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NBC Sports will address Russian anti-gay law at Winter Olympics if it poses a problem

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Reader comments

  1. No, it won’t “pose n issue” because the Russians have agreed to stop killing gays for a few weeks until the money machine has left.

    Hitler did something similar in 1936, when he removed signage telling Jews and Blacks they weren’t welcome:

    ” At the same time, the party removed signs stating “Jews not wanted” and similar slogans from the city’s main tourist attractions. In an attempt to “clean up” Berlin”


  2. And here we have one of the worlds most wide-spread selfish mind sets – “We will address it, but only if it becomes a problem for /us/”

    “Bystanders” is the term. Like the people who watched their Jewish friends get carted away by the Nazi’s but didn’t worry because they weren’t Jewish. Until the Nazi’s started coming for /them/ and them they didn’t have to worry.

  3. Sorry but Mr. Lazaras, just doesn’t get it! NBC will address the issue if it were to become a problem during the games.

    So basically he’s saying if we can all get in and out without any problems as assured by the IOC there is “NO PROBLEM” the whole nation of Russian LGBT are now living with the most draconian human rights laws ever before, during and after the games. How is that not a problem?

    I mentioned this yesterday, it’s time to boycott the games both as tourist and as viewers! Any one supporting LGBT in Russia at this time should be informing their cable/satellite/digital supplier they will not be purchasing PPV of the games and cancelling their subscription for the duration.

    Hit the media companies bottom line by cancelling and making them talk. it would be hypocritical to advocate boycotts then view them!

    Media outlets around the world covering the games are listed here (broadcasting rights)

  4. I’m sure it will be made an issue of and therefore pose a problem, so I look forward to NBC reporting it.

    He’s almost made a challenge for LGBT people and equal rights groups to make it an issue and pose a problem.

  5. If the media wont cover it unless it is an issue, it should be on the Olympic athletes and attending spectators to make it an issue.

  6. I’m pretty sure it will “pose a problem” during the Games.

    Perhaps not a problem for the athletes and spectators, but it will certainly be a problem for the many ordinary people in cities across Russia affected by this foul law, who will not suddenly stop being affected by it because a few journalists are in Sochi.

    Even if they’d tried, NBC could hardly have made it clearer that they don’t get it.

  7. it is an issue, and they’re involved. The bystander comment is spot on – you’re morally culpable if you have the clout to do something and don’t do anything.
    On a lighter note, I’m sure the Big Bag of Crap will manage not to report on this at all in any way.

  8. twinkie1cat 31 Jul 2013, 3:23pm

    “At the Olympics” is too late, especially if they lock up our tourists or athletes. They need to act NOW while there is time to prepare an alternate venue or for Putin to repent.

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