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Canada: Vancouver Mayor attacks Russia over anti-gay laws ahead of Winter Olympics

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Reader comments

  1. Thank you from Russia ;)

    1. An attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us. And together, both gay and straight, we must all stand up for individual freedoms and human rights. It’s what decent human being do.

      In the UK we must put pressure on every council and town which is twinned with Russian and get that stopped. And we must consider those who are sponsoring the event – which of those can be boycott? McDonalds, Samsung, Visa, Panasonic, Coca-cola. I can do three of those, perhaps four, but that means to be effective we really must write to them and tell them we’re not buying their products. We must threaten the viability of the games themselves if they are to get it.

      1. LGBT people in Russia are really thankful for support from around the world. Putin needs to understand that lgbt people are the same as others people.

    2. jamestoronto 30 Jul 2013, 6:42am

      Canadian gay bars across the country are also boycotting Russian vodka. A small gesture perhaps but nevertheless it is a statement. Besides, Canadian vodka is a pretty good drink (Ice Vodka!!!).

      Why any city in the west would twin itself with a neo-fascist Russian city is shameful. It is not just LGBT rights that are being trounced on in Russia. There have been scores of other human rights being trounced on — speech, press, assembly just to name a few. I remember an old adage — Scratch a Russian and you will find a Tartar. Not too far from the truth with this government.

  2. These voices will bring attention to this issue. A boycott of the games might be desirable in some ways, but by having the games, the spotlight will be on Russia and there will be an opportunity to highlight this and those with a public voice can speak out.

    The rest of us could try writing to our MPs?

  3. Keith, the eventual winner. 30 Jul 2013, 9:49am

    Russia is far more tolerant of all sexual activity than Britain since it tolerates homosexuality, bestiality, consensual adult incest and de facto polygamy. Britain on the other hand tolerates only homosexulaity while banning all those other activities.
    There is no basis for the claim that Russia is oppressing homosexuals. It merely seeks to prevent filthy propaganda.
    If the Russian consensual incestuous adulty community (which are legal) started promoting their deviance, would you gayers believe that to also to be an infringement of human rights?
    The promotion incest or homosexuality is not a human right and sovereign countries are allowed to determine these things for themselves. Simply put, mind your own business, especially since I have demonstrated that Russia is far more tolerant of sexual deviance than Britain.

    1. Commander Thor 30 Jul 2013, 11:11am

      Go sniff some poop.

    2. Russia cannot even have a pride parade without neo-Nazis and religious fanatics beating them. You are delusional.

      1. Keith, the eventual winner. 30 Jul 2013, 5:01pm

        I am referring to the allowance and toleration of sexual behaviour.
        Russia tolerates
        Homosexuality, consensual adult incest, defacto polygamy and bestiality.
        In Britain, all those acts are criminal except homsexuality.
        This demonstrates that Russia is indeed far more tolerant than Britain.
        As for spreading homosexual propaganda, I am, sure Russia would also seek to prevent the propaganda of iother legal behaviours such as consensual adult incest if such propaganda occured. Do you think that is wrong also?
        Just because something is legal does not mean that you have the right to promote it. Sc=at is legal in Britain yet disgusting , like homosexuality. Do you thi k that the government should in Britain would allow the promotionn of such filth even though the act is legal?
        Get real idiots!

  4. I don’t think its very ethical either for people outside Russia to be telling them what to do, you don’t pay taxes there.
    If you look on the CDC website, you’ll notice HIV infection rates among the youth have gone up over 25% in the past few years.. and that’s what Russia doesn’t want, gays advertising so the youth engage in risky behavior… its a law directed towards the youth.
    If you don’t have a health care system like the USA where it profits and the GDP raises as people are taking pills for STDs its not very productive to let them be gay with ease. I’m bisexual and I see no problem with this law in Russia.
    Why not ban imports and exports to the USA for having the death penalty still, thats really barbaric too. Or does it not fit in your mindset for social justice?

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