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President Mugabe attacks Obama for tying aid for Africa and the decriminalisation of homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Mugabe is right , aid should not be dependent on their decriminalisation of homosexuality…it should be dependent on them putting him on trial for crimes against humanity !

    1. Of course when he came to power Zimbabwe was the bread basket of Africa and didn’t need aid. It is now the basket case of Africa led by the best example of a basket case.

      If he hadn’t bankrupted his country he really wouldn’t have to listen to the west, but he has stolen all the cash and needs more to stay in power.

    2. St Sebastian 24 Jul 2013, 2:29am

      “dependent on them putting him on trial for crimes against humanity !”

      This is why he and other despots hold onto power so fiercely, even into decrepitude. Aid should also be dependent on limiting the term of the President/Prime Minister to two terms or 10 years, which ever is the lesser.

  2. Bill Cameron 23 Jul 2013, 5:25pm

    Well of course US President Obama is perfectly entitled (and correct) to have made the stipulations of which Mugabe complains (I do not style him as “President” because I think his elections to that role have been, ahem, ‘flawed’). However, in the final analysis it is up to donors to decide who they give aid money to – that applies to the UK too and I hope we are making sure that no British aid money going to Zimbabwe is in any way for the benefit of Zanu PF and its crooked, evil leader.

    1. The US elections were not flawed. While I agree with the bulk of your post, on the subject of our elections you knowledge base is, shall we say, “flawed”.

      1. Christine Beckett 23 Jul 2013, 5:41pm

        I think Bill meant “President” Mugabe.

      2. You misread Bill Cameron’s statement regarding, ” … elections being flawed”. He was not saying those in the US were. He was saying Zimbabwe’s election were flawed ….

        1. godric godricson 23 Jul 2013, 6:07pm

          At the risk of repetition Bill was not saying those in the US were flawed. I followed Bill’s meaning and agree

      3. Bill Cameron 23 Jul 2013, 10:23pm

        As others have stated here, I was referring to the ‘ruler’ of Zimbabwe, not to the President of the United States of America, Barack H Obama ;)

  3. He’s such a huge welfare queen. As a tax-paying LGBT American, I’m perfectly content if we cut off their aid until they decriminalise being gay. As is, their culture is not worth saving. If they’re going to prattle about “God’s plan” then they can deal on their own with God’s plan for them. Indeed, why isn’t it just as logical to say that God is punishing Zimbabwe because of its homophobia? Prove me wrong!

    1. ‘As a tax-paying LGBT American’ – I hope that you would oppose sending aid to this country is not conditional on being a ‘Tax Paying American’. I can’t tell you how patronising & arrogant ‘tax paying American” sounds to non Americans, it is as if you are the victim. Should the real victims, the poverty stricken people of corruptly governed Zimbabwe feel bad/grateful because you are also a victim of government taxation? To quote your countryman Oliver Wendell Holmes Jnr, ‘Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.’

      Be glad you live in a western country where taxes are higher, but so are public services, public safety, lower corruption etc. If you give to those less well off than yourself, at least give with humility, altruism & the hope/tools to make their lives better.

      As for ‘their culture is not worth saving’. Their culture is not that of their rapacious, vicious, psychopath leader. The greatest cultural danger comes from American evangelism/junk food/entertainment.

  4. Well, one thing is for sure. Evolution missed Mugabe by approximately a million light years.

    1. St Sebastian 24 Jul 2013, 2:24am

      Mugabe cannot blame his evolution for his mind set, that is entirely of his own making. He chose to be a narcissistic, vain, hateful despot.

      Mugabe is not unlike many church leaders who draw on the biblical messages of hate rather than the messages of love that are also in the bible.

      Mugabe is from the Shona tribe. The other major tribal group, the Ndebele have suffered a form of tribal apartheid right from the very start of his rule. Even members of his own Shona tribe are subjected to his personal favouritism, patronage and nepotism.

      What is worse, although Mugabe has good reason for despising his former colonial masters, he did not suffer anything like Mandela, yet Nelson Mandela came out of prison to give ALL the people of South Africa with messages of love, hope and unity which are all reflected in South Africa’s liberal (and only African LGBT accepting) constitution.

      Given the example of Mandella, Mugabe has no-one but himself to blame for his hateful disposition.

