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New York: Gay mayoral candidate Christine Quinn regains poll lead

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Reader comments

  1. Queers and Jews – a nation gone insane. We need to get back to electing normal people who represent the better elements of our society, not the disgusting dregs.

    1. Darren Yehuda 26 Jul 2013, 8:11pm

      As a queer Jew, I won’t be holding out for a Christmas card from you!
      On subject though, the person elected needs to represent ALL elements for NY society which, like it or not, does include Queers and Jews. as well as the disgusting dregs like bigots like you Ed.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Jul 2013, 8:52pm

      And you represent the better element of society? NOT!

    3. Aww Eddie, did some cute jewish boi snub you at the local gay watering hole? You know, if you showered once in a while and brushed your teeth more often than on your birthday, you might have more luck.
      As it is, you might want to look into support groups for those suffering from microphallatosis. I understand that they can help you come to grips with your problem, albeit, it will be a small grip.

    4. Beelzeebub 26 Jul 2013, 9:31pm

      From your bigotry and antisemitism it is clear that you are the dreg.

      Forever holding humanity back with your ignorance and divisive stupidity.

      I;m pretty sure that their is a moon you can sit in your cave and throw some rocks at.

      Now, please get out of the way whilst the rest of us evolve outwith your degenerative ignorance and failure to accept that things change.

      Your cause is lost. Now please F off.

    5. Just seen a stone with a damp mouldy space underneath it. Go back home, Ed

  2. Quinn is a moderate. NYC is a big democratic city and the far left, including many gays, have their knives out for her for not being liberal “enough.”

    Her closest competitor, DeBlasio is married to a Black woman who is a former lesbian (but who isn’t an “ex-gay”…whatever).

    Only in NYC

    1. Beelzeebub 26 Jul 2013, 9:35pm

      Were talking about simple human rights.

      Stop dragging politics into it.

      Who gives an @rse about which politician sleeps with whom.

      If there politic allows me to legally be at my dying partners side in a hospital, then fine.

      If not, then I will loudly ASK WHY and which GOD told them to to say that.

    2. Simply think of the value of having a gay (lesbian) as mayor of America’s largest city. This will be almost as important as Pr. Obama coming to support marriage, whihc has been know to inspire eg Uruguay and NZ to allow equal marriage,as well as RI, DE and MN Prob also Gr. Britian

      If the gay community throws a hissy fit over quinn for any reason – no one is perfect – shame on them


  3. The best thing we can do to advance LGBT rights everywhere is to have more representatives in the places that matter. Government, law, politics, education, business, banking, the media, sport, entertainment and all the other “powerful” and influential positions that need LGBT people to be there to remember us, stick up for us, and be part of the discussion as well as providing a positive role model for young people to aspire to. There needs to be more minorities (women, LGBT, culturally diverse) represented in these fields, because we need all the points of view we can get in order to achieve the best results for everyone.

    We make great peace keepers and can be very intuative, intelligent, and innovative, you’d be a fool to not want more LGBT people making the decisions and sharing their insight.

    And more LGBT people should try to not subcumb to the pressures of persuing a career “expected” of them, unless that is what they like to do of course.

    Good luck Christine!
    Mr. Pink

  4. No objection to the fact that it’s a woman or a lesbian – but the world doesn’t need more gay activists in office, campaigning against fast food chains and the like.

    1. duh You to me at least sound like an anti gays marrying guy who had to rummage through dead rotting fish in the garbage to make that statement

    2. Are you serious? Are you actually trying to tell me the world wouldn’t do better if all or most of the people in power were LGBT? BITCH PLEASE we all know we’re amazing and make way smarter judgement calls than straight people in general.

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