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US: Legalising equal marriage could boost tourism in Hawaii by $217 million

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  1. I think the reason Hawaii does not yet have marriage equality may not be because of Christian opposition alone, but rather the views of the large Chinese
    community in Hawaii. While I am sure that a large percentage of this community would support it, in China at
    least 75% have negative views on anything gay.

    I hope someone can give us more information as I am only guessing.

  2. I would hope that if equal marriage was made legal in Hawaii, it would be influenced because of conscience and the disparity in human rights/equality.

    All the studies in the world seem to keep advocating “hey we can make money from this” “hey this will help improve the economy” indeed money makes the world go around… but the idea that people could line their pockets although a motivator for some, might be offensive to some when it seems to say “Studies tell us that equality means we can improve our economy, we’ll get right on it… and give you rights!”

  3. We give you same-same marriage because it will make us money.

    How insulting!

  4. Hawaii is my home state, and I keep up with what’s going on there, mostly out sentimental value. The state has the highest cost of living of all the other states for various reasons.

    Its sugar cane and pineapple industries have been sold off to foreign companies and now, it’s sole industry is tourism, which is dwindling. Add to that, high unemployment, growing homelessness, and a state budget that is so strapped that they were hard pressed to even come up with the money to hold an election to replace the late Dan Inouye, state senator. And like Detroit, its bad decisions have got it at the brink of insolvency.

    Oh yes, the state senate will ho hum around for a bit over same sex marriage, but in the end, even they realize that if they drag their heels much longer, the influx of money that we represent will go elsewhere and they’ll be facing bankruptcy.

    As a time worn saying goes; money talks and b.s. walks.

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