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Tumblr blocks searches for ‘gay’ ‘lesbian’ and ‘bisexual’ on mobile apps

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Reader comments

  1. This isn’t news, it’s been this way for a while. I hope they come up with a different solution that isn’t quite so discriminating.

    1. Not only that, it’s only on the Apple app, not the droid one :/

      People are spreading misinformation.

      It also doesn’t happen on the actual site unless you’re browsing in safe mode.

  2. This is the start of what will happen in the UK when online porn filters become the default option for all ISP’s as announced by David Cameron today.

    In fact- PinkNews itself could be censored and blocked. Certainly any use of the word “gay” would be blocked as though it was porn.

    You have been warned!!!

    1. Anti-democratic Mission Creep is happy with Mr Cameron and his ‘Porn laws’ campaign.
      It would all be to “protect the children”, obviously!

  3. Szebastian 22 Jul 2013, 6:46pm

    So #Gay, #Bisexual and #Transgendered humans are by default, Not Safe For Work but tonnes of Straight Porn, Suicide talk, Hate Speech is SAFE for work? Behold the truth, Yahoo, the #GrandMa company has begun it’s #censor from the 16th Century, prepare to go back 5 Centuries and the downfall and the demise of #Tumblr as we knew it, is inevitable!

    1. Blame Apple.

      It’s only blocked on the apple app. It’s not blocked on droid.

      1. Well that’s a bit of a ridiculous response. Apple didn’t develop the Tumblr app. They didn’t install the filters, why on earth would Apple be to blame?

  4. This is a scandal. Why are there only 3 posts? What happened to freedom of speech? Is ist now “oh you can say everything you want, we are just making sure that noone is going to find it”?

    1. Blame Apple.

      Only blocked in the Apple tumblr app due to heavier restrictions. Not blocked in droid and not tumblrs fault.

  5. Before long, and the Daily Wail will be the only sites that you’re allowed to see…

  6. Not blocked on android. Because google is lax.

    It’s only blocked on Apple because Apple has really strict requirements for apps. It’s either keep certain things blocked or have the app removed.

  7. Thinking more about this recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that sites like Tumblr and others aren’t deliberatley blocking these words because they’re being prejudiced, I think it’s simply down to how people search for porn and the keywords that are often used in relation to porn.

    For example, I doubt people search “straight porn” or “hetero porn”, but you certainly would search “gay porn”, “bisexual porn” or “lesbian porn”.

    I don’t know what straight men search for because I’m not one. But I doubt they search for “straight porn”, I imagine it’s just “porn”.

    Hence, if they were to simply remove the word “gay” from filters, the term “gay” being searched could still lead to sexual images and so they will be struggling to find a way to balance the two I think.

    1. “For example, I doubt people search “straight porn” or “hetero porn”, but you certainly would search “gay porn”, “bisexual porn” or “lesbian porn”. ”

      Right, but just the word “porn” could be filtered then. Filters are stupid, blunt instruments anyway, and so many of them assume gay=porn. I’ve found PN blocked on a library computer and Stonewall too. It’s just ignorance and false assumptions largely.

      1. Yes that’s true, but the word “gay” would still show up in posts that were tagged with other words, like “porn” or “sex” and so sexual images would not be filtered if you just searched “gay”

  8. The problem with this is that they’re actually correct. Most of the time when people tag things as ‘gay’, ‘bisexual’, or ‘lesbian’ on Tumblr, the picture would be considered NSFW or it’s a picture of a person propositioning for sex which is not appropriate either. Once we can separate those tags from their current usage, it should be perfectly fine to search them.

    1. Why is this getting so many thumbs down?

      Tumblr/Yahoo have released a fair few statements about how, as Jen said, the #gay, #lesbian, #bisexual and other tags are currently blocked because they do indeed have a higher proportion of adult content than other tags. They are currently working on the issue to find a way to filter the adult content within these tags, and in the meantime suggest you visit the #lgbtq tag along with a few others.

      Please, please, PLEASE check the facts before you go screaming homophobia. This is not homophobia. It’s censorship and I don’t agree with it – but it is NOT homophobia.

  9. Tumblr is anti-gay. I’m closing my account. Tumble sucks. spread the word.

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