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Mexico’s first openly gay mayor ‘not in favour’ of equal marriage

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  1. According to the church it’s not permitted to be gay at all so I don’t know why he’s worried about upsetting them with marriage.

    Unless he’s celibate he’s a hypocrite.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Jul 2013, 3:58pm

    Another bloody delusional loon. Let’s hope he doesn’t remain mayor for long.

    1. I think we should better hope that he changes his mind rather to be rid of him

  3. Fine, then by all means don’t bloody have one.

    Standard tyranny of the religious to demand that everyone else capitulate with their fairy story.

  4. Barry William Teske 19 Jul 2013, 4:09pm

    I’ll wait on more feedback and fact but
    the term ‘plant’ seems appropriate right now.

  5. He is just pandering to his religious voters. Any Mexican can have a same Dex marriage if they go to the capital.

  6. Michael 2912 19 Jul 2013, 4:23pm

    It’s me I know – but I don’t geddit…I just don’t geddit!

  7. So he doesnt think he should have the same rights as straight americans, what an idiot.

  8. “I respect my church”

    I think i’m going to be sick

  9. It is a shame. He could have really made a difference.

  10. I am so sick of hypocrites like this. You CAN NOT be Catholic and GAY! Don’t give me any BS excuses. For 2000 years the Catholic Church has tortured, murdered, ostracised and abused gay people. There are no two ways about it. Being gay is against The Bible and therefore against Catholicism. You must choose one or the other.

    1. “For 2000 years the Catholic Church has tortured, murdered, ostracised and abused gay people.”

      You do not even need to put the word gay in this sentence, just people will suffice. I quit being Catholic before I even knew I liked women, at around about the age of 11 or 12. The persecution of gay people really is the tip of a massive iceberg.

      Anyone with a conscience should be against the Catholic church so I find it difficult to reconcile this with the fact that all the Catholics I know are lovely people.

      1. I agree about not needing to even use the word gay when it comes to the Catholic persecution. The way I see the nice people who are Catholic is that they are sadly weak and misinformed and brain washed. Those of us who were raised in a Catholic society or environment will know how easily it would have been to stay brain washed (I’m Irish too and anything other than Catholic here was considered extremely odd and evil). However, it sickens me to see gay people try to latch onto their Catholicism and then going and sleeping with the same sex. We are one of the major groups who knows what its like to be looked down on by a religion and Catholicism defines that sort of abuse. Supporting the Catholic Church and being gay is like supporting Nazis and being a jew.

    2. That’s VERY insulting, and I’m not sure whether you’re trolling. There MILLIONS of gay people around the world who are Catholics, and AT LEAST A HUNDRED MILLION+ gay people who are Christians around the world. A great number of the countries around the world which have established marriage equality are Catholic countries, some strongly so. Bigots have NO authority regarding God’s words.

      1. Actually does have point as this brought to mind some documented history of the church. But at the same time a person can currently be gay and Catholic, just not a practicing gay. As far as the history, during her rise to power, the Catholic Church saw the power that the (natural) eunuchs wielded in the palaces. She did not like this fact and as such determined them all to be a vile and immoral. This because they had sexual relations with men. As a result she had all the known natural eunuchs castrated all the while changing and applying the law of natural men to all eunuchs. During this process, she erased the category of “natural” from the records. As a result the last remaining and unknown natural eunuchs were driven into the first closet. Also as a result the legal definition of “eunuch” from thence forth became only a castrated man. It is funny how all throughout ancient history this category remained intact until about 400 A.D.

      2. Trolling? Certainly not. I assure you my comments are genuine, carefully thought out over much time. One thing I will correct myself on, which Charles refers to, is to say you can’t be Catholic and “a practicing gay”. As stated, the Catholic Church has spent the last 2000 persecuting gays right up to the current gay. They can’t get away with murdering us any more but they do everything for society to ostracise us. The Popes constantly refer to us as evil. These people are the “infallible” heads of that Church. The Catholic Church strongly condemns gay marriage but even our most basic human right of love is condemned by them. The Catholic Church is one of the most bigoted organisations in the entire world. “God” has nothing to do with it.

  11. GulliverUK 19 Jul 2013, 5:07pm

    Political move.

    “Would you like some rights?”
    “No, I’m alright thanks.”

    !! Dumbass

    Saw this on a tweet a while back …”I’m in to Gay Rights, because I’m Gay and I like having rights.” :)

  12. Aunt Mary.

  13. I’m a Brit living in Mexico, and I’m gay. It’s worth remembering that here, as everywhere else, these things are a process and although I disagree with him, to have an openly gay mayor elected in a minor Mexican city is progress in itself.
    It would have been helpful if the author of this article has given some background: Any gay person can get married in Mexico (weddings are held in the capital and two other states) and their marriage is recognised in law, benefits, pensions, healthcare etc. This was achieved here long before it was in the UK, regardless of the church. Gay marriages and civil unions from other countries are also recognised in Mexico.
    Personally I witness a lot more tolerance here than I do in the UK (sadly).
    In our rush to equality let’s not judge a whole country by the words of one minor politician, and let us demand a quality of journalism that gives us the whole story.

    1. Christopher Coleman 19 Jul 2013, 6:18pm

      Excellent points. We do not sufficiently think about cultural differences. In the case of Mr. Medrano, his election indicates that his homosexuality is no bar to political advancement. However, he is mayor of a small town and I suspect that religion is taken very seriously. He is right to take things slowly and to play his political hand as he sees fit. To have been elected the first gay mayor shows that he knows how to negotiate the system. Like Obama, he’ll “evolve” at a convenient time.

  14. Rudolfo Villela 19 Jul 2013, 7:29pm

    He has not totally accepted himself as a gay man. I don’t blame him for that. In a country where even the police beats or kills someone for being gay, there’s reason why he can’t totally himself. He’s playing it safe because that is all he knows to do. I hope one day he will step outside the fear box and truly stand as a 100% accepting gay for himself, and not hide behind what the public wants to hear from him!

    1. ???
      “In a country where even the police beats or kills someone for being gay, there’s reason why he can’t totally himself.”
      On what are you basing this?
      I have lived in and travelled to various cities and regions of Mexico and I’ve only ever seen LGBT people treated with dignity and respect (not to deny that homophobia exists from some people in some places).
      He is an openly gay politician, elected by the people of his city. Maybe WE should show him some tolerance before jumping to conclusions about him, his politics and his sexuality…

    2. ???In a country where even the police beats or kills someone for being gay??? On what evidence are you basing this. I’ve lived in Mexico, in various places, for years and have never witnessed or heard of that. He is an openly gay politician elected by the people of his city. I can’t see the logic (or the evidence) to your argument.

      WE should show HIM tolerance before judging him on the basis of his politics, his religion and/or his sexuality. Isn’t that what we’re fighting for?

  15. He’s in favour of photoshop, though

  16. Is he a member of LGBTory group?

    He should be

  17. Don’t you just want to knock some sense into his smug smarmy face?

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  19. Raymond Whitham 20 Jul 2013, 1:40am

    So he is more of a christian bigot than anything else, even if his church is against him – add stupid to his description.

  20. He’s saying what he needs to say to stay in office. Maybe it’s time for him to close his gym bar, if he wants to live by the church.

  21. . Maybe it’s time for him to close his gym bar, if he wants to live by the church.

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