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Nottingham: Gay man sues cinema chain over claims he was sacked due to his sexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Midnighter 26 Jul 2013, 1:13pm

    I find it hard to judge on the basis of reported “he said, she said” whether this was a genuine discrimination issue, but one thing does point to poor management. Any tribunal will be aware that Ms Ogden’s “defence” that she graciously didn’t block her employee for taking time off for pride is totally bogus and irrelevant. An employer has no right (or legitimate need) to know the purpose of your leave, all they require under law is a minimum notice period double that of the planned leave duration, and they have the equivalent period of time to the leave period to say no.

    1. A well thought out and reasoned post.
      Anyone ever heard “peachy” used as slang for gay?
      I certainly haven’t and it isn’t on the list of LGBT slang on Wikipedia last i checked

  2. I hope this is not someone using his sexuality as an excuse for tardiness.

    This would be as bad as others shouting racism, every time you sack an ethnic minority worker for lateness or wrong doing.

    It is difficult to judge from the information given in the article.

  3. Do we expect any better from Cineworld?
    No. No we do not.

    Support your local independent, folks.

    1. The employee should be reinstated with back pay and manager along with other coworker should be fired.

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