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London: Attitude Editor Matthew Todd to chair Southbank debate on LGBT drug use

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  1. None of the studies you cite “showed” anything.
    Still drugs are bad, yeah?

  2. I think drug use has gone up in general amongst heterosexual and homosexual youth. I’m 22 and when I go clubbing it appaears MD, ketamine, amphetamine are coming ‘back’ in fashion over the past few years but most of my LGBT friends hate drugs. It’s my straight friends who love getting high, the gay ones are suprisingly ‘prudish’ when it comes to stuff like that ! This isn’t London or Brighton though, so…

    1. I would like to add, though, that crystal meth and anything that needs to be injected is strictly off the table for everyone I know. Why would anyone even do meth in this day and age is beyond me, nobody I knows would ever think that was a good idea.

  3. Surprise, surprise another so called LGBT event when their is no inclusion of lesbians. Girls we might as well not exist.
    “What impact does hardcore clubbing have on the lives and health of gay men?
    “Why are queers three times more likely to regularly take chems than their straight counterparts?

    What about us? Do you want us to die? Perhaps then events like this might sit up and take notice? Thinking about suing because of trade description act. If you are not going to do any research on lesbians it should not be called LGBT event.

    Then again I may be wrong and it might just be the fact that pink news are just plainly discriminating in this article. You know that lesbians, transgendered, bisexuals don’t take drugs at all. Only gay men do!

    Just saying that tongue in cheek I know that’s not the case but reading that article it does make out its only a gay man’s problem, bad journalism!

    1. P, sweetie, until the gurlz are shooting up crystal meth every weekend, breeding each other raw for kicks and using THT online manuals that provide step by step guides how to destroy your lives with extreme sex techniques and hard drugs (viz a vis Hardcell and Drugf@cked),, then thank your lucky stars this meeting is not for you.

      1. How dare you, how very dare you write something that so condescending. A family member of mine has just died due meth overdose. My friend from uni died within 8 weeks of becoming hooked on crocadil as she had to live underground with her female partner in Russia. This is not an argument this is about who suffers with drug problems worst. Its about lifting the invisibility of lesbians who are suffering. Why was that nasty post, posted? Are you trying shut us up or suggest that society should not care about us “gurlz”? because it does not happen in greater numbers? This is grossly offensive, thanking my lucky stars indeed. You know nothing about me, I really want to write some vulgarities here but mother taught me better than that.

        1. Why not set up your own gurlz only hard drugs debate?

          I think you will find the problems that exist twixt the sexes are driven by different factors, and to attempt to cover both in one meeting would dilute the debate that is needed to do justice to both.

          I am not saying the plight of drug-addicted gurlz is any less serious or harrowing than that facing a sub sector of gay men:- but to lump the two together and expect to do justice to either in the same debate would detract from both.

          Just saying.

  4. Hallelujah, cmmon sense prevails for once!

    Matthew has demonstrated through his editorship of Attitude that he is a person of deep coniction and compassion, cares deepy for the plight of a sub sector of our community and speaks in terms that the common gay man understands.

    To think they could have chosen a talking head drone from the HIV sector instead who talks in cold language using robotic, alienating terms like “measured outcomes” that the common man is unable to grasp.

    There is hope yet!

    1. Will you be attending this meeting Samuel, I went along to the last event at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, which was very informative, worthwhile & started the ball rolling. Your time has come to put forward your voice & try to influence policy making!

      1. So just who is stalking who, W6?

        Just get off my back, wretched troll!

        1. Interesting reply to a very reasonable question! It seems you have not learned from your recent experience how to conduct yourself on these comment pages, as I note the way you have replied to P. I think many PN readers have your measure by now Samuel B.

          I look forward to seeing you at the event as advertised, hopefully you will come & say hello as you will be able to recognise me…………………………………

          1. FYI I have every intention of attending so long as it doesn’t clash with my pilates class.


  5. Whereas any attention paid to this problem is welcome. It has to be noted with the exception of Antidote, that the participants and charities have been extremely slow to react on this issue. I agree with the points “P” made. I have concerns about this event and would have thought it a good idea to have included recovering addicts who are able to speak from experience. Will Antidote get much needed funds from this event?

