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US: Dan Savage calls for a boycott of Russian vodka over ‘gay propaganda’ controversy

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Reader comments

  1. Finnish vodka is far nicer anyway.

    1. I like Grey Goose, which is French. And in France, gay and lesbian couples can marry.

      1. Absolut is owned by Pernot Ricard a french company. I don´t want to start another boycott, but Fance has had a huge opposition against marriage equality and the largest anti-gay protests by the public anywhere in recent times… Go for your local distiller. In Germany we have Three Sixty Vodka – it´s a rather small local brand and the best quality.

  2. Scott Rose 25 Jul 2013, 5:11pm

    The boycott of Russian consumer goods must be international and should not be limited to gay bars. If you order a vodka-inclusive cocktail in a restaurant, for example, specify that it must be made with a non-Russian vodka, and tell the server and the restaurant manager why you are making that request. One of the points of the boycott has to be to raise awareness of the draconian anti-gay laws in Russia. Not coincidentally, with the rise of the political influence of the Orthodox Church in Russia, the relatively small number of Jews left in that country are facing harsh bigotry every day. If former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s gay rights speech in Geneva had any meaning, then this is the time for the U.S. and others to demand that Russia rescind these barbaric laws, under which it is not even possible for a judge to protect a Russian gay person’s human rights.

  3. myself and my partner where going over but since im butch with gat tattoo ,I wouldn’t feel safe and the can keep the vodka, wont buy another bottle they make.

  4. Carlos Abreu 25 Jul 2013, 6:16pm

    I rarely drink, and the few times I do, it’s wine or a gin and tonic. Boycotting Russian vodka isn’t a meaningful way of doing my part. Any other ideas, preferably ones that don’t revolve around bars/liquor?

    1. There are many Russian products you can boycott, foods, corn etc if you check source on packaging, or equally Ugandan, Nigerian, Jamaican etc.

  5. There should be a boycott of Jamaican rum and beers also in these bars .

    1. vversatile 25 Jul 2013, 7:35pm

      It always amazes me the number of bars that sell Red Stripe

  6. This may be a means of attracting some negative publicity towards Putin and his thugs, but their brutal mindset will doubtless have at the forefront of their minds that with one turn of the gas tap they can bring Europe to its knees, which leaves any verbal threats no more than hot air from their perspective. But still we must try to do something for the sake of the decent people in Russia. Severing the twinning relationships between London & Moscow and Manchester & St Petersburg would be an obvious start, as some of the Italian cities have already done.

    1. Meanwhile, inside Russia, a brutal attack on young gay LGBTs is being implemented using social media:

      No one in authority is doing anything to stop this, and the Russian Orthodox Church is silent.

      1. Beelzeebub 25 Jul 2013, 9:12pm

        The Russian Orthodox Church is instigating it…

      2. I looked at your link and it’s disturbing. I seems to me that may Russians equate paedophilia with homosexuality, making no distinction between the two as one of the social media groups post videos of young gay men being humiliated under the guise that it’s a war against paedophiles.

  7. I like this idea. Also like severing the twin city ties

  8. Dan savage eh?

    I’m thrilled that we’ve just elected our first African-American president…But I can’t help but feeling hurt that the love and support aren’t mutual. I do know this, though: I’m done pretending that the handful of racist gay white men out there—and they’re out there, and I think they’re scum—are a bigger problem for African Americans, gay and straight, than the huge numbers of homophobic African Americans are for gay Americans, whatever their color.

    Yeah he’s credible

    1. James, I do often read your comments and wonder what you’re on. Could you give some context here, I just don’t get how this is relevant or where it came from lol.

      1. I believe the large paragraph in the middle is a Dan Savage quote

      2. Andykins. If that is a question use punctuation. And if you read more of my comments you’d know I don’t do requests. “Lol”. Twat

        1. Michael 2912 26 Jul 2013, 9:19am

          I guess you took offence, quite reasonably, at the “what you’re on” comment. You’d have done better to rise above it and simply explain your intention. “Twat” was uncalled for. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

          Have a nice day.

