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Bishop of Shrewsbury: Marriage will remain as a union between man and woman in the eyes of Christianity

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Reader comments

  1. bobbleobble 29 Jul 2013, 12:12pm

    The arrogance of one English bishop assuming that he speaks for the whole of Christendom is overwhelming. I think the Quakers, Unitarians and other Christian sects such as Danish, Swedish and Dutch Lutherans might beg to differ.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Jul 2013, 12:20pm

      Exactly and yet still, this moron and his cult still cannot discern the difference between civil and religious marriage. He’d better be very careful. He’s drawing attention to himself every time he opens his mouth far too loudly if you get my drift. He’s learned nothing from the O’Brien debacle.

      1. “the recent signing into law of equal marriage for England and Wales doesn’t change christian teaching on marriage and sexual morality.”

        So that means their hypocrisy is just going to continue then? Carry on bu++ering the children in your care, getting divorced and playing around with your secretaries.

        You would have thought christians would have learned some morality from us queers by now.

    2. Christopher Coleman 29 Jul 2013, 4:09pm

      Many Anglicans do disagree with him, as does the equivalent church in the USA — the Episcopalian Church.

      Silly of Shrewsbury to talk of returning to the “roots of Christianity”, when most of the teachings of Jesus (clearly reported and often quoted) have never taken root at all in any of the Christian churches.

  2. So long as the law of the land recognises same sex couple’s marriages the same as opposite sex couples then I could give a flying monkey’s what this guy’s, or the rest of his churches, view on the matter is or isn’t

    1. My sentiment exactly

    2. Or in the words of Nancy Pelosi: Who cares?
      They can continue to play with their imaginary friend in the sky, sooner or later they will become irrelevant to society.

  3. Two words:


  4. Why, of course, bish. Marriage will always mean a union between a man and a woman and nothing else to Christianity. Forever. After all, Christianity still approves slavery, absolute monarchy, and the burning of heretics, and roundly condemns capitalism and trading with Muslims. It just never changes anything at all. Especially its amnesia.

    1. Christopher Coleman 30 Jul 2013, 10:19pm

      “…roundly condemns capitalism and trading with Muslims…”

      Really? The churches reap money from their possessions and investments. Some of them might be anti-Muslim, but that does not prevent them from taking any opportunity to increase their wealth.

      The Churches SHOULD be anti-capitalist and for a socialism that spreads wealth and organizes society to benefit all. This is how some of the earliest Christian communities organized themselves, as the biblical book known as “Acts” describes.

  5. I am afraid his anchorstic view of Christianity and marriage will go the way of the Dodo!

    1. I would trade Christianity for the dodo any day!

      1. For the dodo could provide real sustenance.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Jul 2013, 12:16pm

    Says the defender of centuries of paedophilia, misogyny and corruption. The arrogance of this bigot speaking for all Christianity and a cult that is morally bankrupt given it’s very sordid track record. This loud-mouthed closet case better watch it, or else he’ll end up like that other big mouth O’Brien.

    1. Helen + Kate 31 Jul 2013, 11:33am

      Well said and hear,hear!!!

      What a sad shower he and his supporters are. Local Catholics say he’s gay and have little,if any,respect for him.

  7. he’s saying in order for straights couples to have permission to have sex by god they need to get married and only for the purpose of procreation and its for life ! what planet does he live in ? how about couples who cannot have kids ? how about couples who already have kids from previous marriage ? How about gay couples ?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Jul 2013, 1:27pm

      It comes back to that old hangup they have about only a penis in a vagina nonsense, obsession with sex and their apparent lack of it. Frustrated, sexually repressed men, many of whom are closet cases.

    2. floridahank 2 Aug 2013, 9:44pm

      Carlos, you said, “only for the purpose of procreation” Can you tell me where in the Holy Bible it says that. And yes, if one is to fulfill the true Christian meaning of marriage, it is for life, and those who divorce are going against God’s pronouncement, but as always, mankind does what it wants regardless of what God commands them to do. That is why God has offered forgiveness to those who are sincere in their disobedience and seek repentance. But when you look deeply into the entire situation, I believe that the vast majority of sinners don’t know the true meaning of repentance and are simply playing the religious game of using Scriptural phrases without sincerity. Mankind likes to pretend in the name of religion.

  8. So after all that boring, melodramatic bile that religious opponents bellowed out at any given opportunity, they have now *finally* realised they can continue being bigoted, ignorant idiots in respect to their own definition of marriage.

    If that’s what you want to believe, Bishop, then go for it. But kindly shut the hell up about it and get on with it in silence. It’s bad enough your side has been proven wrong every step of the way, but it takes a special kind of idiot to continue whinging after people stopped giving a crap ages ago.

  9. *YAWN* these people are getting incredibly tiresome.

