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Terrence Higgins Trust: HIV prevention work in London needs to focus more on the link between drugs and sex

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Reader comments

  1. Lisa Power’s knowledge of the gay scene = zero.
    How much do you earn again?

      1. And the rest!

        Shameless woman.

        1. As in the rest of the quangocracy, rewards for failure run rampant within London’s HIV sector…

  2. HIV prevention work in London needs to focus more on the link between drugs and sex.

    Fair point.

    Now what is the Terrence Higgins Trust actively doing on this issue.

    It receives loads of taxpayers’ money.

    What is the THT (and the other prevention groups) plan to reduced HIV infection rates.

    What percentage reduction in transmission over the next 3 years, justifies the huge amount of money the THT receives?




    It’s a reasonable question, which the THT won’t answer. It wouldn’t want to jeopardise those big, fat NHS contracts it gets, now would it?

    1. I am not sure that THT are best placed to carry out work that is essentially about severe addiction & complex mental health problems. If an individual has an alcohol problem would THT be best placed to deal with that? Organisations such as London Friend, Antidote, Pace, would be far better equipped to work alongside GUM staff (with support from HIV service providers) in specialist centres to enable best practice & shared experience to help deal with this complex problem. We should also bear in mind that those who have problems with party drug / chemsex are a small (but increasing) sub group of MSM, it is the 80/20 rule; 80% of new HIV infections originating from 20% undiagnosed “negative” individuals.

      Putting a target on reduced transmissions is not practical, I suspect you mean newly diagnosed cases. Newly diagnosed figures will continue to rise as levels of testing increase, it is only when the undiagnosed fraction starts to drop that we will see a substantial fall in HIV overall.

      1. Nobody gives a toss what you think, W6, so back off and take your HIV sector protectionism and apologistic theories and claptrap back to your Twitter feed where the few who do can be lectured and bored rotten by your repetitive and oh so predictable drivel.

        1. If you don’t give a toss why comment? You really are a very stupid individual – here I am suggesting that other organisations aside from THT et al, get much needed funding to work alongside GUM clinics in London (a model that has been developed by 56 Dean Street) & you still have a pop at me!

          As I have long suspected you have no genuine interest in HIV or improving the sexual health of MSM – you are only interested in trolling HIV positive people who dare to be open about their status as you (wrongly) conclude that they may subverting the PN collective (your words not mine) into thinking HIV is no big deal. That is your self serving concern nothing else.

          You wish to perpetuate stigma & hatred towards HIV positive people because you harbour an irrational fear of contracting HIV. You are nothing but a nasty judgmental little queen who thinks he is better than he is – back off Samuel Bass I am in no mood for fools like you today!

          1. DON’T FEED THE TROLL!!

          2. Never any genuine debate with you is there Samuel? When backed into a corner you always deflect away from your shortcomings. You cannot provide a suitable reply to the above points I have made because you know them to be 100% correct.

            I agree don’t feed the troll which in this case is clearly yourself Samuel Bass & always has been – FACT not fiction, these comments pages are full of your trolling / bullying footprints!

        2. Samuel.. I don’t often come on pink news as I get a lot of information elsewhere …
          why do you insist on making inane comments to people who have a genuine interest and knowledge of the hiv sector…
          are you hiv+/ because if you are I feel sorry for whoever you turn to in a time of crisis…
          the comments you come out with on this page are so dismissive and unhelpful without coming up with any solutions. its all dig dig dig with you and im sorry but for the sake of the casual reader on here and for guys that are newly infected like myself..( no drugs involved, but depression instead) im gonna have to report you.

          1. Another system server who’s mind can only interpret the PC script he has been indoctrinated with.

            The rest of us can and should openly rejoice in the fact that we are free-thinking individuals expressing independent thought.

            And that, of course, is what scares these Charlatans so, because we refuse to be similarly brainwashed.

            We should at least feel sympathy, I concede, for the likes of W6. danlad72 and the subordinates of the HIV sector who are imprisoned by their 2+2=5/black is white-programmed minds.

          2. You have such a nice way with casual contributors to PN Samuel (not)! It becomes ever clearer to me that it is you who wishes to control all comments relating to HIV & woe betide anyone who dare question you or step out of line from the Gary Leigh indoctrination & ideology that you look up to!

            It would appear you are the individual who is imprisoned by your Jewish bloodline, internalised homophobia, irrational fear of HIV & the bullying you suffered as a child. Time for you to get help with some of those demons before you cast the stone at others!

