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Southbank Centre to hold 2014 wedding festival to celebrate first same-sex marriages

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Reader comments

  1. Don’t be fooled. This is just Jude Kelly desperate for some good PR after the massive panning they’ve had for their plans to evict the skaters, destroy the undercroft, and replace it with a row of Prets and Stradas and McDonalds.

    1. I kind of agree. Miss Kelly pretends to be all about love. But she’s a really nasty bitch who uses every event they do to promote herself. It should be renamed the Jude Kelly Centre (it would if she had her way).

      Still, it’s good when institutions are supporting us, and not against us.

  2. It’s a bit patronising to try and dress up a marketing campaign as a party, isn’t it? Within days of the bill being passed by the house of commons, before it even got to lords, I saw big adverts from various industries and wedding shows advertising exclusivley to same-sex couples planning a wedding or a honeymoon or a celebration of the law being changed long before the law was garunteed to change.,, all around the city! Before the law even reached the lords for debate, Virgin was telling me to take a honeymoon with them lol I don’t mind shameless profiteering but at least be honest about it !

  3. This somehow feels a bit too tacky.

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