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Russia: Gay teenagers tortured and made to come out on video by militant ‘anti-paedophilia’ group

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Reader comments

  1. This sickens me.

    1. gayrussian 12 Aug 2013, 1:58pm

      I hope their babies all come out gay.

  2. Horrible! Is there anything that can be done?

    1. I don’t know it if it will count any, but GayRussia published a link to the petition on the US White House website. People are urging at least the US government to ban Mizulina and Milonov (the MPs who are responsible for introducing those bills to the parliament in the first place) from getting US visas (Magnitsky list). If you have friends in America, you can pass it on:

      1. Shelly Ann 1A 3 Aug 2013, 12:01am

        We do not need their perversion in the states, nor their hate. We have enough of our own with out importing it from Russia. I’ll happily sign your petition.

  3. Pavlos Prince of Greece 26 Jul 2013, 2:53pm

    I can’t never fully understand why straight men have so much hate against gay men. Wish they by torturing or “punished” in some other way an gay men symbolic kill homosexuality who still is(so at least the fear) in they itself ? However, its not “homophobia”, but rather “homofastidia” (“fastidium”, in Latin: disgust).

    1. Yeah, sure… ‘straight’ men.

      I’d say that an “anti-paedophile” group that lures in and sexually tortures under-age children perhaps might have something to hide themselves…

      1. Tony Konrath 26 Jul 2013, 3:28pm

        As a professional therapist I have to agree. This is a prime example of sublimated sexuality. The men doing this may well identify as str8 but they are sexualizing the “punishment” to such an extent (note the sex toy) that it can only be understood in terms of homosexual interaction.

    2. Robert White 27 Jul 2013, 2:13am

      Men who think of, and treat, women poorly live in constant fear that there is a bigger and stronger man out there who will think of and treat them _exactly_ the way they treat women.

      As such, homosexuality _must_ be crushed less they find themselves “the woman” — the _unwilling_ woman — in one of their own imagined fantasies.

      It doesn’t have to be physical abuse in those scenarios. It can be the religious domination of the silent woman.

      Whatever the causation, you can rest assured that you will _never_ meet a homophobe (and “phobia” _is_ the correct term) that treats whatever woman he can lure into his life as an equal, valid person in all settings.

  4. Because real men torture children, huh?

    So the pogroms start. What happened to Alex was horrific.

    To the other victims:
    You are loved.
    You are precious.
    Stay strong.
    Don’t let those f*ckers win.

  5. why these type of straight men are afraid of gays and women having equal rights i’ll never know…

    1. The hell they’re straight! These dudes are so stupid. They may as well print the word HOMOSEXUAL WITH IDENTITY ISSUES on their own foreheads and be done with it.

  6. James Sutherland-Harper 26 Jul 2013, 3:08pm

    Absolutely appalling.

    And I wonder how long until we see some kind of response from the Russian government pathetically trying to argue that the recently passed law and their attitude to the LGBT community as dangerous to “minors” is in no way linked to these incidents whatsoever?

    1. And his unholiness, Archbishop Krill and the Russian Orthodox Church remain silent on this abuse! Shame on them!

      1. They probably approve.

  7. If I had my way, I’d kill them, but the state won’t allow that.

  8. Launch OPERATION BOYCOTT RUSSIA. that includes stuff like vodka ( Ku Bar and some bars in the states have already begun) holidays, cruiseships,airlines, food, anything made in Russia, and looking at the news recently this boycott includes Jamaica!

    1. The sad thing, however, is that by boycotting you won’t be hurting the authorities responsible. They will live, they are well off. Which cannot be said about the common people whom you will be taking the jobs away from. And rest assured, the ones responsible will do everything in their power to accentuate, that it’s in fact the “foreign gay lobby” that’s responsible for all the bad stuff.

      1. This is about getting a broad responce from companies who sell Russian goods or support the Russian Winter Games via sponsorship etc and it is getting more and more coverage (Independent,Guardian etc) The Icelandic government has cut cultural ties with Russia, bars here in the UK and over in the US have stopped stocking and selling Russian Vodka, and lets not forget about boycotting Jamaican RUM while were at it! Another homphobic states like Uganda needs to be kicked out of the Commonwealth. Small ripples now but its getting bigger and those effected just don’t know how far the ripples will spread…and thats the point! People have the ultimate power.

