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Microsoft and Google join forces to launch LGBT geeks forum

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  1. If stereotypes were to be believed gay people are good at arty farty things and not much else. In fact gay people probably make up a significant chunk of the technology industry and are all too often overlooked in that regaurd, many gay people are nerds like me so any tech industry related LGBT groups and awareness within the engineering community are good imo.

  2. Sorry but “Gay Geeks Forum” sounds like my dating pool in high school. Smart people are so irresistible.

    I was dumped so many times and was “the girl they came out to.” Yep that’s me, last girlfriend they ever had.

    18 years later I’m still friends and still in touch with most of those guys.

  3. It’s a great idea and a shame that PN had to belittle it a bit with the “gay geeks” headline. The official description is “The professional network for LGBT+ people in the UK tech sector” which gives a different impression. I’ve signed up!

    1. There’s nothing belittling about “gay geeks” – most gay geeks I know are using this term themselves (myself included).

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