  10. This man in his pretty dress and gown has no right to pronounce what’s correct for other people. His imaginary friend, the first of the walking dead, has no power that this man can claim. Zap me if you can, bish

    1. My I am so glad someone else noticed that cute frock of his! It seems a shame to not congratulate him on his tasteful choice. I mean, if you can’t say something nice…and beyond the dress I really can’t…

  11. No, it won’t, and isn’t seen that way, by the majority of Catholic followers in the US and UK.

    From polling data we know that most Catholics in the US don’t believe being gay is a sin, and the majority also support equal rights, including marriage/civil unions.

    He speaks for himself and some other leaders, and follows what the Vatican tell him to say. He’s just a puppet.

    Lawrence O’Donnell – Majority Of U.S. Catholics Back Gay Rights

    56% of US Catholics think that gay relationships are just fine.(sexual
    relations between same-sex persons is NOT a sin)
    73% favour laws to protect LGBT in the workplace.
    63% favour allowing gays in the military
    60% in favour of gay adoptions.
    70% believe that messages from the pulpit contribute to higher rates of suicide in the gay community.

    There is a recent survey from Pew but I need to look that up.


      June 2013

      “among Catholics and white mainline Protestants, roughly half now express support for same-sex marriage.”

    2. I was married, in Canada, in a small church of the “United Church of Canada”.

      I live in a rural area, very small village, around 3000 people.

      And like all small villages in Quebec, Canada, the Catholic church is the centre of town.

      The funniest thing in all of this is, many of our neighbours, who obviously know that we’re gay, kept congratulating us and asking whether the marriage would be in the church in town!!

      So the Catholics here were absolutely FINE with having a same-sex wedding in the church.

      Most surprising was, MANY of those same people were shocked and upset when I reminded them that the Catholic church doesn’t recognize same-sex unions.

      So after some 10 years, it seems that marriage equality really does make us pretty equal.

    3. But they’re not being very good Catholics, are they? It’s pretty obvious that Catholicism takes the view of homosexuality is OK but not the act.

      I am an atheist but these Catholics who don’t even know what their religion is about are irritating.

      According to the catholic church, homosexual acts are a sin.

      As for lgbt protections in workplace and allowance to military, well that doesn’t contradict the Church’s view of homosexuality being OK as long as not acted upon.

      Being in favour of gay adoptions can’t be right (according to the church)

      But, yes, the higher rates of suicide is a legitimate belief.

      I don’t like Catholicism, but if people are going to follow that religion, they should at least not be half-arsed about it. Otherwise, you just lose all respect for them.

      1. Actually, in many faiths it is well-viewed to question dogma. And it SHOULD be. That is how some faiths have come to evolve on various social issues.

        While the Catholic hierarchy may stick to its guns on dogma, there are MANY Catholic philosophers and writers who expound on how the church has lost sight of its mission.

        So in effect, you are wrong in saying that Catholics who disagree with the dogma of the hierarchy are “bad Catholics”.

        1. Well, yeah, I guess I am. I don’t like Catholicism and it has to be my number one most disliked religion, however, if people are going to follow it, then follow it. Catholicism IS about hierarchy.

          1. No, it isn’t “about hierarchy”.
            The hierarchy exists. It isn’t the purpose of the denomination, as much as some arch-bishops or popes may make it seem.

      2. Well when I was 17 Fr. Peter told us to not be hypocrites, “If you don’t believe in and follow what the church says, at least don’t go around calling yourself Catholic” he said. This was about 4 years before he got married I think. I took his advice to heart and have never called myself Catholic since. It makes high school reunions a little awkward but I’m not the only ex-Catholic there. I do seem to be the only openly gay person there but they are consistent in trying to keep anything about that under wraps.

        1. Christopher Coleman 30 Jul 2013, 10:31pm

          I know this can be viewed both ways. Walking away from things can be beneficial. Staying and fighting for change is also worthwhile. When people are trying to get laws changed, we do not ask them to accept the status quo or give up their citizenship. So, too, with the church. It has been wrong in the past and is wrong about some things now.

  12. Catholic “teaching holds that marriage is a life-long faithful union of a man and a woman”, which can only be solemnised by an unmarried man whose church protects child abusers and sexual predators.

    Thanks for your opinion on marriage!


    1. Originally they weren’t fussed, historically most people got married by saying … I marry you, and the other saying I marry you also. That was it. They told the church because at that time the church (Catholic) kept the records. Originally priests could marry, then they couldn’t and had to be celibate (fat chance). So they’re writing a version of history which, like Creationism for Evangelicals, has no basis in fact.

      Marriage was only ever seen as for life when life expectancy was about 30-35, and whilst it’s a romantic notion to be with the same person for life, that’s not realistic and pragmatic for a population which now has a life expectancy more than double that. The divorce rate is all the proof you need of that. If a couple can make it work for life, great, if not they should try again with someone else. Marriage was originally about property and selling your ownership of your daughter to her husband. Marriage now is much better and getting better all the time.

