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French Government study recommends lifting of blanket gay blood ban

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Reader comments

  1. This is a ridiculous Ban – HIV is tested in all bloods taken – Why then are Gay Men being victimized when ALL Men – Hetero, Bi & Gay have the potential to be living with HIV – If the Blood banks need blood All people should be welcome – Why are Heterosexual men (or those who claim to be) not included in this ban it suggests that once again ignorant people are assuming (wrongly) that only Gay men transmit this virus – Can we please remind ourselves that this pandemic originated in Africa – (a country, that apparently has no gays! If you believe their religious and political leaders) This is simply prejudice and unfair discrimination

    1. Married same sex couples are banned, and Hugh Hefner can. There’s something wrong with this picture.

  2. In some countries (like Latvia) there is no ban.

  3. Michael AS 19 Jul 2013, 3:18pm

    There should never been a ban in any or all countries as HIV affects everyone.

    It always has been a bad assumption that HIV only affects gay/bisexual men.

    In fact worldwide HIV has increased amongst women and heterosexuals

  4. The report, while welcome, will put Marine Le Pen in a tailspin!

  5. As a gay Brit living in France, even if they changed the law I still couldn’t give blood, as I lived for more than 12 months in Great Britain between 1980 et 1996. They’re still worried about mad cow here, even now!

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  7. Condoms are good enough to protect your partner/boyfriend/quick shag, but they aren’t good enough for people needing blood? Can we say “double standards”?

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