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G-A-Y bars joins boycott of Russian vodka and urges supermarkets to do the same

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Reader comments

  1. Note a swedish brand of vodka is being mooted as ok. However checking the owners website informs that the owners do much trade with russia and maybe contributing to the tax take.

  2. Before people start going mad and boycotting Russian Vodka they need to think… am I already boycotting Jamaican rum, Carribean cruises, Saudi oil, Morroccan dates, Kenyan coffee and the numerous minerals from the Congo that make up the component parts of virtually every modern day electronic device or Smartphone.
    Boycotts are well and good and I understand that they are meant to be viewed as an act of solidarity with others, but if we pick and choose which items to boycott then we are tacitly condoning the ruthlessness of those regimes whose products we do not boycott.
    In the end only real campaigning and fundraising can be change, not arm chair solidarity.

    1. You have a point. And in response I will start looking at everything I can boycott from homophobic countries. Jamaican rum is easy, never fancied a caribean cruise, hate dates, don’t drink coffee. Oil from saudi is difficult, but I’m gonna research if there are any petrol stations that dont use saudi oil, and we’re almost all solar powered here, colton doesn’t just come from the congo, and won’t be buying a new phone for a while.

      Boycotts are good, they make places realise there are people against them, and its a way that those of us who sit in ‘armchairs’ can do something beyond lobbying a government that may not act.

      What would be good is if pinknews or another website listed homophobic countries, and products that came from them. One of the best ways to hurt any country is to dent its exports.

      1. By simply googling gay rights around the world,you`ll see the homophobic countries(most african and middle east countries).

    2. Adam Stewart 26 Jul 2013, 9:17pm

      At least it’s a start.

  3. When our so called 24 hour news media fails to report such horrific acts on the news and in the press and our government fails to respond in any public way to any of these vile acts, then what exactly does the average person actually do in responce? and Yes, G-A-Y and Ku, what about the Jamaican Rum? Think that needs to come off the back shelf sharpish!

  4. Do your research before you boycott Stoli is a HUGE supporter of the LGBT community , is based in Luxembourg and made in Latvia

    This boycott will only hurt us!

    1. Click my name above in the original post for a letter from Stoli to the LGBT Community!

      1. Just to clarify the situation over Stolichnaya (Stoli) vodka. The vodka brand that is sold in Europe (including the UK), USA etc is distilled in Riga (Latvia) by a company, SPI, which is registered in Cyprus, but with its main office in Luxembourg. This company legitimately purchased the rights to the brand from the Russian government many years ago. So an LGBT boycott is effectively a boycott on a 100% European Union company and a somewhat frail economy in Latvia.

        It is true that Stolichnaya is also distilled in Moscow, but by a Russian company. This can only be legitimately purchased in Russia, where it has “RUSSIAN VODKA” printed on the bottom of the main lable. The SPI “Stoli” has “PREMIUM VODKA” on the bottom, of the main label, together with “Stoli” on the small label on the neck of the bottle, together with “Distilled in Riga” on the reverse label.

        SPI is proactive with the LGBT movement in many countries, supporting Pride is Durban (South Africa) and Vienna and Tel Aviv,

        1. Beelzeebub 26 Jul 2013, 9:19pm

          It all looks like a rather large EU Corporate tax dodge to me.

  5. I hope they boycott red stripe Jamaican beers and rums also, which appear to very popular with airheads on the gay scene.

    1. Beelzeebub 26 Jul 2013, 9:23pm

      Why did god give Jamaica reggae.

      Cause he f#ck..d up their hair.

  6. Londoner2000 26 Jul 2013, 9:18pm

    Presumably, also all products from many Muslim countries will also be boycotted?

    1. Beelzeebub 26 Jul 2013, 9:20pm

      I’m all for boycotting “Kill the Infidels” and flying planes into buildings.

    2. I doubt there would even be a campaign for a boycott of products from the muslim countries that persecute LGBT as islam seems to be above critique and treated auspiciously in the western world 2013 as some creepy misdirected pc mob will be shouting racist/islamophobe, if one dare challenge a muslim theocracy and the obvious anti human rights associated with such.

  7. Personally I dont think we should not buy anything produced or sourced from these anti gay countries. The manufactures will get the message and bad press.
    This will work people

  8. We, as LGBT community, need to be hear…once, things were not easy for hgays in U.K, Canada or U S

  9. Not that activists in Russia (Including arch liberal Alexeyev) think this will work or that they even want this boycott to go ahead. But hey, why should helping gays in Russia have to mean actually listening to them?

    There is so much national chauvinism in the gay movement, it’s not really a movement at all. It’s easy to understand why. Why go to the trouble of building an international network based on solidarity and cooperation when you can take your anger out on consumer products And then we wonder why disgusting grotesque campaigns of persecution happen in foreign countries.

    Don’t claim you want to help people whose views and aspirations you have no interest in.

  10. Spanner1960 1 Aug 2013, 3:58pm

    Some pony little Soho gay bar boycotts Russian vodka. I’m sure President Putin is quaking in his boots.

    If people REALLY want to make a point, start shouting at potential sponsors of the Moscow Olympics, and really hit them where it hurts.

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