  9. David Jordan 26 Jul 2013, 3:17pm

    When they reported this over on Gay Star News there was a picture of a very young looking 15 year old having a bottle of urine poured over him by these neo-Nazis and I though he was the youngest victim and wondered what kind of person could do that to a defenseless child, now I see they’re doing this to children as young as 12, without any response by the police, these people are sadistic thugs and Russian society isn’t much better for allowing this to go unchecked.

    1. I saw this video on GSN. I felt so sorry for the teenager having to endure the abuse especially when they started to pour the bottle of urine over him. But from what I saw his abusers were not men but appeared to be teenagers like the victim. I am not sure why You Tube pulled the video as people around the world need to see what is actually happening in Russia. However, maybe they pulled it so not to encourage others to do the same??

      From what I remember at the time regarding the pipeline, the US government tried to warn European countries not to rely on Russia for their energy needs. Boycott the Olympics and see how fast the Russians turn the tap off.

      I hope something can be done but I am not sure what. If countries start an economic boycott, the Russians will just dig their heels in (as they always have done) and it will only stoke their nationalistic fervour. And the Arab countries (with the oil) will back the Russians on this one given their hatred towards LGBTs.

      1. The video’s still on YouTube. In case you want to share it, here’s a link:

    2. Can’t ruin a place that’s never been good Russia has never been a good place to live… unless your rich and a friend of the government

  10. What the f*** is wrong with these people?! What can we do to get this to stop? Action has to be taken! Putin get your head out of your ass!

    1. He prefers Medvedev’s Arse.

  11. Russia has always been disgusting and always will be. Are you surprised? Those poor Russian babies are too neglected to be fully functional as adults anyway. So sad.Russia loves to ruin people.Olympics in Russia? Should be cancelled.

  12. RJ Abada ofm 26 Jul 2013, 3:44pm

    murderers. their actions also prove that many Russians are gay. their law is unjust to their own citizens

  13. Disgusting ! why ain’t these animals being arrested for their crimes ?

  14. This makes me feel sick! Something needs to be done on our end to show solidarity with the LGBT Russian citizens and to show the Russian government that this is not right !

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Jul 2013, 4:14pm

    The UN should declare Russia a pariah nation. It should be removed as one of the five permanent members post haste.

  16. Why aren’t these stories being aired by the news channels? What stops them from investigating? There are a lot of British companies out there right now helping with the building of Olympic stadiums. Also, we need the Russian gas desperately as winter looms……

    1. Because it seems to be too “gay” for mainstream taste. When I tried to link this story under a Guardian article discussing LGTB issues in Russia yesterday, my account was banned by the moderators.
      Straight majority still doesn’t care enough. Not even the ones who are supposed to be progressive.

  17. Another prime example of Crimes Against Humanity, international laws, I believe, prohibit this so things need to be done and the Russian government need to honor human right and international law. I thought about visiting Russia it’s a beautiful country, but has the most corrupted people in power who need to be brought down.

  18. Every country has it’s share of scum of course, but scum in Russia are at least tacitly encouraged by the church and state, who seem determined to prove that they haven’t progressed at all.

  19. What a pack of COWARDS!!! The ONLY reason these wicked pricks do this is because they KNOW they can safely do such things without any ramifications — and that is a sign of pure COWARDS! Also, I am NOT surprised this kind of thing goes on in a country full of so many IDIOTS and BARBARIANS!!

  20. Russia, in the same league as some African and Middle Eastern countries. Not a great distinction really.

    1. Africa Yes, but I can’t recall middle eastern people doing anything like this, yes its illegal and they arrest people there but is it dangerous like that?

      1. Don’t forget the gay hunter squads that were and still are operating in Iraq. Not to mention that executing gays definitely puts the Middle-East in with Russia and Africa, so you’re just showing your own ignorance there.

      2. Don’t you remember photos of gay teenagers being hung in Iran?

      3. They kill women for going to school…. They throw acid on little girls and torture and kill gays, Russia is going in the Islam direction ;)

        1. Shelly Ann 3 Aug 2013, 12:40am

          Canadian, Please do not blame Islam for these crimes against humanity. Most of what is happening to women and gay folks over there comes from the zealots and has its roots in tribal mentality. I would say more but the space is limited.

          Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all sit down and say “I Love You” and hug the people around you without all this “hate”. Show love to those around you no matter what gender they are or which gender they want to express or who they love, within certain moral boundaries, no Pedophilia, Zoophilia(sp) or Necrophilia. It would really make for a happier world, with no need of war and killings. Wow wish I could build a world like that.

          السلام يكون معكم / As-salaamu ‘alaikum / Peace be with you / Einheit mit Vielfalt

          Shelly Ann,
          Et secundum diversitatem unitatis pro scientiam (Unity through diversity and knowledge.)
          LPN/ret, HM2c (FMF)/USN, Sgt/USAR, ACM/olc, CWVet, VNeVet, GWVet, DAV/VFW Life Member.

  21. Maxim Martsinkevich is a Putin’s supporter. His group Occupy-Pedofilyay was created to descridit russian opposition camp Occupy-Abay.

  22. I am angry beyond words. Why has the Russian police not acted. Regardless of the sexuality of the victims, kidnapping and assault are still crimes.

    These men should be in prison where they can share a cell with someone who will educate them.

    Death is to good for these people.

    We need a big campaign NOW. A boycott of Russian goods and services, a Campaign aimed at sponsors of the Olympics and aimed at an athletes boycott.

    Everyone should be emailing the PM, the foreign secretary, William Hague,(why is there no travel warning on the FCO website) and culture secretary, Maria Miller. (she is also responsible for sport)

    1. The police are probably members of these groups.

  23. A horrid reminder of how far he UK has come within not to distant past, unbelievable and we need to boycott anything Russian until this is stopped.

  24. Why the hell is this being allowed to happen. In years to come, the collective will look back in shame. Boycott all Russian exports,

  25. Bill Cameron 26 Jul 2013, 6:17pm

    Completely outrageous! Unfortunately this is just one more sickening facet of Russia under its dictator, ex-KGB operative Putin.

  26. Janet hall 26 Jul 2013, 6:20pm

    This is disgraceful! Even worse than what the Russian government has done. Why is the whole world not in uproar?


  27. This unbelievable and that any one would support or visit Russia after all this…….shame on them all!!!!!

  28. чтобы наши братья и сестры в России, оставаться сильными, оставаться в безопасности, пребывание proud.we будет бороться вашей борьбе с вами. XXXX

    1. We use English on this site, you filthy russian scum.

      1. try using a bit of intelligence you prick ! gay and russian speaker !

        1. or google translate if you are limited to just english !

          1. If we use google translate , we can all be a”Russian speaker” on this site. Seems a bit of a pompous, indulgent, elitist, unnecessary display to write in Russian , especially on an English speaking site and then direct to google translate.

      2. You shouldn’t be presumptuous just because the comment is in Russian.

        Have some manners and don’t be such a hateful git.

    2. Google translation: To our brothers and sisters in Russia, stay strong, stay safe, stay proud. We will fight your fight with you.

    3. Welcome to the site stepol.

    4. Idiot, I can tell you are not Russian. So stop pretending to be one, мудак.

    5. Idiot, I can tell you are not Russian. So stop pretending to be one by translating shit from another language to Russian using Google, мудак.

  29. thelostdot 26 Jul 2013, 6:43pm

    I wasn’t much worried about the russian thing before, but this makes it much more serious. Will be boycotting their Vodka and taking a far more negative view of Russia in future.

  30. Grown men lurking in teen websites, grooming young gay teens, arranging meetings with underage boys and then abusing and torturing them. Er… isn’t this EXACTLY paedophile activity?

    Just looking down today’s articles it is becoming very clear that the new front for gay rights activism is Russia (and satellites) and Africa. It needs new thinking and new tactics.

  31. Obviously the Russian authorities are going to arrest these men as we can see their faces.

    And if not, obviously the Olympic committee are going to stop the Winter Olympics in Russia, the UN are going to speak with the authorities and demand action, and World Super Powers are going to boycott Russian produce due to their support of LGBT violence and intimidation.

    Or are we going to see that no one cares about LGBT rights.

    Imagine if this was a group torturing black people, Christians or Jews. Would the World sit by and do nothing? Disgusting.

