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Petition calls for British boycott of Russian Winter Olympics because of anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. Where’s the link to sign?

  2. Boycotting the Olympics is not going to do a single thing. What makes a better statement is to boycott any and all products and services from the country, russian companies, and any company who does business with either.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 24 Jul 2013, 7:51pm

    Although I’ve signed it, I doubt if many more progressive nations will sign on. Doesn’t Russia supply natural gas to many EU countries? Maybe that’s why many won’t support a boycott.

  4. While it’s true that if there are no consequences, nothing will change. The law will be imitated, particularly in other Eastern European countries where Orthodoxy is the state religion. However, I doubt seriously that a boycott of the Sochi Winter Olympics would work. Athletes have already invested too much time and effort. But a show of support for LGBTs, a waving of the rainbow flag and wearing rainbow insignia prominently before the tv cameras would be a good test, and bring worldwide focus on this shameful law.

    1. Yes I would have supported a boycott until reading a few articles elsewhere and considering some of the comments.

      It would be better to go and fly rainbow flags or wear wristbands etc. They’re not going to arrest and deport foreign athletes and if they do they should be banned from competing in or holding the Olympics ever again.

      1. They’ve already banned the IOC’s official LGBT group from the event so there’s no saying what they will do to the athletes and supporters.

        I think we need to protest the sponsors of the event too. They have to do business in the west as much as anywhere and Russia is reliant on the sponsors to pay for the huge infrastructure improvements needed for this event.

        1. Athletes and spectators need to be mindful of their own safety. Putin and the Othodox church have most Russians on their side when it comes to the LGBT community. Russians, in the main, see us as a western abomination and a risk to them personally – government and the church have imbedded this in the ordinary people.
          Please take care the police will turn a blind eye to violence against us and Putin will say it was the west flaunting their deviant sexuality that triggered people’s actions.
          By pulling out of the games all Putin and the Russians will see is a higher medal total and will use that as propaganda to show their superiority.
          Best of all go – stay safe – and win all the medals. Russian is so rich in natural resources that we need it might be counter productive. As someone said before Putin would not bat an eyelid at turning off western gas supply just to get his point over.

          1. Putin is a sociopath, but in a country like Russia with its history of leadership, he’s the norm. As we have seen, it’s not easy to establish democratic institutions in countries that have no history and experience with them. I think Dan Savage’s recent call to boycott Russian vodka is a good start:


  5. BuzzFeed had article on last couple Pride events that they had in Moscow, showing the violence that the gay attendees were put through.

  6. Peter Duncan 26 Jul 2013, 7:42am

    Boycott Vodka and the whole Orthodox Greek, Russian, etc. as well. Its completely hompphobic. They are fueling this.

    1. Errr Absolut Vodka is one of the most pro-gay alcohol companies. I don’t think we need to boycott vodka, just brands from Russia lol.

      1. Avalon (@All4Av) 27 Jul 2013, 12:56pm

        Absolut Vodka is also Swedish, which I’m grateful for, as it’s my favourite brand :P

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