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Canada: Vancouver unveils permanent rainbow crossings to celebrate pride week

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Reader comments

  1. Do I also see a grey stripe there for asexual folks?

  2. Man I miss living in Vancouver. I so wanna go back!!

    1. I’m all for being proud of who you are. I have absolutely nothing against gay people having the same rights as straight folk. But why do they want to paint the streets?
      I mean, it looks ridiculous. I’d feel like I was walking through the Wizard of Oz or a children’s playground…
      I’m fine with people being gay, but if I was living there I wouldn’t want to feel like I was living in some sort of ‘Gay City’ either any more than they might not be happy with me daubing the walls with slogans such as, “Get your tits out for the lads” to celebrate how “straight” I feel.

      I’m not challenging LGBT, I’m just saying it is unnecessary to highlight your lifestyle to a city that already accepts it.

      It’s fine, you’re gay, enjoy it, but frankly, I don’t care. Don’t rub it in my face please.

      Thanks x

      1. @Stuart: You could always jaywalk…

      2. So, you also disapprove of lanterns and gates in Chinatown, or is it just the gay thing?

        Why should gay districts be just the same as other districts?

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