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Study: HPV virus linked to third of throat cancer cases

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  1. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Jul 2013, 12:05pm

    Now more than ever, this vaccine must be given to all boys, in fact everyone who is sexually active. The government must take this seriously since it is now a major public health concern.

  2. I’m 22 and I can’t remember what vaccines I did and didn’t get as a kid. I do recall the girls getting the “cervix cancer jab” at school which is apparently this one, quite worrying to think I’m 15 times more likley to get HPV than a straight guy.

    1. Just to be pedantic, there are lots of kinds of HPV, and just about everyone has been infected with at least one of them at some point (if you have ever had a wart or verruca, then you have had a form of HPV). Some types are harmless while others can lead to cancer, and the vaccines only offer protection against certain types. The article says that gay men are 15 times more likely to develop genital cancer than straight men, but I don’t know if this is necessarily entirely down to HPV.

      Men who have sex with men are recommended to have the Hepatitis A and B vaccines, and should be able to get them free on the NHS, as I understand it.

      1. Yes James, you should also ask to be checked for your hepB immunity when you visit a clinic if you had the Hepatitis B course of vaccines some time ago, I just had a booster jag as min which I had over 10 years ago was not “optimal”, its free at sexual health clinics.
        I understand the HepA vaccine gives life long immunity.
        The Gardasil HPV vaccine protects against 4 types of HPV strains thought to cause mouth throat cervical anal and other genital cancers and genital warts. It should be given from 9 – 26 years. Preferably preeteen.

      2. Ok thanks for the info, funnily enough I have to go to the GP tomorrow so will ask about any vaccinations that are available (although I am skeptical of vaccines in general)

    2. If you live in the uk you are unlikely to have had the vaccine Gardasil only girls have been vaccinated in the UK. The US and Australia vaccinate boys I believe.
      You can pay to have it, but you shouldnt have to.
      I was talking to my Gynocologist a few weeks ago, I have had an HPV cancer, thankfully cured.The vaccine did not exist when I was under 26.
      The gynacologist told me her medical collegues were all getting THEIR sons vaccinated for HPV and she thought it was very short sighted that all boys and young men were not getting the Gardasil vaccine on the NHS. She said a campaign would have her support.

  3. Christopher in Canada 22 Jul 2013, 1:03pm

    In science our salvation.

    See? Isn’t this better than prayer? Learning how something actually works rather than hoping some supernatural power will spare you from it if you promise “good” behavior?

    1. floridahank 24 Jul 2013, 12:02am

      Do many homosexuals actually pray? I thought most of them discredited the Holy Bible and the God that is in it.

  4. Keith, moral and free from plague 22 Jul 2013, 2:11pm

    You cannot vaccinate against stupidity. The risks immorality outside of hristian marriagve are well known but certain ones have decided to accept the risk in favour of short term depraved lusts.
    This is a problem in both homo and hetero communities however, promiscuity is disproportionately high in gay males. In the US. gay males are 50 times more likely than their hetero counterparts to have the HIV plague. How is your pride now?

    1. “You cannot vaccinate against stupidity.”

      We’ve noticed Keith. If it was possible to vaccinate against stupidity, you wouldn’t be commenting on here; or rather, you might be commenting on here but your tune would be very different indeed.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Jul 2013, 3:15pm

      How is your pride when 50% of all hetero marriages end in failure because of hetero promiscuity, out of wedlock babies: HPV rates among very young hetero females at an alarmingly high rate

      In sub-sahara Africa and elsewhere in the underdeveloped world, HIV is higher among the hetero population. Go check the WHO statistics, dumb arse, LOSER!

      1. Keith, moral and free from plague 22 Jul 2013, 5:27pm

        “How is your pride when 50% of all hetero marriages end in failure because of hetero promiscuity”…

        Since promiscuity is disproportionate amongst homosexuals, it is logical that same sex marriage will yield greater divorce rates than hetero.

        “n sub-sahara Africa and elsewhere in the underdeveloped world, HIV is higher among the hetero population. Go check the WHO statistics, dumb arse, LOSER!”
        Of course there are more hetero AIDS sufferers in Africa than homo. Because homosexuality is illegal in some African countries, homos aren;’t exactly out are they? At any rate, I used the word ‘disproportionate’. This means that as a percentage of their community, homosexuals are far more promiscuous and plague riddled than heteros. Thought you knew this?

      2. Keith, moral and free from plague 22 Jul 2013, 5:39pm

        Put it this way. Nobody ia ashamed of being heterosexua. There is no such thing as a closet heterosexual. Heterosexuality is not frowned upon and considered disgusting by billions.
        I am not proud of my heterosexuality I am simply not ashamed.

        1. Guglielmo Marinaro 22 Jul 2013, 7:26pm

          And closeted homosexuals are becoming an ever rarer breed in the civilized western world. Soon they will be so rare as to incite wonder and puzzlement: “Why the hell would anyone want to hide their homosexuality, for heaven’s sake? Have they got some strange obsession or neurosis?”

          I am not proud of my homosexuality, since it is not something that I have achieved. I am simply not ashamed of it, just as I am not ashamed of my blue eyes or my right-handedness. As the American psychologist George Weinberg expressed it, “To be gay is to view one’s sexuality as the healthy heterosexual views his.”

      3. floridahank 24 Jul 2013, 12:10am

        Robert, all sexual diseases (with a few rare exceptions) are attributable to not following God’s laws — don’t have sex outside of marriage — the answer is simple but those who live by their own set of rules will reap their just rewards. In other words, if you’re not married, keep it in your own pants — that goes for Christians, non-Christians, atheists, pagans, and whatever.

    3. “You cannot vaccinate against stupidity”

      No sh!t Sherlock, look at the tragedy of you.

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