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Alice Arnold praises David Cameron for his ‘heartfelt and moving’ equal marriage speech

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Reader comments

  1. godric godricson 25 Jul 2013, 5:00pm

    I still can’t bring myself to thank a Tory unlike Alice. I’m the son of a coalminer and I remember coal strike in the 1970’s and all that. I also remember the Thatcher years. Yes, I’m being tribal about this and I accept my ‘issues’ although this may indicate that for a section of society Cameron hasn’t detoxed the Tory brand. I am very happy with the way Equal Marriage has gone although I also remember men and women in long term partnerships over the years who died with no legal recognition or financial benefits. They didn’t live to see this equality.

    I agree that the Commonwealth Games may be a time to show case a new equality…good to be on the right side of history

  2. The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year would be a good opportunity to promote equality for LGBT people throughout the Commonwealth nations. Let’s just hope same sex marriage is actually law in Scotland by then!

  3. To her credit, Alice Arnold says England & Wales and not Britain or the UK like quite a few people have done in recent days – including Ben Summerskill.

    But she then mentions the Glasgow games saying “we” are hosting them. I’m not saying she’s wrong to use this term, because the UK is hosting them, but I find it strange she says nothing about equal marriage in Scotland, or even Northern Ireland, given that she’s speaking in terms of the UK with regard to the games.

    I know I’ve banging on about this in these threads over the last few days, but I’m just so annoyed at the attitude that the fight for marriage equality in the UK is over now that it’s happened in England & Wales.

    I don’t begrudge for a second that it’s law in England & Wales, and if some people in England & Wales don’t care about Scotland or NI, then fair enough. But please don’t make out that marriage equality is UK wide just because it became law in England & Wales.

    1. GlaswegianMichael 25 Jul 2013, 6:50pm

      If wee Alex Salmond would just get the finger out, then Scotland could be up there too with England and Wales. Then we wouldn’t be having any of these issues over what is and isn’t Britain.

      Just think – Alex could give a garden party too and talk about how much he has always loved the gays! Wee Nicola Sturgeon could be at his side beaming with her posse of gay Govanites on her arm! You and I could go and sip pimms whilst listening to his heartfelt and moving speech!

      1. Beelzeebub 25 Jul 2013, 9:40pm

        As an EX Ayrshire boy brought up under Thatchers section 28, I could not get out of that dump quick enough.

        Later, living in England watching Brian Souters cash being sucked up by the SNP I vowed never to go back.

        I visit my parents annually and leave as fast as I can.

        Its still a sectarian religiously addled dump, an FFS even the House of Lords has shown it up.

        1. All the more reason for people in England & Wales to throw their weight behind the campaign in Scotland (and NI), instead of just saying now they’ve got it, they can sit back and enjoy having equal rights as gay people.

  4. Well honestly. I have first hand experience of Cameron’s heartfelt speeches vilifying poor and disabled people on jsa or dla. She is a selfish person who doesn’t realise that some lgbt people also are poor and disabled. She is living a comfortable life and seems to not care about those lgbt people who are not like her

    1. Do you treat all your friends in such a bitter and hostile way James!? Your attack on Alice Arnold is mean and ugly. She has worked hard and is an excellent role model for all of us, if you envy her success please keep that distasteful emotion to yourself and reserve your anger for those who are our enemies not our allies.

      1. Jason. From you that’s a compliment. I would hate to live my life in such a selfish self satisfied way while other lgbt people are suffering. It’s like taking a holiday in a homophobic place like the carribbean cause the weather is nice knowing that other lgbt people are living in fear

    2. I suspect it was a garden party for rich, celebrity gays not ordinary “nobody” gay people. I mean Cameron couldn’t even manage to extend an invitation to Peter Tatchell who’s probably done more for gay equality than everyone at the party combined. But Peter’s a bolshie trouble maker, not a Cameron sycophant. This party was about one person only – David Cameron. We scummy gays should be grateful for what he’s done for us.

      1. The gay right have taken over. Expect ore boujie assimilation if you’re to middleclass and married you are not welcome

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