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Harrison Ford: Enders Game writer’s opinions have nothing to do with the story

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Reader comments

  1. Michael Barber 19 Jul 2013, 5:53pm

    Mr. Card got money for the book rights. He’s listed as a producer which means he will be getting part of the ticket sales and profits. He is still a BOARD MEMBER OF THE ANTI-GAY NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MARRIAGE which is still fighting against gay rights. BOYCOTT!!!

    1. You said it all for me.
      Had Card not been benefiting from this movie, which he will then use to fund his hateful campaigns to ridicule, criminalize, and yes, in the case of Uganda, KILL homosexuals. It has everything to do with this damn movie.

  2. Unfortunately, Harrison, in spite of recent strides, the battle for marriage equality has not been won. Money earned from the film will fund the bigotry and hatred perpetuated by Orson Scott Card. The best way to stop that detrimental river of funds is at the source – thus the boycott of the film.

  3. Right, and would Ford tell victims of racism if they should be offended by racism? Would he scold women for being offended by misogyny? Or should he have the good grace to accept that he has NOT been victimised by Scott Card’s behaviour and does not get to say whether it matters or not?

    As far as I am concerned, he should take his over-privileged opinion and put them the same place Scott Card can put his bloody film.

    1. I agree, more people should appreciate their privilege. Being born white and male is a blessing I count myself lucky for every day, and I am granted a whole bunch of privileges that other people just don’t have access to and it makes me really angry. People think because racism, sexism and homophobia is “technically a thing of the past” that it means it just doesn’t happen anymore. But it’s everywhere! It’s just a lot more subtle now. A lot of people don’t even notice when they’re being discriminated against.

      1. Even more so being born ‘male white *and straight* gives you much more potential than your equally qualified racial, gender, or orientation minority counterparts.

        1. Well that’s me scr@*ed! I’m female AND gay! Fabulous! Can I add Pagan to it too?

          But on a serious note you’re totally right. Even in the UK. Male, white and straight? Whooo hooo!!! The only thing, sadly, I have is being white….So much for the 21st. Century!!

    2. I don’t know about Harrison Ford however, when they white wash movies they do tell people who object not to be offended, or they say well that character had ambiguous race so we went with “the best actor”. See also “The Last Airbender”.

      As a woman you should know how often women are belittled when objecting to misogyny.

      1. Oh, indeed so. I well understand and hear it regularly. However, usually not when an actor is trying to convince me to see his film…

        I am sure Mr Ford would not do any of the things that I describe. That he will do it regarding LGBT people is illuminating to me and, I suspect, does not paint him in a favourable light.

        1. I think he would have done had he been in “The Last Airbender” for example, because the cast and director of that movie did so, with apparently no qualms. It’s all about money in Hollywood, morals and good taste are secondary.

          I bring said movie up, because it too was subject to an organised boycott and the response from the studio was very similar.

  4. nixiotemba 19 Jul 2013, 6:05pm

    mankind that has barely survived two conflicts with the “Buggers”,

    so that’s what its about, Mr Card

    1. Yes, Card was a devious bugger. It’s obvious he was aware of the word and its meanings – all of them. Oddly some people think it is only because the aliens look like bugs.

  5. ah yes, celebrities “not clear on the concept”.

    what can we expect from people who live in a fantasy world, who are paid to work in a fantasy world, who are told that they are gods, and who have no real connection with the real world?

    I wonder, all of those defending this film, what if Oussama Bin Laden had written a sci-fi book, and someone wanted to turn it into a movie?

    What if you knew that Bin Laden would use any and all money he got from the sale of his book rights to further advance his extremist political causes?

    Sure, J.R.R. Tolkien was “anti gay”. Did he spend his money on campaigns to deny gay people their rights? I didn’t think so.

    Do you think Mozart was terribly pro-gay? Chances are, he wasn’t. But did he actively pursue an agenda that would have denied LGBT people their rights? Nope.

    Orson Scott Card actively participates financially in a nation-wide campaign to deny fundamental rights to the LGBT population. There is a HUGE difference.

    1. The reason I bring up Tolkien and Mozart is that people keep saying you have to “separate the artist from the art”.

      The thing is, you CANNOT separate the artist from the art when the artist is still alive. There isn’t enough distance to give you a perspective on how the artist’s personal views and politics are reflected in his art.

      And again, if you compare O.S.C to any other past artist who had unpleasant views, one notes that O.S.C. is ACTIVE in political campaigning to advance his hateful views. One can say that about VERY few other artists from the past. Wagner is probably the most controversial one.

      1. Well said, and unlike the rest you mentioned, Card is still alive and an anti gay *activist* the money he gets from increased book sales, and for being the producer, will fund his next anti gay agendas like supporting prop 8 and kill the gays in Uganda, as he did in the past.

    2. colonelkira 19 Jul 2013, 10:33pm

      The fact that you compare Card with Bin Laden with a straight face speaks volumes about you and your misplaced anger. I sincerely advise you to seek some help!

      1. reading comprehension: it’s a GOOD thing.

        you might try it some time.

        1. colonelkira 20 Jul 2013, 8:04pm

          Having the courage of your so called convictions………you should try that sometime.

          The fact that you try to now mask over your previous statement that compares the two speaks even MORE volumes about your misguided and truly lunatic ramblings.

          The sad part is that you dont even realise that people like you hurt us as a community WAAAAAAYYYYYYY more than O.S.C ever could.

          1. are you daft?

            I wasn’t “comparing” O.S.C. to Bin Laden.
            I was giving an extreme example and wondering if people would be as ready to “defend” a film-maker’s decision to make a movie from someone who is pretty much universally recognized as a “villain” in the western world, but from a non-LGBT perspective.