      1. “The divorce rate is all the proof you need of that. If a couple can make it work for life, great, if not they should try again with someone else.”

        No doubt Liz Taylor and the Gabor sisters would concur with you – they never gave up trying.

  13. “We look forward to the day when our society re-discovers its Christian roots and the authentic value of marriage ….”

    I think he’s got a long wait in front of him.

    “life-long faithful union of a man and a woman” ……try telling that to Prince Charles and Camilla and all those Tory MPs who have been divorced

    “ordained by God for the creation of the family and future generations,” ….try telling that to Prince Charles and Camilla and other childless couples

    “Marriage is the place where sexual relations find their proper place “…try telling that to Charles and Camilla and all those people who have had sex outside of marriage.

    Is this speech supposed to be a dig at gays or the whole of the British population!

    1. “We look forward to the day when our society re-discovers its Christian roots…”

      And society looks forward to the day the Vatican rediscovers its roots and starts acting Christian.

    2. We ALL look forward to the day the Catholic church finds its true Christian roots: poverty, generosity, selflessness, love, acceptance, discretion, etc…

      The Catholic church is a farce that Jesus Himself would denounce.

  14. Tim Hanafin 29 Jul 2013, 12:32pm

    It’s encouraging to hear from friends and family members who remain Catholic that some parish priests simply refuse to read out these letters or follow them with a statement personally distancing themselves from their content. The iron discipline of the church and its influence is a thing of the past.

  15. Commander Thor 29 Jul 2013, 12:35pm

    The Sun kept on orbiting the Earth for 400 years after Copernicus, according to the Church. Don’t expect them to catch up any time soon.

  16. Jamie Armour 29 Jul 2013, 12:43pm

    “Lifelong” He must be new in the job to think something like that… LoL. Well, aren’t we all glad that we live in a democracy and not the narrow minded theocracy the Catholic church would have us live in

  17. People like him make me glad I am not religious. In my opinion a bigot is a bigot, whether that bigotry is blamed on archaic religious beliefs or not. The Church or any other religion for that matter should not stand in the way of progress as a society. They need to stop living in the middle ages!!! Makes me sick, they go on about morals when you have paedophile male clergy who like to abuse young boys whilst preaching that gay relationships are sinful and the church will try to cover it up!!!! About time that religious dinosaurs stood down and let their religions evolve like the rest of society.

  18. Who cares what the religious think about marriage?
    ‘God’ is nothing but a cultural construct.

  19. “…the Christian foundations increasingly discarded by the leaders of our society, will be discovered anew.”

    No a hope in hell. Christianity is in terminal decline, hundreds of thousands have left the Catholic church in Brazil, millions have left it in the US, most people here aren’t Christian – they might wonder if there is a spiritual presence, but they don’t go to church, and don’t practice organised religion. So few people go to church takings have fallen dramatically over the last few decades. We’re left with historical nonsense, such as bishops in the House of Lords, and stupid junk about consummation left over from tribal law 3000 years ago.

    This man is delusional at best. There is no god, there is not going to be any rapture, no second or third coming, no resurgence in religious belief, it’s all just going to disappear in to a black hole, along with his frilly dresses and his churches. And it’s all because of people like him, stuck in the 12th century.

  20. Yes but the fortunate fact is that christianity is rapidly declining in England and Wales so in a few short years nobody will care anymore what religious bigots think.

  21. That’s okay. I don’t really give a toss what your imaginary friend thinks.

    Now that gay marriage (in E&W) is legal in the eyes of the LAW, I’m cool.

    Now get back to worshipping skydaddy.

  22. This goon had better start listening to his boss and shutting the F up.

    1. Or listen to a more accurate view of the Bible’s take on traditional marriage…

    2. GulliverUK 29 Jul 2013, 1:21pm

      Great spot. We should pray for the Bishop of Shrewbury’s P45 to be in the post, or perhaps retirement due to ill-health? :)

  23. Guglielmo Marinaro 29 Jul 2013, 1:20pm

    When I went to the Vigil Mass in our parish on Saturday evening, Mark Davies’s letter was duly read out. The parish priest has such a strong Polish accent that it was all but unintelligible. I doubt that many of the congregation (apart from any Poles present) would have any less the wiser if he had read it out in Polish. LOL.

    1. What on earth were you doing wasting your time at a Catholic ceremony?

  24. Mumbo Jumbo 29 Jul 2013, 1:25pm

    Lovely plumage.

  25. In the eyes of rationalism, Christianity will always be a myth,

  26. These rather dim Catholic priests can flail around with their “teachings” as much as they want: the law has changed, civil marriage is no longer restricted to same-sex couples, and the opinion of some professional celibate is utterly irrelevant.