  32. When I read this story I had a tear in my eye. I think this is a very slippery slope that russia is going down and feel that we will see so much more discrimination and violence against minority groups in Russia.

    What can we do? I will make sure my Vodka does not come from Russia from now on but feel this will hardly affect them…

    1. I know… I felt that too when i first read this and watched the video even though i didn’t understand what they were saying. Te look in that teen’s eyes was devastating, I only wished I was there to help him to get out of the way of those bullies. I really hope he and the kids in Russia that suffered this abuse are OK even though I read that some of them have committed suicide.
      This is so so unfair, they were so many and he was only one, the humiliation and then that end part… It broke my heart, i hope they didn’t beat him much…
      I really don’t know what we can do, the vodka boycott is good but it’s not enough! People will eventually forget that you know? Maybe the Olympics would be a better way of putting pressure on the Russian Government because the gas boycott won’t work: the lobbies are too strong!
      Shouldn’t the UN be doing something about this?!
      Greetings from Portugal –

      1. By the way, the extreme right is starting to wake up here too (it’s not worrying yet because the majority of the portuguese are against the existence of this kind of party)… But with the final voting of the step parent adoption by gay couples coming in September I really hope that the deputies in the Parliament don’t change their vote (remembering that it only passed by a 5 vote voting in the “first hearing” – 99-94). I really hope that our country doesn’t become Greece…

    2. yeah, same here. With all this terrible news nowadays I never get emotional, but this had me crying. And seeing how this is hardly publicised, boycotting vodka won’t be too successful. I really feel so helpless reading this, knowing there is not really anything one can do. Will boycott ANYTHING that comes from that wretched place of course, but then I hardly ever buy anything Russian in the first place. Off now to search for some kind of petition… the best I can do from here.

  33. I wonder will stoli put out another weak statement about their supposed support for Russian lgbt(really their support for harvesting the pink pound and their fear of losing the manipulated revenue). If stoli felt as strongly as they did , they would be actively in support of the persecuted in Russia.

  34. Country going backward. Get out if your gay and living there and do not visit if married.

  35. Angel of music 27 Jul 2013, 1:08am

    I haven’t untill today read anything on this site that has shocked me and repulsed me as much as this article. This is simply vile, how these people can do this to these poor victims is just way beyond me. And how Russia is just standing by and let this blatant disregard for human rights happen is purely sickening! As somebody else said I didn’t think too much about the russian issue before, but this has brought it into perspective. I really can’t even express how awfull I feel for these victims, all I can say is that these cowards commiting these crimes need to be sent down for as long as possible.

  36. This is one of the most disgusting things that i have ever seen.
    The groups original reason for coming to be isn’t even accurate, 90% of pedophiles are heterosexual men.

  37. Oh wow! These guys are super genius! They are really stopping paedophilia because they are lurring, abducting, and forcing underaged boys to do things against their will. Oh, and lets not forget, they are really stopping paedophilia by abusing these underaged boys and then posting the video online. These boys will definitely not need years of psychiatric treatment as other victims of paedophilia! Wow! Bravo! Great job you filthy dumb ass bastards.

    … But really, you white cracker scum. Go crawl back into your primordial cave and continue to get ideas from your favorite gay bondage porn of how to victimize more underaged victims. And if someday you get the urge to inbreed, please spare humanity and the entire planet from procreating your degenerate waste of life. May light bring healing and truth to all these victims.

    1. I agree with the sentiment of most of your comment but not necessary to be extremely racist with the “white cracker scum” comment. It seems that some on this site only have a hypocritical,double standards issue with racism concerning certain ethnicities .

      1. They are Neo-Nazis. As a white person I endorse the term “white cracker scum” used to describe them.

        1. They may be neo Nazis, but you as a white person using racist terminology of other white people is nothing to be endorsed. you endorse slavery as well with this language? Do you even know the origins of the word cracker and what it means? or are you just another ignorant with internalised racism, trying to appear pc ,but you are just a hypocrite .

          1. Cracker is not a racist term though….

            The origin of the word cracker was used to refer to those who “cracked” their whips at black slaves, to be offended at that term is to erase the experiences that millions of black slaves faced as the result of white supremacy and to be offended at the use of the word “cracker” is so ridiculously privileged.