            It is a perfectly legitimate question to ask those who would deny the need for a boycott of OSC’s work if they would feel the same way if, for example, some other notoriously “evil” figure were used instead.

            “OSC’s views are awful.. but the book is good”

            would people be able to say the same thing if Bin Laden – or ANY other “evil” contemporary figure – had also written a book?

            Or does the fact that OSC’s homophobia doesn’t affect them make people too eagerly willing to “forgive” his transgressions?
            Would these same people “forgive” the transgressions of someone like Bin Laden if the same situation presented itself?

            It’s a perfectly valid avenue of discussion.

  6. The actors know perfectly well that they shouldn’t have agreed to take part in this project. That’s why they’re defending the film now. But it’s too late.

  7. Barry William Teske 19 Jul 2013, 6:39pm

    Hold your course fighters for Equality and Truth.
    PR is pulling out the big guns…they have investors to answer to.

    1. I agree – we should not let the buggers win

  8. Maybe if Lionsgate offered to give as much money from the profits (if not all their profits) to LGBT causes and charities as they are giving to the homophobe Scott Card? And also pledged never to finance another one of his books?

    But guess what, they won’t, because they don’t care about the message of ‘humanity’ like they’re saying they do, all they care about is profits.

    Lionsgate, Harrison ford and co should all admit their mistake by supporting an anti-gay writer and stop going on about how it doesn’t matter. IT FVCKING DOES.

    1. GulliverUK 20 Jul 2013, 3:21pm

      Well said. I was going to suggest that perhaps the only way to rescue it would be to pledge to give half or all the proceeds to LGBT groups, to save their tarnish name – they might find people boycotting not just the film but their whole group. But would that even be acceptable? Would people be willing to see it knowing that a large part of the profits were being put in to LGBT equality, or is that breaking the principles of the boycott? Lionsgate has a very real PR issue now, how do they protect future films and works as they’re up to their neck in it?

  9. “I think his views outside of those that we deal with in this film are not an issue for me to deal with and something I have really no opinion on.”

    I think someone is a homophobe.

    I don’t think I will be watching any Harrison Ford movies in the future.

  10. The more they come out denouncing the protest the more they sound like they’re being prodded by the studios accounting department.

    What I think is most interesting is that in the pieces I’ve read, no one has specifically said they reject his views, just that his views aren’t represented in the film. That for me is rather moot.

  11. Many people are missing the point of the boycott entirely. It’s not anything to do with Ender’s Game itself; this is about a virulently homophobic man standing to gain millions of dollars from the film which he can then potentially pour back into anti-gay organisations like the National Organization of Marriage that he’s part of.

    1. Exactly. It’s the elephant in the room. The homophobic elephant.

  12. Harrison Ford is a moron and an apologist for extremism.

    Card will earn profit from this film which will be used to fund homophobia.

    If the film is a success a sequel will be made for which Card will be paid again.

    And is Harrison Ford really so ignorant and stupid as to think that the gay marriage issue in the US is resolved.

    What about the 37 states where it is banned.

    Harrison Ford is an ignorant moron.
    Dustin Lance Black is an apologist mor(m)on.

    Boycott this film

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  14. “calls for a boycott of the Enders Games film due to homophobic comments by the author”

    PN needs to be called, once again, on bad reporting. The issue is not simply Card’s comments. It is the political and religious organisations he supports financially. While he has discreetly left the board of NOM since this controversy started, he has a long history of donating his money and his time to extreme anti-gay groups who attempt to legally oppress gays around the world.

    Putting the conversation into the context Card and co prefer rather than reporting on it accurately is just another reason why people should be wary of everything they read in PN.

  15. Me thinks Harrison will be getting a cut of the box office – he can bleat all he wants – I for one have NO intention of spending my money on a product that supports a homophobic religion Monster –

  16. Clearly doesn’t get it. Very few straight white men ever really /get/ it. They’re speaking from a privileged perspective that knows nothing of prejudice or discrimination.

  17. GulliverUK 20 Jul 2013, 3:36pm

    Full interview, (Video)
    about 9 mins in.

  18. “Ender’s Game writer’s opinions have nothing to do with the story”.

    Mr. Ford, that is ABSOLUTELY correct.



    See how easy that was?

  19. Wow, I never knew tolerance was a one way street. To red some of these comments was to think the gay community lives in slavery. And that OSC is on a mission to kill all the gays. Personally I think the gay community will do more harm then good with this boycott. So OSD doesn’t like queers, newsflash; a lot of people ordinary folk people around you may not either. It isn’t like Lion’s gate is putting out a film showing to eradicate homosexuals. As for the funding thing anti-gay groups will continue to be funded regardless of this movie. Don’t want to see it, fine, then stay at home but don’t come down on others who will go to see it.

  20. I agree in that a boycot of this film is not a very productive approach, but it might be a way in which the bigot can feel it in his wallet. However, it does affect many more other people.
    A nice suggestion of the production team would be to donate a’a nice’ amount of money to LGBTQI causes, maybe as much as the bigot will earn from this film…

  21. I’m sorry – but no. The fight is not over until it is over. And Mr. Card will benefit in his account by ticket sales because he is a producer. Not one cent of my money or my friend and family’s money will go to this film. You cannot preach hate, then base your career on people buying your product (e.g. films, books, etc.) and expect us to just go ahead and buy your product! Boycott.

  22. Another case of the hypocritical gay agenda screaming for their rights and feedom of speech, but refusing to acknowledge ANYONE else’s.

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