I had learnt about same-sex couples when I was at school. Learning about crack could have been lots of fun.

  8. Religion is the last refuse for a man without argument.

    The only unwinnable argument is an argument with a moron.

    IQ and being religious are inversely proportional. As one goes up, the other always goes down.

  9. Religious mania – another sad case. When will these people get the psychiatric treatment they need?

  10. This just demonstrates the POWER of ‘religious conditioning’. This woman has been brainwashed by her upbringing … resulting in several loose screws. They use the bible to justify their bigotry. Scarey. Thank god (pun intended) religious belief is on the wane .. and how noticably more peaceful and accepting the world is becomming as a result.

  11. So I guess if Ira Thomas equates gay sex to crack; if he had gay sex once, he would become an addict and keep wanting to have more gay sex? Hmmm, says more about him than anyone else.

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