      1. Mugabe & Mandela cannot be mentioned in the same breath Mugabe is a rabid Monster,where as Mandela Is One of the most Saintly men the World has seen,a True Man of God. I cannot believe how Mugabe has got away with his evil for so long,I suppose that he does’nt have Oil ,so the Major powers will not be interrested!

  5. Robert (Kettering) 23 Jul 2013, 5:38pm

    To be honest whenever I’ve seen Mugabe walking (mincing) about and being interviewed he’s always come across as Gay to me? Indeed, one of his nationals even said as much and ended up in jail a few years back. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he wasn’t yet another self loathing closet case.

    On the question of aid, he shouldn’t get a single penny as he is well known to shove it straight into the pockets of his followers and of course there are the many shopping trips for his wife, Grace, to pay for!!

    1. ‘…there are the many shopping trips for his wife, Grace, to pay for…’

      you mean his beard

  6. Now let’s just suppose African countries were suffering oppression by white colonizers and Obama tied the ending of Apartheid to financial aid. What would Mugabe’s reaction have been then?
    F***ing hypocrites, all of them. They are rescued from white oppression and immediately begin oppressing their own people because of some childish, stupid religious book – a text originally introduced into Africa by the same white oppressors we helped them oust.
    Pathetic and disgusting.

  7. Kind of sad, how do these leader’s even know how to lead when they are so close minded. You can’t criminalize homosexuality it’s very natural. If you criminalize homosexuality you might as well do the same for homosexuality. Failed and flawed logic with that law. And I agree with SFM, God is punishing Zimbabwe for doing what they did and Obama has every right to stop aid because of this. He’s standing up for human rights not being spiteful.

  8. Maybe he should have spoken about people like you Mugabe dirty disgusting thief and murderer

  9. GulliverUK 23 Jul 2013, 5:41pm

    Donor countries are entitled to attach any strings they want to – it’s free cash because of the humanitarian nature and philosophy of that donor country. Their money, their rules.

    It has been tied to womens’ rights, LGBT rights, human rights in general, and many other factors. If you don’t want free cash carry on as normal and do without, if you need it, because your own country is so poorly run, then you have to accept the conditions it comes with.

    Usually the bit which is constrained or cut off is bilateral support – this is the proportion of aid which goes directly to governments – not the aid which goes via other avenues, such as NGOs.

    Given the level of corruption in the Zimbabwean government, where officials often misappropriate funds, most countries should probably now be stopping bilateral aid altogether.

  10. Why the world even listens to anything this monster says is beyond me.

  11. Another old ape that just needs to die!

  12. This facist despot should be in Jail, as a convicted serial abuser of human rights, crimes against humanity and genocide.
    As has been amply illustrated by recent events in Egypt, holding elections by themselves is not democracy, and in Zimbabwe’s case abusing and preventing your opponents from voting is not an election at all.
    I sincerely hope no country is giving aid to this vile government for any reason. Zanu PF and Mugabe wrecked this once prosperous and wealthy country.

  13. “No gay couples could have children even if you lock them up for five years in a house.”

    …but they can have children if you lock them up in prison…hey Robert??

  14. Ethel Clutterbuck 23 Jul 2013, 6:27pm

    Mugabe is an anagram of Buga me

    1. Ethel, I’d pass on that one – for me it is an act of love, and I don’t love Mugabe.

  15. Debi Alexander 23 Jul 2013, 6:41pm

    Aid should always be dependent on how that country treats their issues of human rights.

  16. Zimbabwe, a country whose economy has been so savagely f**ked up by Mr Mugabe himself that standard bankruptcy just doesn’t cut the mustard, they have had to outlaw their own currency in their own country.
    What money are they using instead? That’s it, the US dollar. Obama should take both Zimbabwe as a country, and Mr Mugabe personally to the ICC and demand they stop using the US Dollar and reintroduce their own stupid currency.

  17. Mugabe has previously referred to gay people as being “worse than dogs and pigs.”

    And I refer to Mugabe as a Silverback Gorilla. He really does resemble one and he’s got the brain to prove it. He’s just an ape with gold rim glasses.

    1. St Sebastian 24 Jul 2013, 8:02am

      I’m no fan of Mugabe, but I can’t condone racist metaphors.

      1. It’s not a racist metaphor, I’ve called George W Bush a chimpanzee, because the small-minded ex-President does look like one.

        I didn’t hear anyone scream racism when I said that!

