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Nigerian foreign minister denies saying that gay diplomats would be accepted

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Reader comments

  1. Time to cut off aid to Nigeria. Surely they don’t want their purity tainted by LGBT tax dollars. It’s better they should not take any foreign aid, lest they take money from unrepentant LGBT people.

  2. It’s hard to boycott anything from nigeria, they don’t really produce anything other than oil, and cocoa beans. It’s just another another backwater (like the middle east) propped up by our need to buy fuel.

    1. If/when we develop non-oil fuels that are cost effective, Nigeria and a few other places will very quickly scrap the hymn sheet they’re currently using for something better.

    Help: prenume=first name; nume=family name; oras=city; tara=country.
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  4. Philip Breen 30 Jul 2013, 5:17am

    Were I a diplomat in a same sex marriage working in Nigeria, I would fear for my safety and for that of my partner. In a number of African countries (not all) it would be incredibly dangerous to be openly gay, yet alone to be in a same sex marriage that is recognised in American or European states.

  5. Fitzwilliam 30 Jul 2013, 9:08am

    This demonstrates the utter hypocrisy and stupidity of this backward nation – christianity formed no part of their traditional customs – it was forced upon them by European missionaries in the 19th Century, and yet the Minister speaks of the civilised world ‘forcing same sex equality’ on Nigeria’. They are very happy to embrace the alien white Western values of the bible imposed on them 100 years ago and yet they oppose the equality and justice of the 21st Century!

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