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Forbes magazine apologises for incorrectly stating Ireland’s president is gay

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Reader comments

  1. “I made a terrible mistake and I apologise to Michael D Higgins who I have respect for … I feel horrible. The story is that I made a mistake, for which I apologise from my heart. It was under deadline pressure and is inexcusable.” – would such an overly dramatic, hand-wringing apology be made if the article had made a different kind of factual error, like the colour of the guy’s eyes or whether or not he used to work as… I dunno, a postman?

    1. *Exactly* what I was just thinking!

    2. I thought the same thing. Obviously we still live in a time where being “accused” of being gay is something to get offended by, and the reaction of some people who are accused of gay who aren’t gay is like someone accused them of being a Nazi or something.

      The person who wrote the article should have done his homework. It wouldn’t have been hard to find out he has a wife – where did he get the “acknlowledged homosexual” information from in the first place? But it’s really not a big deal, and not something to be offended or even that apologetic for. Just say “I made a mistake, sorry” not “OH LAWDDD MY LIFE IS OVER GOOD GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE”

  2. You have got to be kidding me.

    Who the feck uses “acknowledged homosexual” as a professional journalist for a top-rated magazine !?!!

    It’s like saying “confirmed bachelor” – dumb and stupid. The mistake I can easily forgive, it’s not like it’s slander, just a mistake, but to use such a phrase as that is crass and poorly thought through. It’s 2013, not 1813 !

    1. I agree, the “mistake” isn’t offensive, the terminology used is.

  3. Such a terrible mistake, who’d ever want to be thought to be a gay?! -.-”

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 24 Jul 2013, 1:37pm

    This is the sort of thing one would expect from the Daily Mail/Telegraph columnists. Sloppy, lazy journalism for sure.

  5. I was very surprised to learn that Mr Higgins is straight. I never knew.

  6. David Monagan is an American writer living in Cork, Ireland – where I was born and raised.

    I came across his travelogue books on Amazon and found them insulting in the extreme. They seem to sell well to the misty-eyed distant – 3 generations on – Irish-Americans who love the idea that everyone in Ireland is as backward and church-loving as they like to think we are.

    Finally, this idiot has put his foot well and truly in it.

    What’s apparent is he has no idea of who Michael D Higgins is or what Michael is about.

    I can’t imagine Michael D Higgins will be insulted by being called gay, but I can imagine he’d be upset at the term – acknowledged homosexual – which is pretty much painting being gay as akin to having something wrong with oneself.

    I suspect the blunder Monagan has made is to confuse Senator David Norris who is gay and stood for the Presidency with Michael D Higgins.

    Michael D Higgins is lovely man. A dear kind man with a real sense of social justice.

    1. “I can’t imagine Michael D Higgins will be insulted by being called gay,
      Michael D Higgins is lovely man. A dear kind man with a real sense of social justice.”

      That’s nice to hear. I really don’t know much about the man.

    2. I completely agree Paul, Michael D would be insulted that the apology infers being gay is a bad thing.

  7. Would he felt as “terrible about his ‘massive mistake’ had he accidentally described Higgins as black, or female?
    Imagine the implications? There’s no more of a problem being black or female, as there is being gay, only those who’re bigoted enough to find a problem with it.

  8. The founder of Forbes Magazine was one Mr Malcolm Forbes – an unacknowledged homosexual who spent his life cowering in the closet, who dated beards such as Liz Taylor, and who squired young gentleman around New York City.

    He was outed after his death by Outweek magazine. The Forbes family denied it, despite it being widely known but not mentioned.

    Clearly this poxy rag still has an issue with gay people.

    1. GulliverUK 24 Jul 2013, 6:02pm

      I thought you were kidding – I looked it up – all real. Good to know. Great post.

  9. Anyone familiar with Michael D Higgins will know the only insult he would feel is that such a trivial mistake has been reported on to such an extent and inferring he would be insulted by the article.

  10. ItchycooMark 26 Jul 2013, 12:12pm

    I am a homosexual but I’ve not been acknowledged yet
    How does one get acknowledgement for being a homosexual? Do you get a certificate?

  11. One has to wonder if this was a mistake on purpose

    The appology comes after the damage is done, and most people dont see it because the news cycle has gone on to other things

    In chicago, Cardinal george called the gay pride parade a “kkk ” event in 2012-trying tto create more hatred of gays in the black community

    about a week later he appologized, and I didnt know it happened for a year

    The hate filled catholic church – its Bishop in Peru did the same sort of thing, A similar thing was done in the Domincan republic recently

    Forbes btw is a right wing busness publication

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