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Prelate of Vatican bank reportedly ready to resign over ‘gay lobby’ scandal

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Reader comments

  1. GulliverUK 23 Jul 2013, 7:37pm

    “Many Catholic commentators are saying Monsignor Ricca’s position is “untenable”.”

    ^ love that. The entire Roman Catholic faith is untenable, full of made-up rituals and beliefs which have no basis in the Bible – the trilogy, for example, is a complete nonsense. Laws of celibacy for priests – made up nonsense to avoid a wife inheriting, and many of Jesus’s own disciples were married, and brought their wives with them on their travels – it’s there, in the Bible.

    I think he should stay, including his Captain lover, and it is all the reactionary right-wing bishops who should pack their bags. Then he should marry the captain.

    Either the religion brings itself bang up-to-date for the modern world, or disappears up it’s own arse.

    1. Hello Gulliver…do you mean Trinity as compared to trilogy? or did I sleep through the second coming and now we are waiting for the third one?

      1. GulliverUK 23 Jul 2013, 7:57pm

        Yes, “Trinity” !

        And I don’t think you’ll have to wait too long for Vatican III either :)

  2. I find this article very funny…poor old Francis…gays to my left and gays to my right…I wonder if he goes to bed every night with a shocking migraine.

    On the bright side for Francis…at least this scandal involved men and not boys.

    And I thought it was the Swiss Guard not army.

  3. Godric Godricson 23 Jul 2013, 7:42pm

    “Monsignor Ricca brought a “young man” back to the embassy and ended up getting trapped in a lift with him overnight”

    Sounds like Father Ted in the lingerie department? Another thought….how convenient to be trapped in a lift with a young man?

    1. But what I want to know is…does the lift have a security camera…and if so how long before the footage appears on the internet?

      1. Actually I just looked at Ricca’s picture…lets hope it doesn’t appear on the internet.

  4. Sounds like a witch hunt to me.

    1. GulliverUK 23 Jul 2013, 9:10pm

      The Roman Catholic Cult — against witches, but pro-exorcisms !!!

      Freaky !

  5. The Swiss Guard, not the Swiss army!

    It is the Popes bodyguard, bit like the household cavalry here.


  6. Who cares, they’re all queens in dresses.

  7. I find the idea of a job-for-life monsenior resigning from a post utterly meaningless. No change to pay and conditions and instead of sorting out the bank he can go back to bedding rentboys to pass the time.

  8. “facing claims of inappropriate sexual behaviour”

    So they’re pressuring gay clergy to resign, but spent $80m rehabilitating and protecting peadophiles who indulged in the single most “innapropiate sexual behaviour” there is? These people blow my mind, they really do.

    1. And thus far have paid out in excess of $2.4 BILLION to settle lawsuits, set up new procedures, etc. No wonder the new Pope is carrying his own bags and cutting back on the opulence.

      May be there is a hole in the accounts at the Vatican Bank !!

      They could sell some of their sex shops and night-clubs, shopping malls, and book publishing companies if they are short. :)

    2. It was the ‘gay’ clergy who caused the child abuse in the first case.Most victims were male and post-puberty making it a homosexual problem .

      Nothing compared to the Gay Liberation movement and it’s links to groups like PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) and Paedophile Action for Liberation .Any one remember Jamie Rennie the LGBT campaigner and his war against ‘homophobia’ ?

      1. Make up your mind: post-puberty or children?

        And I think you’re the only one who’s so interested – not that I’m suggesting you have an agenda or anything.

  9. This is a sordid case. The real issue is that a corrupt financial institution needed cleaning up. The man put in to do it is being stitched up by a cabal of corrupt financiers. (Though it seems he may have been the author of his own woes)

    1. There isn’t a bleach on this earth strong enough to clean up that holy mess

    2. Philip Breen 24 Jul 2013, 7:04am

      Yes- this is an attempt to deflect the conversation from what matters to the gay thing which always gets attention, sadly. The gay thing in the case of the Monsignor is irrelevant to the case which is about trying to find a way of dealing with financial corruption in the Vatican bank.

  10. It does seem odd that the gay lobby only comes in to play when it’s a reason to get rid of someone. It never seems to do any lobbying or be seen otherwise.
    Or it a gay lobby more in the mode of Baroness Knight – a rather ornate, filled with antiques and jolly prints, entrance hall – particularly in Scotland.

  11. His crime is not the sexual encounters, it’s the hypocrisy.

  12. Cardinal Fang 24 Jul 2013, 9:34am

    For a job like that you need someone who can’t be blackmailed, so while in the closet, he wasnt a good choice. Now his skeletons are well out of the closet he could be a good choice.

  13. Keith, moral and free from plague 24 Jul 2013, 10:19am

    What is it about these Catholic homosexuals and their closeted perversions?
    Why is homosexual abuse such a disproportionate problem in the church?
    Did you know that the majority of child abuse in the Catholic Church is same sex abuse?
    I am surprised Pink News publishes such articles since it certainly casts the homosexual religious in a bad light.

    1. What is it with you and all the rhetorical questions all of a sudden, Keith? Have you turned Jewish or something?

      Is it too much to expect that you could comprehend the idea that paedophiles are thought to be interested in children, not their gender?

      Did you know you could provide statistics rather than making unsubstantiated pronouncements?

      Why are you so obsessed with commenting on this website (given the number of times you’ve been booted off)?

  14. mortimer zilch 25 Jul 2013, 5:59pm

    the man should resign BEFORE the Pope gets back to Rome.

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