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Burma: Group of gay men to sue police following arrest

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Reader comments

  1. GingerlyColors 23 Jul 2013, 9:39am

    Burma has received considerable praise in recent months because of it’s political reforms but the international community must not forget that homosexuality remains illegal in the country. If and when Aung San Suu Kyi becomes leader this, along with the ethnic tensions which have recently surfaced in Burma needs to be addressed.

  2. I wonder if any British government will ever feel the need to apologise the LGBT in these countries, and to tell these countries that they are sorry they interfered in their development and laws.

    “Section 377 refers to the section of the penal code in several former British colonies that criminalizes buggery and other homosexual acts. The law was introduced by British colonial authorities in the British Raj and was used as the model for sodomy laws in many other British colonies, in many cases to the extent of having not only the same or similar language but the same section number. “

    It seems we should;
    1. apologise for Section 377
    2. point out that we have completely scrapped all such laws
    3. point out that we have tried to redress the harm done, by giving protections to LGBT people because of the discrimination caused by religions, and this old law.
    4, promise to help these countries work through a programme of change

    1. It’s so nauseating to think it’s kind of /our/ fault.
      They would probably criminilize it anyway, because all countries do (at first), but still.
      I think we have a duty to inform Burma that we created these laws and we have abolished them. If they choose to keep them, we need to make it clear that they’re choosing an out-dated and immoral law.

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