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California’s Supreme Court denies latest bid to halt same-sex marriages in state

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Reader comments

  1. If the christofascist morons spent even a fraction of the time and money they waste persecuting LGBT people on something worthwhile….

    After all, there is no verse in their dogmatic drivel ordering them to bypass the poor, the needy, the desperate, in order to give another pile of money to lawyers in the perpetuation of bigotry.

    Idiots, hypocrites, would-be bloody tyrants. How I loathe and despise the followers of that rancid desert death cult.

  2. Good….they have lost they should accept and no amount of court action is going to change that….of course they wont and will keep on trying….what a waste of money spent on spreading hatred

  3. GingerlyColors 24 Jul 2013, 12:01pm

    Flogging a dead horse comes to mind here.

  4. I must’ve missed where these so called ‘Christians’ have been spending obscene amounts of money fighting to ban divorce as that’s certainly not allowed in their ‘good book’. Oh they haven’t? There’s a word for that- hypocrisy, and the bible frowns on hypocrisy too. Have any of these religious nuts actually read the bible?

  5. Those guys at the Supreme Court must be getting SO bored with all of this. If we Homosexuals are growing tired of it, they must be especially tired of it!

  6. Thank you Pink News for posting this story. Oddly enough, you’re the only ones so far! Why is it I have to go to an English paper to get my gay news — when I live in California! Honestly, Pink News you publish the stories about America, that we never see in America. And, when others do carry them, you’re are usually first, more in-depth and accurate. Well done you!

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