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Ku Bar joins campaign to ‘dump Russian vodka’ over anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. Common sense 26 Jul 2013, 1:06pm

    Aaaarrrggghhh, Stolichnaya is Luxembourg owned and has supported and sponsored pride events across Europe. It might be partly manufactured in Russia and Latvia but it is monumentally unfair to punish them for the failings of Putin’s Russia.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Jul 2013, 1:10pm

      Then I suggest Stolichnaya stop importing ingredients from Russia then! Other countries make equally good vodka, Sweden’s Absolut is one I’ve been using for years and is among the most gay friendly companies on the planet.

    2. Then they need to take Distilled in Russia and Imported Russian Vodka, off their labels. They are clearly promoting themselves as Russian Vodka.

    3. Common sense 26 Jul 2013, 1:22pm

      As I said it is manufactured/distiller in Russia. But the boycott will principally I pact on the Luxembourg owners and not the Russian government, who should be the targets. Like most consumer boycotts this is fatally misguided.
      a much better strategy would be to pressure banks I the city of London to stop investing in Russian industry (the city of London is the principle source of cash for Russia. Industry) and also campaign against tourism in Russia.

      Both of those would deliver a far bigger map act on Russia than this leadenly stupid shallow misguided boycott.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Jul 2013, 1:31pm

        No way that’s going to happen considering the UK is one of the largest importers of Gazprom’s gas supply, almost a quarter of our consumption comes from Russia which has already cut its supply to the EU by 60% according to reports in the papers today.

        1. Common sense 26 Jul 2013, 1:44pm

          So punish Luxembourg instead then?

          1. Russia financially benefit from Stolli, therefore it will have an impact.

            They can always move their production out of Russia if they feel as strongly about it as they say they do, othewise its hollow words.

            I have no problem with Luxembourg, infact I hope they do take action to remove themselves from that terrible place. While Russia benefits from them and they promote themselves as Russian, a boycott is right.

    4. It’s an easy target, that’s all. Never mind the fact that this company is a long-time supporter of the lgbt community, lets attack it for the actions of the government! Smh

      The boycott should target individual companies that have either been vocally anti-equality or have done nothing either way. To attack an ally and supporter is the height of foolishness.

    5. If the company purchases ingredients from Russia, or pays for any of the manufacturing to take place in Russia, then financial transactions take place in Russia which are subject to Russian tax law. Stolichnaya’s money therefore ends up in Putin’s pocket. And for as long as people continue to buy Russian things, he will be laughing his way to the bank to play with the money we ultimately give him.

      1. Adam Stewart 26 Jul 2013, 9:24pm

        I agree. Let the company put pressure on Putin ifvthey feel hard done by.

  2. Try the canadian vodka. We come from the north too and it is amasingly good.

  3. James Savik 26 Jul 2013, 2:16pm

    Now we’re on the right track Think bigger. Call for complete boycotts on Russian goods. Furthermore- call on companies that sell to Russia to look for new markets.

    They are acting like bastards, have NOTHING to do with them.

  4. Before people start going mad and boycotting Russian Vodka they need to think… am I already boycotting Jamaican rum, Carribean cruises, Saudi oil, Morroccan dates, Kenyan coffee and the numerous minerals from the Congo that make up the component parts of virtually every modern day electronic device or Smartphone.
    Boycotts are well and good and I understand that they are meant to be viewed as an act of solidarity with others, but if we pick and choose which items to boycott then we are tacitly condoning the ruthlessness of those regimes whose products we do not boycott.
    In the end only real campaigning and fundraising can be change, not arm chair solidarity.

    1. Common sense 27 Jul 2013, 12:11am

      boycotts are just lazy and stupid. A sop for the smug middle class who would never otherwise get off their fat butts to do anything really effective politically.

      There has never been an occasion in the past when a consumer boycott changed a political outcome in a foreign nation. The often repeated example of apartheid south africa is an urban myth. 30 years of boycotts had almost no effect. The RSA pulled the plug on apartheid only when the USA stopped propping up the government as a bullwark against communism when the Cold War came to an end, it was a matter of days after that had occurred when De Klerk ended apartheid.

  5. Will they boycott red stripe beer as well as Jamaican rum or are they too ignorant to realise LGBT persecution is an infection in other countries as well.

    1. You are, of course, quite right!

  6. Common sense 27 Jul 2013, 12:05am

    Look, in general most international alcohol companies, whether they import from or manufacture in Russia have been long time supporters of the gay scenes across European cities and the Pride events that occur there. They are therefore very very poor targets for boycotts of this kind.

    There are however, several ways you can take more practical action. the 2014 winter olympics take place in Stochi. Russia will be relying on that as a showcase of the country that will enhance its national standing. It will not want anything untoward happening.

    Why not start writing to the government to call for a UK boycott over the winter olympics?

    The main sponsor as already been announced (Omega) and others will be in due course. Each of those should be targetted until they drop their sponsorship.

    Finally, almost every city in the UK is tied to a sister city in Russia. Why not start lobbying your townhalls to cut the ties in protest. Or at least get them to make public calls against them

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