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Cameroon: Three held for questioning in connection with murder of LGBT rights activist

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Reader comments

  1. jonnielondon 29 Jul 2013, 12:51am

    Well, it’s about time the police intervened and look into this crime! I think all the international pressure on Cameroon has shamed them into bringing these criminals to justice….finally.

  2. The first official response came from government spokesman Issa Tchiroma and said that journalists and civil rights groups had “launched attacks on our nation, dragging its image into the mud.”

    No idea why he is complaining I don’t think this country has dragged itself out of the mud yet

  3. “An officer close to the case …said… ”There will be a rapid unfolding of events and people who believe it was a homophobic act risk being surprised.””

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the official version of events lays the blame for the murder on other members of the LGBT community, just to reinforce in the public mind how perverted and disgusting we really are.

    I don’t think this man or his family can expect any justice for this crime.

    1. Sorry…wasn’t really thinking with regard the last sentence…

      I don’t think the man’s family can expect any justice for this crime.

  4. “Former colleagues” – at what organisation? At an AIDS/activism charity?

    If so, it looks mightily suspicious. A prominent LGBT campaigner is murdered, and the government locks up a few more LGBT campaigners for the crime? Cameroon has an abysmal record on LGBT rights.

    I also note the Lembembe family’s concern that the police are looking for quick arrests, never mind the truth.

    I hope that the people arrested for this horrible, brutal murder are the guilty parties. But whether by c*ck-up or conspiracy, the chances that the police have arrested innocent men seem high.

  5. GulliverUK 29 Jul 2013, 9:29am

    I just hope that, at this point we have cut all bilateral government support budget aid to Cameroon. If we’re still filling their government coffers we shouldn’t be.

    LGBT rights in Cameroon are non-existent. The fact is their government is using them as patsies to divert attention from other government abuses and corruption, it’s wedge issue politics, divide and conquer.

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