        1. David Myers 24 Aug 2013, 10:09am

          Are you dense? George W. Bush is white and therefore the monkey, ape, gorilla, chimpanzee meme as a racist slur does not work (because George’s ancestors are not originally from Africa). Maybe (or maybe not) you are dense (a much more charitable explanation than my suspicion . . . . that you are a troll!

  18. it seems the whole political class in zimbabwe is homophobic

  19. Tied aid is a disgusting practice and plays completely into Mugabe’s hands. The fact is, many of the same people lamenting what an awful place Zimbabwe is for gays now were the same people who were fine with brutal UN sanctions that destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy and gave it the lowest life expectancy on Earth. This was punishment for Mugabe’s land reform policy which, after Britain reneged on its obligations, dared to do what the ANC in South Africa didn’t. Restore Zimbabwe’s land to ordinary Zimbabweans and away from the white landlord class.

    African gay rights activists do not support tied aid and we should listen to what they have to say. For goodness sake, even arch liberal Peter Tatchell has reservations about it.

    1. I’m not sure if you saw my post because it’s unclear if you understand how aid is provided. The total of International aid to a country is split between that going via non-government managed projects, and NGOs, and what is terms “bilateral support”, the latter goes directly to the government, for agreed purposes, such as country-wide education programmes run by the government. Generally aid conditions always apply to the projects, but now these are being extended to the bilateral support. If there is corruption or human rights abuses, which need to be fixed, bilateral support can be suspended, reduced or cut completely, or made conditional. Also, donor governments, weary of failed promises, often give money on a quarterly basis, rather than for the whole year, to ensure progress to agreed timescales, with the next tranche dependent upon progress.

    2. The UK government, like others, had decided that insufficient progress was being made in the area of womens’ rights, LGBT rights, and a variety of other issues, so had pledged to make bilateral support conditional upon measured progress in these areas. But they had also committed to ensuring as much of the planned aid was delivered to the target country, even if bilateral support was cut, by increasing funding for work by NGOs and other agencies not run by the government, so aid money would still reach the intended citizens of that country but not through the target country’s government programmes. There are many reasons for this including a high level of corruption and siphoning off and misappropriation of money. All this is known, and backed up by evidence.

      I understand what you say, that in some countries LGBT advocates tell donor countries to stop aid to force change, and in others advocates fear a backlash if they are seen as the cause of reduced or stopped bilateral support

      1. btw, this is not in the slightest bit new, Australia was doing this back in 2002
        and you only have to search the Internet to understand that very many countries which gave free aid money to Zimbabwe put conditions on, or cut the general support budget part altogether.

    3. St Sebastian 24 Jul 2013, 1:28pm

      El G. Whilst I am sure your sentiments are well intended, you are clearly very naive. There is a huge difference between idealism & practical application. The biggest problem for decolonised nations is transition. There is a huge education and knowledge gap between subsistence and commercial farmers. The country needs the export income and tax revenues in order to provide the education, infrastructure and health the population needs in order to progress, if that is what they want. These issues are complex, there are huge cultural differences with respect to power and social structures/valuations so positing some glib western ideal that does not take into account any of these differences.

      Aid, like anything in life has to come with strings if the purpose of the aid is to be achieved. The land redistribution in Zimbabwe didn’t go from wealthy whites to peasants but to cronies, just like untied aid. Your well meaning but simple & naive sentiments will not provide the desired outcomes.

  20. Keith in SALFORD 23 Jul 2013, 11:13pm

    Why hasn’t this old cockroach been bumped off before now…?

  21. Dr. Raymond Whitham 24 Jul 2013, 12:22am

    Mugabe. Damn right you will NOT get ANY of our money until you treat ALL of your people as equal. Why should we give you ANYTHING AT ALL?

    1. Sacre bleu 24 Jul 2013, 4:17am

      Beggars can’t be choosers. So if Mugabe wants aid he isn’t really in a position to choose the conditions. I mean, who in the UK has been able to change a bank’s terms and conditions of their housing, personal, SME business loans?

  22. If Mugabe had not completely ruined Zimbabwe and then blamed it all on colonial rule, then they would not need aid.

    The sooner this despot stops breathing, the better.

  23. sounds all well and good, but do you think aide will actually stop?

  24. Because anti gay feeling is so virulent there, Mugabe knows he can only win with
    statements like that.

    More advanced nations must continue to help Africa, and that included ways to increase freedom and equality for all.

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