    1. FYI, John, HIV charities have been well aware of this fomenting problem for many years, and were warned what was perculating within the underground sex scene over a decade ago.

      But they refused to act in the face of compelling evidence of the devastation crystal meth wrought on gay communities across the US and Australia.

      One can surmise they failed to act because in 2005 a conclusive link was made between meth use and HIV infection, thus the rapid increase in meth use would ensure growing demand for the sector’s core HIV sectors, on which it bases its annual business plan:- the more HIV infections it forecasts for the following year the more funding it can apply for.

      Also, conflicts of inferest have long affacted policy and decision making:- and when key London-based personnel are themselves a part of the hard sex sub-scene affected by hard drug use, they can hardly be expected to make decisions that put the interests of the gay community before their own self interests.

      1. “…for the sector’s core HIV services…”

    2. On the last panel event at the Vauxhall Tarvern the speakers included recovering addicts with different perspectives on club drugs, certainly Stuart Who will provide a very valid & interesting perspective on addiction.

      We can all have a say & try to make sure that organisations like Antidote get the necessary funding, London Councils have a consultation out at the moment regarding the future direction of HIV prevention in the Capital & I think this is something where more needs to be done to via a multi-disciplinary effort to tackle for addiction & the onward consequences that can result in individuals acquiring HIV & Hep C.

      Here is the consultation link: The consultation closes on 9th August

      1. The point of this debate presumably is not just to talk about drug use, which is a problem for all communities.

        They are talking about drug use that lead to risky sexual behaviour.

        I am sure that there are plenty of lesbians who get munted, make poor decisions and in some cases overdose. What they don’t do, is have sex that leads to HIV. I am sure that it was never the intention to exclude lesbians and P’s outrage is misplaced, in my opinion.

        1. The previous community event focused on 2 main aspects – deaths caused by party drugs & growing concerns around the implications of chemsex on HIV & other blood borne viruses (Hep C as an example)

          There were female contributors at this event & we should remember that Lesbians have historically been very active in the fight against HIV. The shared use of sex toys could potentially be an issue for Lesbian & Transgender individuals which can result in the transmission of Hep C which is another important consideration when thinking about drug & alcohol use.

          I say why exclude anyone, the more the merrier, lets get some wide opinion into the mix!

          1. Quite right, W6, bring Crumble along too and I will bring my Mitzy too!

          2. I have enough “bitching” with you on here without my bitch having a pop at your bitch! Safe to say no doubt your Pilates class will take higher priority on a Saturday evening – I note from your slippery ways on here that you are flexible enough to get out of most tight spots by any means possible……………………..

  6. Jan Bridget 31 Jul 2013, 12:26pm

    I say well done, Matthew, and I hope it goes well. I do, however, understand where P’s anger is coming from – there are no lesbian specific agencies who flag up the needs of lesbian, bi and trans women. (Perhaps we should be asking why this is). Click on my name to access a page on substance misuse – you will find a lot of it relates to lesbians.

    1. I agree with you. Gay women’s voices are rarely heard in these discussions and they need to be.

      It’s always struck me as odd that in a city as diverse as London, the visibility of gay women is poor, relative to that of gay men. When I spent time in Australia 13 years ago, it was immediately noticeable that gay women were far less marginalised than here.

      As a gay man, it would be condescending to tell gay women what to do but whatever is decided, you can count on my support.

      1. I think the key problem here is not who is more deserving of this meeting:- but the fact that gay men had to wait this long – until the problem was piling into the streets and too blatant to ignore – for anything reactive to be done.

        Ladies, if you can learn anything from our mess, you would do well to unite and pre-empt the current drugs problem among gay women by educating your entire community about the known risks and dangers, and pointing to the experience of similar communities in other countries from which to learn and prevent a similar such catastrophe occurring in the UK lesbian community.

        The problems now occurring in the gay male community were sign-posted a decade ago:- it was a foregone conclusion that they would reach epidemic status unless action was taken.

        But THT, GMFA et al stuck their heads in the sand while continue to have hands out-stretched for HIV prevention contracts.

        They failed us all:- and you’d do well not to let the your charities shaft you too

  7. Daniel Fuii 4 Aug 2013, 12:47pm


  8. Daniel Fuii 4 Aug 2013, 12:57pm


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