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Government petition urging UK to boycott 2014 Winter Olympics due to Russian homophobia passes 8,000

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Reader comments

  1. A link to the petition in the article would make sense PN!

  2. godric godricson 30 Jul 2013, 5:07pm

    The link is there…just clicked on it.

  3. Oops there is a link….my bad.

  4. This will only penalise the British athletes who have worked hard over the last four years to train for this. If the UK boycotts it, they will be deprived of one of the best moments of their careers.

    1. If the boycott is adopted by other leading countries it will not be such a loss other than perhaps no gold medals or the knighthoods that (in the case of able bodied athletes) automatically follow. The Winter Olympics are not the only winter sports competition.

      In any event the British government cannot force the UK team not to attend. There was a UK team at the Moscow Olympics although it had to compete under the Olympic banner, as the British Olympic Association team. If the boycott is launched and “Team GB” attend this time they will NOT have my support.

    2. Lgb people in Russia are being deprived of much greater things, however I’m not sure a boycott is the best thing, my preference is to:
      A) boycott the sponsors and put pressure on them to withdraw,
      B) incorporate a rainbow flag into the kit somehow or take one onto the podium to collect medals, ie be visibly supportive of LGBT people and therefore visibly against these vile laws

  5. Colin (london) 30 Jul 2013, 9:49pm

    Please everyone let your friends and family know… we need 100,000 votes..please

  6. I am in two minds about a boycott of the games. As someone has stated, the athletes train for years for this. However Putin and his cronies need to be sent a loud and clear message, that the international community will not tolerate what is going on in Russia.

    The Olympics are a huge prestige project for him. A large scale boycott would be a huge slap in the face for him and his country.

    We need to ramp up the pressure on our government, on the major sponsors and on the IOC. It is time the IOC stood up for what is right. We are not talking politics here but basic human rights, and this is a country with a terrible record. If the major winter sports country’s boycott (Canada, USA, the Scandinavian country’s etc) the IOC may have no choice but to move the games. Vancouver could do it as I am sure a few other places could.

  7. I know we all are trying to do our best to raise awareness and try and help the LGBT community in Russia.
    Team GB only won one medal – a gold well done – America, Canada, Germany and Norway won most od the medals.
    We need these countries to be threatening to boycott for us to make a visible difference.
    Sorry to be a wet blanket but Russia and Putin will deem the games a success whatever happens.
    But I know we need to try and raise the issue into the mainstream media – I do not understand why more minority groups aren’t campaigning – you rarely see a black face in Moscow or many Asians either – Jews are hardly having a great time in Russia.
    It is such a shame that equality can’t be a universal issue we are all born of woman and we all die.

  8. 9,373 as of my signature! Although, as with most of these e-petitions, the guaranteed formal response from the government is almost guaranteed to be yet another “We thank you for expressing your viewpoint, now here is why we’re going to completely ignore it”.

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