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Denmark: Forum established to help more LGBT people from ethnic minority groups come out

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Reader comments

  1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 24 Jul 2013, 7:04pm

    Beautiful done, Denmark ! Dk-the safe haven when I was a teenager, fleeing “rural” Norway. You have always been in the forefront for gays and lesbians ! LOVE YOU !

  2. This is needed in the UK, I know there are specific cultural/racial LGBT support networks, but they have very little publicity and a nationwide campaign would be very helpful to reach even more isolated LGBT youth.

    1. I hunk you’ll find that they gay community is only for white middle-class men.

    2. I think you’ll find that they gay community is only for white middle-class men. No browns, no poor , no disabled

  3. This is something I’m struggling with in the uk right now. I have one ex who has been so tortured by his sexuality that he tried reparative therapy but has since rejected it and gone into full denial. Another who has lived very happily as a closeted gay man but is now thinking of coming out and is almost having a nervous breakdown. Everything I say to try to support and help (and no I’m not pushing them either to come out as I think that’s an individuals choice) has been rebuffed because I don’t understand their culture apparently.

    I feel we’re seriously lacking in visible support networks, suffering with stigma in minority ethnic communities still and there is a huge lack of diverse portrayals of LGBT people in the media that my 2 people seem to react against.

    They still come to me for help, I’m just finding it very hard to know what to do for them. I’ve asked others for advice and they say to just walk away!?!?

    Sorry in advance for turning that into my agony aunt rant.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 25 Jul 2013, 5:25am

      Very important comment, Gareth. Mostly I think people from Islamic cultural areas have these problems.I have ( living in Norway ) had contact with Iranians since 1980, and met a lot of “closeted” gays and lesbians ! This is mainly ( other factors also—) due to the fact that homosexuality is punishable by Death in 4 out of 5 Law Schools in Islam. The effect this has in Islamic countries is immense. With their strong family ties and judiciary system—included Sharia. Muslims are used to experiencing that men -heterosexual men- have sex with eachother, SECRET SEX. They do not associate this with a homosexual identity ! Remember a lady is supposed to be untouched until marriage- Have been supporting IRQR in Canada for some years, and they are THE PROOF that work and information is very useful !! Extremely positive results ! Go on Gareth, be nice and friendly- open and informative to friends you meet. Never give up ! LOVE from Norway !

    2. The only person you have to come out to is yourself. No need to shout it from the rooftops as that was always for white middle class men angry at their parents for some reason. Just tell him to live his life with respect and dignity and he will realise coming out is a myth. Those closest to him will already know and if they wanted him to tell them the wold be dropping hints. If they haven’t been ,they don’t want to know and will not be supportive

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