  27. Michael 2912 29 Jul 2013, 2:22pm

    Quite frankly Bishop, I don’t give a toss. And FYI Catholic theology will continue, in my eyes, to be a pile if crap!

  28. Isn’t he the one called Mavis?

  29. Frankly I don’t give a damn what this representative of a vile cult has to say.

    What we must now do is ensure the law of the land is obeyed. Make sure public servants who put this doctrine before their jobs are sacked. And In a way it is a shame the SSM debate is over in England and Wales.

    Every time these bigots opened their mouths or published another article they lost support and made themselves look even more stupid and out of touch.

  30. “Last year he used his Christmas mass to liken equal marriage to other “inhuman ideologies” such as Nazism.”

    No mention of how the Church whole heartedly supported the Nazi’s then? No? Just distort and twist history to suit your own needs then?

    These people are disgusting and the quicker they die off the happier God will be…

  31. Desmond Tutu has it right, he would rather go to hell if God was a homophobe. Now there is a true Christian!

  32. Jock S. Trap 29 Jul 2013, 3:16pm

    Yeah, yeah…. sore loser alert!!!

    Dunno about Pinknews, this story belongs in Behind The Times!!

    Luckily there are more relevant religions for people to Choose.

    Just wait, next he’ll be complaining about the number of Christians decreasing.

    (No doubt that’ll be our fault too!)

  33. Peter Roscoe 29 Jul 2013, 3:44pm

    Here in Shrewsbury, this Bishop commands little respect as he has absolutely refused to meet with us (Shropshire Marriage 4 All), even when we tried to meet him at Easter Sunday Mass.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Jul 2013, 3:48pm

      Peter, is that photo of him recent? I suspect it isn’t.

    2. Philip Breen 30 Jul 2013, 4:59am

      That’s a shame. A pastor is responsible for the whole flock. Bishop Davies can uphold what he likes but he should not refuse to meet people, especially Catholics. Of course, the meeting would be tense and even emotionally charged, but the bishop shouldn’t refuse to see you.

      1. Don’t think Shropshire Marriage 4 All are of any sect.

  34. Christianity’s teaching but it ain’t what the Bible teaches. Man-made tradition trumping the Bible again. Duh!

    1. but it is …

      1. So are concubinage and polygamy.

    2. Spanner1960 3 Aug 2013, 2:55pm

      I hate to piss on your fireworks, but the Bible is also man-made.

  35. Godric Godricson 29 Jul 2013, 4:05pm

    A quote from The Tablet

    25 May 2012

    “The good people of Shrewsbury need to remember the 11th commandment: Thou shalt NOT fund fools and fiends. You will get what you tolerate”

    1. GulliverUK 29 Jul 2013, 4:50pm

      I prefer the “Priests saying (Latin) masses to empty churches” :)

  36. The Dark Mavis chasing those column inches again.

  37. And of course the Bishop of Shrewsbury speaks for all Christians, everywhere.

    Arrogant, much?

    1. Not really , sine the one true Church he is part of was founded by Christ himself – all other communities were founded by men – Henry VIII etc

      1. Historical bollocks. Sorry. There is no evidence that ‘Christ’ founded anything.

  38. Bishop of Shrewsbury is Catholic – GET OVER IT !

    Marriage is unchanging and will always be the union of one man and one woman despite Orwellian rewriting of law and pseudo-marriage .

    1. Marraige is CONSTANTLY changing, you clearly know nothing about the history of marraige. it was around long before your silly cult, just like homosexuals, and will be there long after your silly cult is dead, again just like homosexuals.

    2. Really? So marriage as known to the Roman elite or a certain Tudor monarch we all know about has never changed? So the present monarch’s daughter is still married to her first husband despite all evidence to the contrary?

      The definition of marriage has changed many times over the past centuries: GET OVER IT!

  39. good on you bishop

    1. Go and tell him that. We really don’t give a stuff about you fawning over shamans.

  40. not arrogance my friend but speaking the truth … if some Christians don’t see it, it is their problem and our loss.

    1. ‘Truth’? Supernatural rot without evidence. What a lot of people don’t see is the point of your delusions.

    2. And if you can’t see the truth it’s your problem and your loss.

      Thanks for taking the time to “share” your “thoughts” on a gay website though, John B: such an effort for so little purpose.

  41. That’s a cute frock. I for one think we can safely the question of who is married in gods eyes to god. If we are wrong, well, we’ll hear all about it when the time comes. Which is better than hearing all aboout it now from someone who deosn’t know what god thinks.

  42. Spanner1960 3 Aug 2013, 2:49pm

    “We look forward to the day when our society re-discovers its Christian roots.”

    Well the Catholic church is hardly the epitome of Christian teaching, so I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.

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