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Alec Baldwin is ‘shocked’ by negative reaction to ‘toxic little queen’ comments

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Reader comments

  1. Lindsay Chihuahua 24 Jul 2013, 6:02pm

    Alec, it’s not just Anderson Cooper who thinks you’re a fair-weather friend to gays. And if he stayed in the closet for so long, it was because of boorish inadequates like you.

    1. .....Paddyswurds 24 Jul 2013, 6:42pm

      Despicable was putting it mildly. These closet homophobes need facing down at every throwaway homophobic comment.

      1. Lindsay Chihuahua 24 Jul 2013, 7:51pm

        Agreed, Paddy.

  2. Bad Lawn Lice 24 Jul 2013, 6:45pm

    Consider what his job was and where he reported from… Don’t you dare knock the closet! It is there and it protects people when they have no choice but be in it because of bigotry and hatred that would otherwise be directed at them… The closet saves lives on occasion but it also suffocates leaving people living shadowless lives. Your true flavor showed Mr. Baldwin and it is rank.

  3. It was despicable. This just shows how ridiculously hollow his apology was. Meaningless PR drivel to be treated with the contempt it deserves – and him

    You can see his arrogance as well – Alec, as a straight man, it’s not your damn business to comment on how long a gay person chooses to stay in the closet. You have no idea what you’re talking about

  4. Bill Cameron 24 Jul 2013, 7:51pm

    Alec Baldwin – Busted! ;)

  5. Way to go, Alex – show your liberal, gay-supportive credentials by putting down Anderson Cooper to Howard Stern.

  6. I think these people have walked round their entire life spouting whatever homophobic crap they want and getting away with it, and now they can’t understand why all of a sudden it’s not alright anymore. I think most of them don’t even know its not alright anymore !

    Love Conquers Hate
    Always has, always will

  7. Alec Baldwin uses homophobic language, apologises and closes down his twitter account because of it. Now he is ‘shocked’ by the backlash.

    We have all been in the closet at some point, and many still are. He has no right to judge Anderson Cooper and his latest comments are more insulting then his homophobic rant at the journalist.

    He is not a friend to the LGBT community. I would hope LGBT organisations say thanks, but no thanks next time he wants to act as an advocate for LGBT equality.

    He is as ignorant as his brother and once again has only shown that he is in fact a homophobe.

  8. gattagiudecca 24 Jul 2013, 11:27pm

    I really don’t understand people like Alec Baldwin. They use gay slurs in a horrible way and then say “but i’m not homophobic!” He probably really believes that too! Why are there so many people out there who feel that they are only homophobic if they take a baseball bat to an LGBT skull? He says he fights homophobia. How exactly? What he probably means is “i don’t wish death upon a gay person and i might even have gay friends and i might be ok with gay people in general”. That doesn’t mean he is not homophobic. If he were genuinely not homophobic then it wouldn’t even enter his head to say something like that to another person – he would never use a gay slur.

  9. a quite news day…..

    1. .....Paddyswurds 25 Jul 2013, 4:46pm

      …learn to spell!

  10. If Alec Baldwin still thinks he’s been treated unfairly, then perhaps he should imagine a similar scenario where he took umbrage at a black or jewish journalists’ report with an equivalent racist or anti-semitic comeback.

    I wonder how many Hollywood studios or agents would touch him with a bargepole after that?

    If you’re still can’t figure it out Alec, call Mel Gibson.
    You got off lightly.

  11. To be fair, if you run a story like that on somebody’s partner you deserve any insult they throw at you. Plus ‘toxic little queen’ would be an accurate description of anyone who debased themselves to work for the mail.

  12. Awwwwww, he didn’t like being called despicable, my heart bleeds for him!

  13. The comment was despicable. What would you expect e. g. Morgan Freeman to say to you after you call another black man “a toxic little nigger” in an argument?
    Despicable puts it mildly.

  14. The despicable Baldwin is doing the worst ‘Blue Steel’ ever in that photo…

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