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US: World Champion bisexual boxer Emile Griffith dies aged 75

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Reader comments

  1. ItchycooMark 24 Jul 2013, 4:59pm

    Quite a brave man to come out with those statements as a boxer in those days. Perhaps he should be an inspiration to younger sportsmen of all genres

  2. I was a fan of his in my younger days. Tragic that he had to go through all that hassle and torment.
    And yes it would have taken great courage for a man of his time and sport to have come out as far as he did.

  3. Lion in Winter 25 Jul 2013, 3:58am

    In my experience, guys identifying as bi are incapable of falling in love with any one person. They require a poly amorous situation. Again, that is solely in my experience. I’ve dealt with this twice so far in life, and do not wish for a third.

    1. Ciaran McHale 25 Jul 2013, 8:07am

      Your experience is unfortunate, but you should refrain from trying to generalise from two data points, because it makes you appear to be prejudiced. Also, your comment has no relevance to the article.

    2. From your comment I think you are the reason. Best sex I’ve had was with a Bi guy my first love was a bi guy I broke it off cause I knew he wanted kids.

  4. ItchycooMark 25 Jul 2013, 4:15pm

    the lack of comments on this article also makes me think he is too black and too working class to be taken seriously as a positive figure/inspiration to the white intellectuals who tend to decide who is inspirational/important/influential. This guy meant more to me than most ‘important’ gay writers etc

    1. Ciaran McHale 26 Jul 2013, 7:48am

      According to WIkipedia, Emile Griffith’s professional boxing career spanned 1958 to 1976. So, another potential explanation for the lack of comments is that many readers of Pink News are too young to have been able to follow Emile Griffith’s boxing career.

      1. ItchycooMark 26 Jul 2013, 9:52am

        I get your point but the same applies to lots of other people that we do know and read about

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