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Russian police in Sochi beat and rape man with a crowbar over Winter Olympic housing job pay dispute

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Reader comments

  1. What can one say that hasn’t already been said? :/

  2. I really do hope that the I.O.C are reading stuff like this and will begin to take action?

    But I fear they won’t.

    1. They’ll be too busy spending the money they were bribed with by the Russians anyway, I dare say….

      1. Ha! They are almost as corrupt as the Russian Government!
        No chance!

  3. GulliverUK 30 Jul 2013, 4:04pm

    It seems that people aren’t safe in Russia, and that nobody is safe going to Russia.

    Whilst it seems like an internal matter in Russia, it suggests the police are highly corrupt there, which means that foreign tourists who are detained, for whatever reason, could fall in to the same fate.

    It seems today that gay people are going to be targeted, regardless of what the IOC allege they were told, and when the police detain you they may abuse you. How could you be assured that the British embassy would help.

    1. I’m assured the British Embassy would help because there’s no chance in hell David Cameron would risk such controversy after his win with equal marraige.

      If a British tourist was captured by Russian authorities I have no doubt in my mind Cameron will do everything he can to free them, because a gay british tourist being raped with a sickle and hammer while Mr. Cameron twiddles his thumbs wouldn’t go down too well with the public I imagine, and that’s what it’s all about, the public opinion.

      Prime Ministers and Politicans do what they think will get the public to like them, and to get them more votes, so they would jump at the chance to be seen as the saviour of vulnerable people from the nasty Russian oppressors I imagine.

      If anything they’ll be hoping some british lgbt people DO get arrested so they can swoop in and play batman…

      Mr. Pink

  4. keith francis farrell 30 Jul 2013, 4:08pm

    There is nothing left to say. Boycott is the only way. I will be very saddened if the UK sends a team to this event. I think it needs to be moved. Not at the last minute but now, while the alternative host country has enough time to get things in order. Russia is in my mind band from coming to the games, band from humanity. send them back. every one, diplomats included. isolate Russia from the world. sure she can sell her oil and gas, but she cannot import anything at cheep prices.

  5. Gdric godricson 30 Jul 2013, 4:11pm

    Why is it that Russian men seem so keen to rape / sexually assault other men? However leaving that aside it is abundantly clear that Russia is out of control and athletes will not be safe in Sochi.

  6. The police and the neo-nazi’s who are using these laws to “protect citizens” are doing the exact opposite. All they’ve done is allow self-loathing closet cases to act out sickening acts of sexual torture in the thin guise of “justice” – anyone who anally rapes another man with a crowbar for no reason is gay gay gay and everyone knows it.

    Mr. Pink

    1. John in Toronto Canada 30 Jul 2013, 4:49pm

      “anyone who anally rapes another man with a crowbar for no reason is gay gay gay and everyone knows it.”

      I couldn’t disagree with you more. I find it disturbing that you would associate such a violent act of cruelty with the notion that it’s perpetrator must be gay. Think about it for a little longer than your outrage allotted you.

      1. are you saying that gays are not capable of cruelty?

        1. Dan Filson 30 Jul 2013, 8:58pm

          The act of rape is not about sex so much as about demonstrating power (and being personally inadequate). This applies regardless of the orentiation of the rapist and the gender of the victim.

    2. Violent and degrading acts like this are done to humiliate and to gain power over people, they are rarely committed because of the perpetrator’s sexuality.

      1. I think this is further evidenced by the fact that they used a crowbar to rape him, it was clearly nothing to do with sexual pleasure for the attackers and they just wanted to inflict as much pain and humiliation as they could on the victim.

  7. John in Toronto Canada 30 Jul 2013, 4:46pm

    Corruption and cruelty, rampant. The world just watches.

  8. I have only read of this news here, so I find myself saddened by he comparison between this poor man was assaulted and raped with a crow bar suffering internal injuries. Think back to last year how there was outrage and protest around the world… when in India the student and her friend were assaulted and raped and she later died.

    Will this story provoke outrage? Will people around the world react with the same anger and hostility to the lack of action by police or politicians? Will people around the world read about it on the net, papers, and view reports on TV?

    Will many say oh it’s just a gay thing and downplay it? or will they “hopefully” react with the same anger if this were to happen to them self a man, their son or a friend in their country? Will the world react the way they did to the situation in India and in this case and respond by withdrawing support for the games and participation in the 2014 winter Olympics unless they relocate.

    1. Further evidence indicating exploitation and abuses of workers at the Olympic construction sites previously reported and investigated by Human Rights Watch:

  9. Savages. Every day the case for a boycott grows stronger.

  10. Adam Stewart 30 Jul 2013, 8:17pm

    None of our atheletes should visit this vile country.

  11. what a f_ucked up country

  12. Putin’s anti-gay crackdown continues: “Leading Russian State bank “Sberbank” fired Kazan gay activist Dmitri Isakov who tried to organize gay pickets and was beaten by police.”

  13. Actius Anicetus 31 Jul 2013, 7:05pm

    I whole heartedly believe that that Russia’s blatant disregard for human rights should not be tolerated by the enlightened governments of the world and to protest their current action the IOC should cancel the Russian Winter games and transfer them to some other venue here in the Western and Eastern democracies For some reason Putin is baiting western democracies with his continued repressive and violation of human rights and freedom of assembly. It is the old Soviet Union over again in a different guise. Russia is still the wolf in sheep’s clothing. What bothers me is my governments Kowtowing to these Russian thugs and the continued pussy footing and equivocation on stopping the Syrian civil war and arming and training the Free Syrian Army. With approval of Turkey and Jordon and the Sunni Arab nation’s there is no reason not to declare a no fire zone over Syria. If Russia want’s to get into a scrap with the U.S. over our Protection of the Syrian freedom movement,I say bring it on.

  14. Velvet Steele 31 Jul 2013, 9:52pm

    I just can’t WAIT to go there!!! So exciting getting rammed with a crow bar in a crime free, non-corrupt, tolerant government! NOT!!!

  15. Wow! This is how the Sochi Police treat a hetrosexual (presumed) with a payment dispute! WTFing hell will they do to Gay guy’s having a quick kiss or waving a Freedom Flag! – Hung drawn and quartered? Boycott everything Russian! Sochi,Aeroflot,Vodka, everything! and make sure u sign the petition for Manchester Council to cut it’s cultural ties with St. Petersburgh.

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