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Pride chief executive tells Glasgow City Council ‘don’t fly the rainbow flag’

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t think it’s bizarre. I think there are a lot of straight people and organisations out there quick to make token gestures in the hope of looking good and attracting gay money or covering up other bad things they do – but their gestures are pretty hollow, amounting to no more than pretty speeches with little actual advocacy or allydom. I would rather these people trying to USE our fight for equality rather than support it not take our symbols, or flags and our campaign for their own pinkwashing

    I don’t know if this is the case in Glasgow – but the organiser of Pride seems to think so.

  2. There’s a lot to this story. I don’t think Glasgow Pride speaks any more for LGBT people than the Council

    1. Bill Cameron 24 Jul 2013, 8:10pm

      A very enlightening expose – thanks.

    2. gattagiudecca 24 Jul 2013, 11:01pm

      This is a great link which puts a whole new slant on the issue!

  3. charles gormley 24 Jul 2013, 7:25pm

    The whole concept of ‘Pride’ needs a rethink. All it is now is the commodification of our lives, a bazzar where we are sold tat and encouraged into pubs and bars that are owned by large corporations (national or local) who really care not whether we are ‘proud’ or not, as long as we continue to go along to their homogenised gay bars to drink.

    1. How is that any different to straight “culture”? The whole world is sold tat and thrives on rampant consumerism. Some people who do not have the means or wisdom require some for support and representation. If that is a new pair of Aussiebums sponsored by Gaydar then so be it. Not everyone has access to the works of Adorno or Debord.

      Pride must remain active because it is very easy for people to take our liberties for granted as we have supposedly “won” them. When in fact, there are many people around the World who would be killed by showing their sexuality and presence in public. We must stand with these people and show them that sexuality is fluid and people identity as non-straight from the most unexpected of places.

      1. charles gormley 25 Jul 2013, 6:25pm

        I didn’t say it was any different from straight culture, and i think that it is pretty patronising of you to presume the means and wisdom of some of the people who attend; i also think you are wrong when you say that the word ‘thrives on rampant consumerism’. A significant part of the world suffers for our rampant consumerism, and conincidentely, a lot of the places that suffer are places where being gay is not that easy. Im interested in what way you think people marching through the streets of Glasgow and buying Aussiebums sponsored by Gaydar assists with the plight of those who are oppressed. Are we standing with them by going to see Heather Small in the Polo Lounge and getting hammered? Or is it by whistling our way through the streets? I also think, if you reread my original post that I said pride needed a rethink, not abolition, so I am happy for pride to remain active, i just wish it would do something to make me proud

  4. I like it – you have not made a sufficient effort, therefore you do not get the privilege to fly our flag. Power !

    Pride may have become a commodity nowheredays, but as long as we’re living in a world where people are beaten, ridiculed and executed for being LGBT, & pressured into comforming to heteronormative standards, impossible moulds, & to hide in the shadows – pride will always be necessary.

    Until every day stops being a relentless straight pride, we need a day of our own to remind people that we ARE out their and were not just a character on tv or the queen who cuts your hair – we’re a hugely diverse range of people who are just like you & we refuse to be invisible. We refuse to blend into the background. We need a day to affirm to adults & kids everywhere that we will not be ignored, we will not be ashamed, and we will not be beaten.

    Love Conquers Hate
    Always has, always will

    1. There not their, first time I’ve made that mistake in my whole life !

  5. Glasgow City Council are being more than generous. Funding is stretched, vital services are being cut…. this is purely over GCC not giving Pride a cash bung.

    GCC *are* supporting pride, by discounting other services and providing some services for free, such as road closure and litter collection.

    However, the reality is that Pride Glasgow is run by a jumped up oik who *just happened* happened to be around when money was being syphoned off from the former Glasgow LGBT centre.

    Perhaps this explains better why he’s pissed that GCC is providing services in kind rather than as a cash bung.”

    1. Posting this under an alias. ….brave aint ya? The entire board was cleared of any wrongdoing and FYI the discounts were only given AFTER this story broke.

    2. FYI ‘Cynic’. IP Addresses are totally traceable, based on your comments above you do not seem the brightest, so my words of warning to you… Slander is a crime, and unless you have any evidence (which I very much doubt) of your allegations. I would be very worried if I was you!

  6. Yes remember that fiasco very well Cynic. Totally agree with your comment. Anyhow, who gave the Chief executive the authority to voice this? I didn’t give anykind of permission to speak on my behalf. In my opinion i’d be rather upset and disappointed if the Rainbow flag wasn’t flying high and proud during pride. Furthermore, i’d like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere thanks to Glasgow Council.

  7. Regardless of what the organisers think, the Council should be allowed to fly the flag.

    Pride Glasgow is after all an organisation, run like a business. It does not represent all LGBT people and it does not get to tell democratically elected councillors if it can raise a flag.

    The money the Council gives to Pride is irrelevant. They’re letting them hire council owned property aren’t they?

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