          1. I just cant help myself

    1. Common sense 26 Jul 2013, 1:09pm

      They are Luxembourg owned and headquartered and though they have manufacturing in Russia and Latvia they have supported gay pride in a number of cities in Europe. It is monumentally unfair t punish them for Putin so no wonder they are releasing statements like this.

  9. I’ve been boycotting vodka since I was 13! Rather just have a few beers than drink that battery acid, yack.

    But one of my gay friends baught a bottle of Stoli recently, that was a fun conversation…

    Love Conquers Hate
    Drink beer or wine instead, you’ll thank yourself tomorrow.
    Mr. Pink

  10. This is actually a pretty good idea… a start… but could take it further to pressure companies to move production out of Russia
    So companies like Smirnoff who are foreign owned but still have products produced in Russia

    1. Smirnoff is made in Scotland and is British owned

  11. Michael 2912 26 Jul 2013, 9:36am

    Sadly our species is unique in the way that the mob emerges so quickly and turns against the stranger be that stranger from another land or from the same land but different from the norm. We need to be vigilant on behalf of all minorities and do what we can, however small, to prevent and stop violence against them.

    1. Apes behave in exactly the same manner. We haven’t really progressed too far, have we …..?

  12. Great idea! Strange how a kick in the pocket serves to focus minds on the wisdom of their moral stance … and the hypocricy of the bigot when they eventually change their views!

  13. We should not just boycott Rusian Vodka, boycott EVERYTHING Russian, and as others have said, boycott Jamaician goods too, indeed any country with an horrific homophobic stance. This could spread to airlines, cruise ships,holidays etc. If we can get our act together here we could make some noise about this. We need to alert the media to all of this…in fact why is their so little if anything on these terrible events? Some media folk need a kick up the arse on world wide human rights abuse’s. Perhaps a march on the Russian Embassy in London might do the trick?… and then on to Jamaica!

  14. Steve English 26 Jul 2013, 3:51pm

    Forty years we as a group had few palces to go so we hide in dark out of the way bars from fear. Today we are a proud, strong and educated and maybe just, maybe we don’t NEED money from companies who produce alcohol ! Now there a thought ! Thanks, Dan

  15. Christopher Coleman 26 Jul 2013, 5:45pm

    Boycotts are always a good idea. I make a point of not buying produce from a number of countries for a number of political and social reasons. And I’ll not visit these countries, either. If I can get others to agree with me, that is good. If I cannot, I continue by myself, because it is a matter of moral choices and self-respect.

  16. forever fascinated 27 Jul 2013, 4:59am

    First things first…Dan Savage…what happened to the cute goofy Chicago guy who was happy and not so bitter? It kills me to see you this way. Second, NO ONE should be ignored, treated poorly, slandered or bullied. That being said…isn’t it incredibly hypocritical to have gay people expecting respect from outside the community when they can’t even respect each other? There is just as much gay bullying as there is heterosexuals bullying homosexuals. Dan…your campaign “It Only Gets Better” will only work if YOU realize it takes ALL kinds of people to make up a community. That means you should respect any kind of gay person, including those who chose to live their lives how THEY want to live it…if they want to be private about their lives, SUPPORT THAT, don’t ask them to be out and proud the way you are…we are ALL individuals and should be respected for our individuality not for conforming to what the community, organizations, or what you think we should be. Wake up…

  17. Many want to go back to Absolute which tastes horrible, so I tell you:

    Absolut is owned by Pernot Ricard a french company. I don´t want to start another boycott, but Fance has had a huge opposition against marriage equality and the largest anti-gay protests by the public anywhere in recent times… Go for your local distiller. In Germany we have Three Sixty Vodka – it´s a rather small local brand and the best quality.

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