            Also, why do you assume Eduard is white? That’s a really unusual assumption to make.

          2. Just realised Eduard said he was white, so apologies for that, the rest stands though

  38. At this precise moment, I don’t care what your feelings are about homosexuality, you cannot give a legitimate explanation what is being done here.
    And what kind of world is this where people who can do such horrifying things to others and feel justified for their actions?

  39. I bet some of these supposedly straight guys who torture gays have baby dicks, they are insufficient sexually in some way.

    1. James Savik 27 Jul 2013, 5:15pm

      You are probably right. The behavior they are exhibiting is consistent with that.


    1. Don’t be so stupid Daniel, it’s the sexually inadequate sadistic morons who perpetrate such acts of disturbuing violence who have nothing much to live for not you.

    2. Daniel , this is an extreme and vile thing that is happening in Russia , but please know that we are a strong community who are there for you even if you don’t realise it at this time , please find someone to talk to ,there are plenty of support groups out there ! You have nothing to be afraid of about your sexuality , it is who you are , a beautiful loving man . Stay strong . X

  41. This article is a blatant disinformation.The so-called “victims” are aged between 20-30.The only victim was the 15 year old boy whom they wanted to corrupt.You can see for yourself watch?v=loQx82Dolmg&list=TLX2uDyR_SNW8

    1. They should not be doing it in the f-ing first place, its sickening whatever age they were!!!

    2. A lot of victims are teenagers and increasingly so. Also can 20-30 year-olds not be victims of abuse and public humiliation?

  42. This is so sad, and the fact that this group is targeting vulnerable teens now is sickening. I think that the only thing we can do is send a message to Putin and his government that his aggressive and brutal stance against his own citizens has been noted by the international community, and is not winning him any friends abroad. We also need to send a message to out LGBT friends in Russia that they are valued, supported and loved. I agree with the boycott on Russian goods, and with the removal of twin city links. Rekyavik and Venice have already done this apparently, in reaction to the Russian anti LGBT laws. I’ve tried to link to the petition asking Manchester city council to remove links with st Petersburg.

  43. Russia is becoming more and more like Nazi Germany

  44. It’s Russia today. Children’s Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov said that homosexuality is connected to paedophelia.. I’m gay from Russia. Sorry for my bad English ;(

  45. What is sickening is a state that appears to condone such behavior. Russia is not a place for decent people to have anything to do with at the moment.

  46. James Savik 27 Jul 2013, 5:12pm

    Ironic that a “violent anti-pedophilia” group is abusing teen aged boys. I’m thinking there are some really sick puppies in that kennel.

  47. BTW, Russian government are working on another law that will authorize child protection services to remove children from their loving families just because their parents are same-sex partners.

  48. Maria White 27 Jul 2013, 6:59pm

    This is another reason why Russia should not be allowed to hold the winter games. I suggest to contact you local government, to then contact the UN to put their foot down and not allow the games to happen in Russia.
    They will, or should, learn that treating PEOPLE like this should not be allowed. Human Right Organizations, I wish they could help but they could be attacked too. ((But that might give the UN incentive finally to ban the games. So…))

    1. The best reply so far.

    2. Absolutely, it’s bizarre that the games will be hosted in Russia whose human rights abuses go totally against the spirit of the Olympic games.

      It’s completely wrong to go ahead with the games in Russia under the present circumstances.

    1. Thanks for the link Ginny.

  49. This is a horrific video of an heroic teen being attacked by a wolf pack of thugs in the “new” fascistic, theocratic state of Russia.

  50. Velvet Steele 27 Jul 2013, 8:16pm

    Amazing how “anti-gay propoganda” laws make people truly act like that of the nazi movement?

  51. I feel sick, and to think these people are allowed to be around other people and can act again is absolutely terrified. I’m furious and disgusted and something needs to be done before it’s too late.

  52. So if its so bad in Russia then why are they telling people they’re gay? All societies do not have to share the same beliefs. Some believe its ok to engage in homosexual acts and other societies think its wrong. So what if Russia doesn’t accept it. If you are a man if you just cant help yourself and just have to suck dick then go to a place where youre allowed to do that and leave the people alone who dont want to see it.

