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Street art showing Obama wearing pro-equal marriage T-shirt appears outside London restaurant

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Reader comments

  1. Yes Mr. Obama and Mr. Cameron have furthered LGBT rights at their own risk but let’s not declare them Supreme Leaders of Equality and sign away our lives to them with blind admiration and medals and murals and fireworks and rainbows. They were just in the right place at the right time, they done what any sensible person in their position would do.

    I’m greatful, but there’s still no chance in hell I’m ever voting Conservative !

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Jul 2013, 12:13pm

      So that would mean you wouldn’t vote for Nick Clegg or Ed Miliband either since both were in the right place at the right time to support Equal Marriage legislation? I suppose you’d have to stay home and not vote at all.

      Like him or not, Cameron stuck his neck out, displayed leadership against the odds in his party. Ed Miliband was the last to get on board.

      1. I suppose it means he will not vote on one issue.

    2. 718 Calling 22 Jul 2013, 1:51pm

      Mr. PInk i cant understand why anyone would give you any likes on your insulting statement. So i will only speak about my president “Obama”not yours since’s i don’t follow british Politics well, I understand in the U.K. u guys have a lot more rights especially since’s marriage is only 1 year away ranging from civil unions to hospital visitation and ownership of a spouses property if one spouse died. So the battle for the U.S. is steeper hill to climb and because we dont have that in most states. States have powers to affect only ones state it difficult to make laws or rulings for the whole country. President Obama in his first term fought “don’t ask Don’t tell” to be repealed which didn’t allow gays to sever openly in the military. And D.O.M.A. a couple of weeks ago and said he would not support the law and fought to persuade SCOTUS to vote to repeal it. HE IS A WARRIOR !He didn’t start the battle but he fights for our side. Same as Lincoln, Rosa Parks. Martin Luther King& Harvey Milk

      1. Pretty much any Prime Minister and any President would have done exact the same thing, that was my point.

        Mr. Obama & Mr. Cameron could both genuinly really care about equal rights, but they just as well could also be doing it for the vote. All I’m saying is although people will like them a lot more because of this, we should be careful to not let it cloud our judgement and base our opinions on their politcal career as a whole and not on 1 or 2 issues you personally hold dear !

        Yes they’ve done great things for equal rights… but what about everything else? Is it not possible they jumped on the opportuntity of LGBT rights on a “right-place-right-time” basis to curry favour for the next election? Is it not possible they’re using LGBT rights as an easy scapegoat to distract from their other failures?

        I’m not saying they /did/, but I’m not saying they didn’t either ! That’s the whole point, you can never tell someone’s true motives when it comes to politics…

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Jul 2013, 12:09pm

    “If you support gay marriage then you deserve to die from AIDS.”

    So much for the opposition demanding protection for so called ‘christians’ who want freedom from prosecution to express their will to continue to traduce the Equal Marriage Law and our marriages with their mendacious statements.

  3. Can you imagine the change that would happen if we wouldn’t vote at all? End of manipulation as we know it. Food for thought.

  4. I live nearby so I will drop by later today to see this mural!

  5. Yeah, “you must be apart…” – I’m sure you must be.
    Trolls do know that not being able to spell means that they’re showing themselves up even more than if they actually wrote what they meant to? Don’t they?

  6. Ah yes, Obama:- the President who is building a global control grid via the NSA ans complicity by the UK’s GCHQ:- who spies on the world’s citizens’ emails, phone calls and web traffic:- who has accelerated the War on Terror begun by Bush and has u-turned on closing Guantanemo Bay:- who has a kill list targetting US citizens around the world:- who is militarising the US police force in readiness for martial law:- who appoints Monsanto bigwigs to head the FDA in order to genetically modify America and, if they have their way, the world…

    But he loves us gays so that’s ok then…

    1. Is this more to do with Obama having a Muslim background?

      If he were Jewish I’m sure you wouldn’t care about what he did.

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