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Russia: Deputies seek defamation charges against gay rights activist

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Reader comments

  1. Mumbo Jumbo 29 Jul 2013, 1:31pm

    A petition calling on corporate sponsors like Coca-Cola, Panasonic, VISA, Samsung, and Procter & Gamble to speak out against Russia’s anti-gay laws can be signed here:

    It already has over 50,000 signatures.

    1. Tim Hanafin 29 Jul 2013, 7:02pm

      Good link. Thanks. Signed.

  2. Jock S. Trap 29 Jul 2013, 1:31pm

    It is without a doubt that Putin wishes to take Russia back to the Cold War era and beyond. It grows ever darker and backward. I dread to think how far it will go.

  3. Russian politicians think that Russian politicians should be beyond reproach?
    Why don’t we all collect paper crowns and mail them to these Russian deputies.

  4. Putin is a new Stalin but with a touch of the “Adolph,s about him “…i would like to get hold of these deputies Twitter details and send them a few messages meself !

  5. Tim Hanafin 29 Jul 2013, 5:07pm

    Yelena and Olga you are couple of bigotted assholes – so sue me.

    1. ive heard they are syphillitic old whores who sucked off most of the Red army !!!

  6. Blah blah stupid Russian ignorants. To hell with Russia.

  7. It’s ok for deputies to say something like “So are you guys ramping up the pressure on these faggots? Beat them up well! Cut their balls off!” or call for public whippings for gays. But It’s not ok when gays say something against discrimination… I live in Russia and my country is becoming like Iran or Nigeria for lgbt people. It’s sad :(

  8. I am from Russia. Yelena Mizulina is Nazi

    Put ELENA MIZULINA and VITALY MILONOV on the visa ban list for their role in creating Russia’s ban on “gay propaganda”
    According to Russian LGBT activists, ELENA MIZULINA, are, respectfully, the State Duma deputy responsible for the federal law banning gay “propaganda” to minors and for the law banning foreign adoptions of Russian orphans by gays and lesbians, while VITALY MILONOV is St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly deputy responsible for the law banning gay “propaganda” to minors in St. Petersburg. The Secretary of State can place both Ms. Mizulina and Mr. Milonov on the visa ban list under his own authority and we respectfully request that the President direct Secretary of State Kerry to do so

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