  3. Do the decent thing by gay men and follow Sir Nick out of the door, and be sure to close it firmly behind you.

    Your track record at THT far behooves you to be telling gay men how to have sex safely and responsibly, Ms. Powell.

    You have had decades to get it right and you are rewarded £80k plus perks a year for failure after failure.

    You are a public menace addicted to sustaining your champagne lifestyle off the public purse.

    For all our sakes GO NOW!!

    1. Oh, and get a decent perm while you’re at it:- lord only knows you can afford it!

  4. Vincent in Ireland 25 Jul 2013, 3:51pm

    Have agree with the sentiments here…. the mixed message of know you status & cures on the way and a failure to hammer home the safe sex message always etc etc….

  5. Thankfully NAT has been on the case for some time, unlike this jonnie-come-lately crew reacting just in time to the steadfast and serious work of others.

    1. You are kidding me, Wingby?

      If NAT have been “at it” as you say, where are the measurable results of there “at it-ness?”

      Oops, silly me, of course actions speak far louder than words, and all we ever hear from Debs Jack and co. are a lot of hot air:- well, just enough hot air to entitle them to get their grubby mitts on the public purse.

      All mouth and no trousers, methinks (ie same old story).

      1. Mary full of grace 4 Aug 2013, 5:22pm

        @Samuel B. NAT is purely policy focused, it aims a limiting discrimination for all sufferers of HIV/AIDS. That’s more than can be siad for any of the muckers at THT

  6. ACT UP LONDON + + + + + 26 Jul 2013, 2:23pm

    Staff at charity funded hiv mag Positive Nation claim it was full of “secrets and lies” – “one day sordid truth will come out”
    People living with hiv aids abandoned and left to die in isolation after London Aids Charity UKCs collapse their moto was “we care do you”
    Charity sector refuses to reveal what happened to UKCs £75,000 despite repeated requests LOL :-O More cover ups

  7. ACT UP LONDON + + + + + 26 Jul 2013, 9:47pm

    Staff at UKC dish dirt on aids charity workers claiming Ceo Steven Bitti and management got £ 10-15,000 payrises after squandering £150,000 on 2005 Hero Awards Made suckers of people living with hiv aids in UK covering this all up to ensble them to get huge amounts of charity money in their own bank accounts
    wot sort of people would con the disabled time and time again just sick

    1. ACT UP LONDON + + + + + 27 Jul 2013, 8:36am

      Act Up London & Pink News
      Bringing transparency & Honesty to people living with Hiv n Sids in the UK

  8. ACT UP LONDON + + + + + 27 Jul 2013, 4:47pm

    Aids Charity to sell Lighthouse Kensington & Chelsea Chronicle due to “financial pressures” Lol

    It must be hard work closing things down how much u getting paid ? ? ? At THT

  9. I have to say that this article made me spurt out my drink! There is irony, there is hypocrisy, then there is THT.


    Conveniently, they swap hats from being a “service provider” to being ” policy commentator” when it suits em. Of course the intention of this call for a new focus is towin contracts for HIV prevention themselves.

    If this weren’t such a cynical attempt at smoke and mirrors deflecting their own responsibility for this lacuna it would be amusing.

    Gays, be angry, be very angry and stop supporting such organisations with charitable donations.

    1. Absolutely spot on, RJ.

      Does no one else spot the extreme irony implicit in the prosperous situation wherein this wretched woman and her spineless cohorts lives a champagne lifestyle off the back off our donations and lucrative, publicly-funded HIV prevention contracts while year after year said HIV rates continue to spiral out of control?

      Blatant rewards for failure, and gay men should be getting as angry about this open fraud and corruption as the mainstream populace is about the wilful and systematic neglect and manslaughter of thousands of hospital patients on NHS wards.

      And if you are not outraged, you have not been paying attention!

      1. The problem it seems to me Samuel is that it is you & an handful of others who are outraged by your spurious claims – gay men are not particularly concerned in their sexual health, it goes with the territory of being in a high risk group – get over it, most others have done. Wear a condom for both anal & oral sex & you will not get HIV – it really is that simple!

        If you and your cohort of pearl clutching luvvies are really serious about the problems you highlight DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT – be the change you want to see…………………………I’m even bored of myself now having to say this time & time again!

        Can we play a different tune please this is so worn out all I hear is noise!

        1. Diva Doll 4 Aug 2013, 5:25pm

          Then get a strategic head on you then W6 spouting on like a Salvation Army lifer. OPERATION at a vision and strategic level solves problems. You are a do-er not a thinker.

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