    1. Ah – such a simple solution! Why couldn’t we all see that?

  53. F*cking bastards. Why for the love of all gods can’t we leave them alone?? How the hell do you think if feels to be ostracized by the rest of society, living alone because of some “straight” man’s fear. If I could, I would give back to the straight man/woman every ounce of what they have done to the LGBT community at large, plus extra.

  54. The authorities obviously condone these attacks. Shades of Nazi Germany.

  55. remember: when you respond to hate with hate, anger to anger, bitterness to bitterness, you are ironically becoming part of the problem >>> this is so sick and disgusting BAH !!!!

  56. Is this happening to lesbians too? Of course gay women and men are completely equal. None of this mentions anything about females, though.

  57. I was banned on The Guardian yesterday for linking to this story in the comments.

  58. The target of the protests should be the Olympics committee. They should be pressured to cancel the Russian Olympics.

  59. Sign this petition and share it.

    If you want to do something, you could at least sign this petition urging major olympic sponsors to boycott Sochi. Please sign!
    (Ginny reposted)

  60. Find these haters fast and take them out

  61. Here is a link to a petition asking to have Coca-Cola, Visa, Procter&Gamble, Samsung, and Panasonic pull their Sponsorship of the 2014 Olympics that will be hosted in Russia, where LGBT athletes, coaches, activists, and fans might not be safe.


  63. historicallynamed 29 Jul 2013, 11:29am

    Ok people need to understand there have been gay since the first emperor of China the all had male concubines so I think it wrong and disgusting that they hurt these children like this

  64. Angry Paul 29 Jul 2013, 1:44pm

    Considering Russia was hit worst by Nazism in WWII, you’d think the Russian authorities would be very harsh on neo-nazis.

  65. we have allot of pictures of the abusers, why don’t the US hire a terrorist to kill them all ?? I’ll chip in .. donations ???

  66. Wouldn’t surprise me if this was church sponsored street gang violence. The Russians used to be more more relaxed on sexual matters. As the church’s influence has grown, so has that of neo-nazi groups like this, feeling they have the right to dictate how, and who people have sex with. It has religious doctrine and violence written all over it.

  67. 1/2: I can’t even fathom how this must feel for those being tortured. And what it must be like for the families and friends as well. For people to do this is just sickening and it shows that no matter how much progress we make in the U.S.A or anywhere else, this stuff is still happening. Hopefully they elect someone someday that will be willing to change this and deal with the consequences. I was just at a gay pride parade yesterday and I was there with my sister, my mom, and her boyfriend. We got thanked by many people from the LGBT community because they aren’t used to getting support from a family. Sure, the teenagers and maybe the parents would be accepting, but a whole family? Forget about it. And if a gay person were to go to something to support straight people (obviously there really is no need to support straight people) then who would thank them? Better yet, how many would deem it as offensive and tell them to leave?

  68. 2/2: The fact of the matter is, sure, there will always be homophobes in the U.S.A and Canada and everywhere else where gay marriage is legal and the LGBT community finally gets some rights, but when an entire country has that. something needs to be done. So forget about your Baptist Christian white male neighbor who says it’s a sin, help out people living in the closet in an entire country filled with homophobic people. People who are tortured for loving. Note: I just used a Christian as an example. I know not all Christian are homophobic and some are even gay.

  69. I take it the dear old Russia, now we have names and faces on video (how bold) are going to go after these repressed closet-case gay Nazis with the full force of the law? Oh no wait, they’ll probably go after the innocent outed gay kids instead. Fcuk Russia, one of the most hateful nations on earth. And fcuk you, Putin, for going shirtless fishing instead of giving a damn about your own kids, not that you’re reading this or can ever read a line of basic English. You horrible, going bald old toad living in your gaudy gilt Addams Family palace.

  70. It is hardly a surprise that the russian police approve of this behaviour, I expect many police officers are members of these groups.

  71. How to influence? Vodka is a good start but how about boycotting the sponsors of the olympics? Coca-Cola, Panasonic, and VISA. And don’t forget to check the supplier of you gas that it is not selling Russian gas. Same with petrol — choose where you buy your fuel.

  72. Stephen Wilson 3 Aug 2013, 8:05pm

    There is so much work to be done to try and change attitudes, but this stuff in Russia seems like nationally sanctioned hatred.

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