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Russia: 4 Dutch citizens quizzed by police over ‘gay propaganda’

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Reader comments

  1. Perhaps the time has come to say to any country that openly discriminates or criminalizes people based on race, religion or LGBT status that we will not be attending any event in your country (sporting, political, scientific, …) or buying any of your goods until you change your laws.

  2. I’d like to think it will be very embarrassing for the olympic committee when someone gets arrested for ‘gay propaganda’ during the winter olympics. But I’m not sure they care about the human rights of the countries they choose to host the games, it’s just the money.

    We shouldn’t forget though that the UK had a similar law until Labour got rid of it ten years ago.

    1. It would be embarrassing for the IOC if a mass of athletes got arrested just before an event they are scheduled to participate in, and were thus unable to take part. Especially if every one but the Russian athlete was absent.
      The athletes would be released very quickly due to their status as foreign nationals and the very public nature of the Olympics, so minimal risk of injury or abuse being inflicted.

  3. This was bound to happen, and it remains to be seen if this law will withstand international scrutiny, not that Russia cares. What has happened in Russia may be dangerously duplicated in other Eastern European states, particularly in those countries that have sizable Orthodox Christian populations.

    Orthodoxy, whatever its national identity (Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Georgian, Ukrainian, or Greek) has declared a kind of unholy war against LGBTs. The church’s hostility and attitude has helped to support policies and legislation that penalizes LGBTs in Russia with its anti-gay propaganda bill and in Greece with a re-enactment of a health code section mandating compulsory HIV testing, resulting in arrests of over 25 Trans. women .

  4. GulliverUK 22 Jul 2013, 7:33pm

    So the best thing is if the rest of the world just steer clear of Russia — all of it.

    Businesses who are concerned should pull out, we should boycott whatever we can, they should be isolated as the pariahs they are. Measly words from the UN are worthless in changing their attitude. I can see a very, very long campaign of isolation against them taking a decade before they re-join humanity.

    In the meantime I can’t see any reason why asylum applications from Russian LGBT citizens would be refused, since it is obvious there is discrimination against their basic human rights, free expression, right to family life, etc.

    In 24 days Kaspersky (which I highly rate) is dumped from my home network indefinitely.

    1. If only I was in politics. I would have the Foreign Office try to do it’s diplomatic business with the Russian orthodox church over the head of Putin. Would say it is simply recognizing the authority and legitimacy of their church, and let their government interpret it in any way it likes.

  5. GulliverUK 22 Jul 2013, 8:08pm

    I was thinking we all need to do something to let the LGBT peoples in Russia know that we will do what we can to assist them. I remember signing petitions, so that didn’t work, although another one now might re-enforce that we care. The law doesn’t even allow the government here to assist them via NGOs. Somebody must be strategising on how to have an impact. I feel bad that we have nearly got equal marriage (I’ll say we do when I see people actually getting married), whilst they don’t even have a right to exist in public, or private.

  6. keith francis farrell 22 Jul 2013, 9:04pm

    I still say boycott the winter Olympics. Russia is not going to change, I think an alternative site needs to be named soon, and that Russia should be banned from sending any athletes.
    If the Olympic committee does not do that I would urge ever athlete to turn their backs on the winter Olympics, it must be a total flop for LGBT rights to be the winner

  7. To my mind, it would be great if the athlets from all countries such as UK, United States, Sweden, the Netherlands etc will be with the rainbow flags on the stadium whn the Winter Olimpic Games are being opened. It would be great if they will carry the posters for gay rights in Russian and English. THat would be the greatest support to LGBT community in Russia!

    1. and be sure, none will arrest them as Russian authorities just will not dare to do it! Winter Olimpic Games means too much personallt to Putin. It is his fetish, I would say. He wants to feel the power and his importance in the world. But the true athlets can break his dream by demonstrating how he is mean. All depends on the athlets.

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