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Tom Daley named Attitude readers’ sexiest man in the world, ahead of Beckham and Prince Harry

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Reader comments

  1. Ridiculous

    1. *ly hot

      1. Hmmm… not really… In fact the whole list is quite silly… seriously… Ryan Reynolds not even listed and Jedward are!? Errrrr How can anyone take this seriously let alone organise a whole event to unveil the results! Come Attitude… don’t make me cancel my subscription!

  2. Great choice! He is spectacularly gorgeous. Damn :P

    1. Look I didn’t mean to offend anyone by liking Tom Daley. I mean, he is older than me :)

  3. if you like them that young, then sure.
    if you prefer your guys a bit more… “adult”, then there are other men who would fit the bill far better.

    1. My thoughts exactly! I love that rugged, manly look. :P

  4. You mean he beat Aidan davis?Tom is super sexy though.

  5. Scott Larsen 19 Jul 2013, 8:04pm

    Depends on what kind of mood I’m in on that day…lol. Really? We are still giving coverage to ‘The best in the world’? If you are going to play this game, stop focusing on just young twinks. Give us older hairy studs, guys with glasses and an intellectual look – no offense Tom Delay – and celebrate diversity.

  6. Scott Larsen 19 Jul 2013, 8:06pm

    Aim higher, guys…

  7. Beckham looks awful now. Tom is far sexier.

    1. If you like little boys that is Ewww. 19 yo boy that looks 12!! so desirable LOL Well if you were Jimmy Saville maybe.

    2. Beckham has looked bad for years… far too many tattoos for me. There are DOZENS of better looking footballers

  8. This list is more of a “who’s the hottest celebrity right now” as apposed to “who’s the hottest”

    Unfortunately they didn’t quite think through the concept that a list of “the worlds hottest men” consisting of 99% straight men isn’t exactly a positive message being sent to their gay male readers when you think of the ‘big picture’ here.

    Do we really need “who’s the hottest” lists? Do we really have to go down that shallow lad mag route? Do we really have to hyper sexualise and objectify people like heterosexuals do? Can’t we try a classier approach ?

    1. I’ve just downloaded it, there’s loads of gays in there!.

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Jul 2013, 8:37pm

    I beg to differ. I nominate Alex O’Loughlin, an aussie actor now appearing in the new version of Hawaii 5-0. Hugh Jackman a close runner-up. Henry Cavill in third place.

  10. Prince Harry is a bit attractive but not exactly smoking to me personally. The other 3 are gross/not at all appealing.

    I never do agree with these lists though tbh.

  11. Yea, none of them are really cutting it for me tbh.

    On a slightly separate issue (although related) did anyone see the Most Powerful Gay People in the World list?

    I think it was in the Guardian supplement a few weeks ago. That was also a shameless popularity list with only a few LGBT people who could seriously be considered to wield any kind of power.

    I don’t have a problem with these ‘fluff’ pieces in general, I just wish they were balanced with more engaging pieces about people within the LGBT community who are doing real invaluable stuff for us all.

  12. Unpleasantly surprised, personally. I don’t find him attractive in any way. Probably would have gone with Superman, personally. :D

  13. Christopher Coleman 19 Jul 2013, 10:45pm

    These lists are always a bit silly, because they draw only on famous personalities. I see sexier men than these every day. I do not mean to denigrate Tom Daley or Prince Harry, both of whom are delightful in their different ways. However, I thought the world got over the needlessly tattooed Mr. Beckham years ago.

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  15. The fact that he likes to dance like a go-go boy while wearing nothing but an undersized Speedo clearly had nothing to do with the decision. As the song goes: “I’m sexy and I know it!”

  16. Depressing. So gay men are obviously not good enough.

    1. Erm……… Who said they’re not gay

      1. Yes that’s right be a clichè. All men you fancy are gay. I find it degrading and I have never seen such blatant craven attitude. In my day we had some self respect.

        1. UglyGeezer 20 Jul 2013, 7:12pm

          I’m not sure if that’s aimed at me or not. I certainly don’t subscribe to that. I think the saddest thing about this article is that it’s been printed on PinkNews, seems more suited to something more tabloid.

          even sadder that people are getting angry and name-calling about it, surely there’s more important things to get angry about?

          A few weeks ago there was a story about a South African woman being brutally killed for being a lesbian. It only got two comments and went mainly ignored, but this has ignited peoples fire.

          Just wow.

          1. Totally agree, its sickening. There have been many cases of homophobic beatings and murders on these pages yet many simply do not care about these dudes. All these guys have done nothing and ended up dead and this place don’t give a tinkers fart!!! My thoughts and prayer with all these men, women, friends and family. May peace be with you all, you are not alone xxxx

          2. I hope you’re not judging me. Do you remember Fanny Anne Eddy? She was from Sierra Leone and encourage to speak out for LGBT rights in the UN. she was raped and murdered i don’t think about her everyday but I will never forget her.

  17. Daley and twice on Sundays would do me.

    1. Christopher Coleman 22 Jul 2013, 1:29am

      Fine comment. Wish I’d written it.

  18. Charliej95 20 Jul 2013, 2:13pm

    Im only 18 so i find Tom Daley absolutely adorable. But i prefer Jaymi Hensley from Union J and Anton Hysen.

  19. GulliverUK 20 Jul 2013, 4:25pm

    I agree. But then this is a reader survey of ATTITUDE magazine, so it’s not an all-encompassing reflection of the broad range of views of every LGBT person in the UK !!

    Bodywise, he has perfect proportions, in my view, but body to one side, he comes across as a cheerful, happy, well-rounded, likable, easy-going, nice genuine person. He has a nice body, but a “winning” personality. At the end of the day personality and a generous attitude to others are ultimately the winning features. I’d marry the personality alone ! :-p

    1. Well said!

  20. In the world….come on….

  21. Prefer Chris Mears from the diving world. Daley is cute though, and seems like a nice guy. I assume Russell Tovey is somewhere on the list…

    1. Russell Tovey is number 10 I believe.

  22. probably because Tom is the youngest of them all, certainly the three headlined

  23. Bob Robinson 22 Jul 2013, 2:43pm

    Preposterous. Christiano Rinaldo has just lost this title by a whisker to George Burgess (not to mention his brothers) who has just posted nude selfies on the web. These are men not boys!

  24. gerry leddy 23 Jul 2013, 3:26pm

    Really, Beckham, you must be joking. leaving aside the body, which is more of a mobile art gallery, have those who voted for him heard him speaking.

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