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Comic creator Stan Lee dismisses idea of a bisexual Spider-Man

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Reader comments

  1. I know we are now well into the silly season, but why is this news, even for The Pink?


    1. I mean, why should Spidey be bi anymore than he should be ambidextrous?

      Methinks that with the battle for equal marriage under its belt, The Pink is now declaring an all out equal rights war on just about every institution going.

      Pride comes before a fall, so they say…

  2. Surprise surprise, a 90y/o American man is a homophobe.

    1. Lee is creator of X-Men. I don’t think he’s homophobe (or any other -phobe).

      1. I have a problem with the way he said “one sex is enough for anybody”. That is biphobia right there, even if it was a “joke”.

        1. Then deal with it!

    2. How the heck is Stan Lee a homophobe for deciding against a bi Spidey?

      No doing you are also the first in the line to scream “racist” at anyone who expresses concern about waiting times in A&E.


      1. For “doing” read “doubt”, confounded Mac spellchecker!!!

    3. Lee created the x-men one x-men northstar is gay and married his partner in a recent issue.

  3. Think he needs to calm down a little, couldn’t he have just said “Bi-sexual! Imagine that!” or something instead of WHAT NO NEVER WHY WHO WHAT WHEN WHY NEVER WHAT

  4. Christopher Coleman 29 Jul 2013, 4:00pm

    Shame! A bit of ambiguity might make the character more attractive.

    It is interesting to note that in the bad old days of socially acceptable homophobia Superman had Superboy and Batman had Robin, both of whom have disappeared in this era of greater gay acceptance. They are now plain old hot-blooded heteros — and have become just two more of the lone fighting machines who always win for “good” against the opposition, however large it might be. When super-heroes are reduced to the level of “same old, same old” it cannot bode well for the civilization that seems to need them.

  5. Marvel Comics has plenty of gay and bisexual characters; Northstar, Karma, Anole, Rictor, Shatterstar and more. There’s no real need for Spiderman to join the club- and they can hardly be accused of homophobia.

    1. GulliverUK 29 Jul 2013, 4:43pm

      There should certainly be a gay character or two in Spiderman, we exist, we’re part of society, and it’s the trick of religious homophobes to try to suppress any mention of us. Only, don’t make us the bad guy, like the US used to, like in Columbo or other 70s and 80s dramas. You could spot who did it – it was the person with the English accent. That was dumb, and discriminatory.

      Let’s have a Spiderman who isn’t judgmental and who has gay friends. Doesn’t have to be a significant part, but some acknowledgement that we exist would be good. It’s time.

      1. Keith, the eventual winner. 29 Jul 2013, 6:09pm

        quadraplegics and midgets also exist. should they also be characterized in spiderman?

        1. In GulliverUK’s world, unquestionably, and don’t forget one-legged hermaphrodites!

          1. Christopher Coleman 29 Jul 2013, 8:54pm

            And your point is? Or are you just bitching ’cause that’s what you do?

        2. Christopher Coleman 29 Jul 2013, 8:53pm

          How about some squash-nosed breeder with a beer gut that saves him from looking at his undersized parts? Would be a great turn-on in any superhero costume.

    2. Spiderman shouldn’t have a sexuality change and Marvel is very good with LGBT visibility but the LGBT characters are all pretty obscure. Anole is currently wallpaper in Wolverine and the X-Men, Rictor and Shatterstar have been important characters in side titles but were only revealed as gay/bi in PAD’s (now finished) X-Factor when they’d been out of publication for a while and Northstar and Karma again have appeared quite sporadically. So far characters revealed/retconned as gay/bi have been characters that not too many people really care much about. It’s good that they’re around but when titles get cancelled and replaced or creative teams get changed you probably won’t see most of them as major characters for a while; not because of homophobia but because they’re not really core characters. I’ll add Mystique to your list, she’s probably more well known than any of the others and was intended to be Nightcrawler’s dad but Marvel nixed it ;)

    3. That isn’t the point. Yes there are gay super heroes and comic books, but they have been designed and marketed purely for a gay audience, straight people obviously read it, and the sexyual aparteid continues.

      The act of having a gay character in a big budget film or turning Spider-man queer goes beyond mere entertainment – it’s about the message it sends.

      By having no LGBT people you’re denying their existance, and perpetuating the idea that “gay” and “straight” should be seperate worlds marketed at their respective inhabitants instead of ackloweding that we all share the same world and hey, some of us are gay, and that’s cool. That’s normal. You don’t have to hide under your covers at night browsing the “gay” sub-catagory to feel included or to prove your own existance.

      Equality isn’t just a matter of throwing a crippled kid or a person of colour in to be politcally correct, It’s about the /message it sends/ to the people who are watching it & basing their entire worldview on TV

      1. straight people obviously DON’T read it*


  6. Keith, the eventual winner. 29 Jul 2013, 6:23pm

    Perhaps Spiderman could be part of the consensual adult incest community?
    The story could revolve around his quest to settle in a country that accomodates consensual adult incest, eventually settling in Russia since such actions are illegal in less tolerant countries?
    Also, he could be given a mental disorder such as gender dysphoria, changing from spiderman to Trannyman.

    1. You have some serious issues. Seek help.

    2. Keith! I’ve missed you. Are you on day release from the psychiatric ward?

  7. Well gee, Stan, thanks for furthering bisexual prejudice.

  8. I did wonder when Andrew Garfield seemed to retract a little whether someone from the studio had had a quiet word in his ear.

    I don’t think it’s at all unreasonable that it become much more normal to see minorities (whether through sexuality, physical or mental ability or whatever in TV and films. Much as people of different skin colour are becoming better represented in such media.

  9. Stan Lee is not remotely homophobic, he as an almost 90 year old man at the time was very keen on a TV adaptation of Hero (a book about a gay teenage superhero) and actively working on it before the author’s sudden death.
    I seriosuly doubt he has anything against bisexual people and his comment was off the cuff in answer to a question he probably wasn’t expecting to be asked and likely a bit tongue in cheek.

    1. Homophobia and Biphobia are two separate things. Someone who is not homophobic can still be biphobic. In fact, many gay people themselves are also biphobic. You wouldn’t say that someone saying “women are enough for any man” was a joke and not remotely homophobic or at least offensive, so why is it acceptable to “joke” about bisexuals in that way?

    2. But having a comic book that’s designed and marketed purely for a gay audience instead of including LGBT people in established and influential works eliminates any heterosexual interest, exposure and by extention understanding… and just perpetuates sexual aparteid and a very un-equal “us and them” mentality.

      I don’t want to have to look in the “gay” sub-catagory of a comic book shop, a movie theatre, a bar or anywhere just to make sure I’m not a freak or I actually exist, you know?

  10. That’s kind of my point- Northstar, Rictor etc are pretty major characters within their sub-group- the X-Men- and are not side-lined. There is rather more to Marvel than Spiderman and Iron Man- in fact the X-character comics outsell both. Oh, and whoever mentioned Mystique, good call- a VERY prominant bi character in X-comics.

  11. I guess I don’t count as ‘anyone’ according to Stan Lee. Lovely to have my existence denied. But people will probably forget this by the time he does his next movie cameo, and everyone will be cooing over him again.

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