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Study: Gay teachers are less likely to challenge homophobic bullying

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Reader comments

  1. I think this is only true in an environment where teachers feel they need to hide their sexual orientation to preserve their career.

    I teach in an inner-city comp and don’t hide my sexuality at all – in fact my tutor group all signed a card to say congratulations when i got CPd – so I feel entirely empowered to challenge homophobia. The fear you can strike into teenagers’ faces when you challenge them directly!

    1. Sorry, I should add – but I’m very lucky to be in a supportive environment in terms of the senior management of the school which allows me to be so open. Not everyone has that, unfortunately.

    2. Did you teach during section 28 as well? *genuine question not a weird passive aggressive challenge

      1. No, that’s an interesting one – I missed section 28 by a couple of years. We have now had ten years to move towards less of a climate of fear though. It does really boil down to how supportive your senior management are, and that appears to vary wildly.

  2. Until the ‘reasons’ for homophobia are tackled, nothing will change. Recent research proves CONCLUSIVELY that homophobia is driven by inner-hatred of ones own same-sex attraction. If this were pointed out, in no uncertain terms, to homophobes – ie: “you bully gays because you fear you may be gay yourself” – perhaps the bully would be less inclined to commit such vile acts.

  3. Jan Bridget 26 Jul 2013, 1:01pm

    What I want to know is what are all these political leaders going to actually do about homophobic bullying in schools?

    We need actions not words.

  4. This finding also explains why homophobic bullying goes virtually unchallenged, and in fact unmentioned, on children’s TV.

  5. No reference to the institution or organisation who published this study. No reference to the publisher or even the name of the study. No reference to original sources for the article.

    This is not journalism.

  6. This study was in the US and so isn’t comparable to schools over here as there’s a lot of differences.

    For a start you can be sacked in some US states if they know you are gay.
    That’s not a risk over here

  7. There’s no excuse – to be a bystander and watch as a teenager who could have been yourself 10 years ago gets bullied and not do anything to help just to protect your own back, is cowardly.

    I don’t care if I risked losing my job, I would not tolerate such behaviour.

    Love Conquers Hate
    Mr. Pink

  8. When I started teaching at my last school, I was not out or open, it lead to some comments from pupils. At this I came out to them, have been open and shared my civil partnership with them. At the time the word gay was associated with anything that was bad or broken. I stopped this, after telling students I took offence at it. In the last year I have not heard the word gay used!

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