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US: United Methodist clergy members sign pact to perform same-sex marriages

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t agree with your “lifestyle choice” boys but thank you for being inclusive and welcoming. Refreshing news for Atheists, Christians, Straight & Gay alike to hear Christians acting Christian for once; reminds me of that photo of those kind Christians hugging that fella at a pride parade :)

    Love Conquers Hate
    Always has, always will

  2. Beelzeebub 25 Jul 2013, 2:46am

    I would say.

    Please keep away.

    I do not want my love sullied by your 2000 years worth of death performed by your cult.

    Having lost the argument and paying bums on seats, NOW you wish to love.

    F off, and die the natural death all religions go through when people see it for what it is.

    You are not invited.

    1. Christopher Coleman 25 Jul 2013, 4:14pm

      Many clergy in several Christian denominations have consistently voted in favour of LGBT inclusion, but were outvoted by their colleagues. It looks like some of them are now able to come forward (in retirement), because the state laws have changed and they are legally permitted to perform the ceremonies, even if their denomination is still against it. In the circumstances it is unkind to rebuff them and belittle their efforts.

  3. Absolutely delighted to hear such enlightened news. In my opinion I’m sure this will be the greatest show of support and acknowledgement for people who follow the Christian faith. Warmest thankfulness to all of you Cardinals for displaying your humility with goodness, understanding and kindliness. The world is a much richer place for having people like yourselves within it.

    1. GulliverUK 25 Jul 2013, 8:06am

      The Methodist church has not changed its position, it still believes marriage is between one man and one women, for life, and that “chastity for all outside marriage and fidelity within it”. In that respect all of its positions are no different than the Catholic church – except it hasn’t tried to marginalize, oppress and hurt us like the Catholic church has deliberately done.

      If they do ever change their views they said (in their submission to the consultation) they would not be able to do so “without an extended period of reflection and consultation.” covering the UK and other countries. They point out they are living in a contradition by needing to uphold the rights of LGBT people, but at the same time bound to their original agreed position – until they can resolve this contradition. They also require gay clergy to remain celibate.

      There are many sub-denominations within the Methodist one, and even an active ex-gay ministry, “Transforming Congregations”.

  4. Of the main line Protestant Churches in the USA the United Methodist Church is the least liberal (but more progressive on most social issues than the true fundies), the reason for that is that its numerical strength is in the southeast region of the country. At the last General Conference the conservatives were able to overwhelm the progressives by allowing delegates from places like Africa to vote. In the western part of the US there is greater support for LGBT persons. This was a well thought out action: an ordained person can be put on trial and lose their ordination for defying The Book of Discipline. Retired clergy’s pensions cannot be impacted by this because Federal Law prohibits that. There are many who think the United Methodist Church will split mostly across regional lines on this issue much as they did over slavery in the mid1800’s. They didn’t come back together until the 1930’s and the compromise that time was a segregated conference for Afroamericans.

  5. Stable doors and bolted horses. Who gives a flying f**k what they’ve decided to do? Their sort of religion is a total irrelevance. Today, The People are more intelligent. They don’t buy into all the childish mumbo-jumbo – which only existed to further the lifestyles of its clergy. Let people who love each other be together with State sanction. They do not need the ‘blessing’ of men in silly costumes who pretend to know what sky fairies think ….

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