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US: Deportation of gay man halted as he could face persecution in Philippines

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Reader comments

  1. As a Filipino immigrant myself(moved to Canada with parents when I was 12),I know what’s like to live in the Philippines.It’s only tolerant in the Capital and only mature younger people would accept gays as their friends.And even then,the tolerance is limited.I got bullied all throughout my childhood up until I was 12 that I lost all confidence due to bullying because of my perceived
    sexuality(I was very frail and withrawn as
    a kid).I would report the incident to the head teacher but all she did was “reprimand” the bully.It continued.I was very miserable abf unhappy.Although I am already happy here in Canada,I am still haunted by those really bad and miserable times.I had self esteem issues for a long time and have just recovered from them.The scars will remain forever.

    That’s why I think that study showing Philippines as the most gay-friendly in Asia is falsd and BALONEY.


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