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Cameroon criticises media attention around murdered LGBT campaigner

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Reader comments

  1. JackAlison 20 Jul 2013, 7:59am

    there’s not a lot to say :(
    broken neck
    broken feet
    and hot iron marks all over the body.
    its a sickening reminder of how hate and words of hate lead to this!!
    I am really proud that his name was mentioned and remembered in the UK parliament upon his gruesome death in conjunction with the readings of the equal marriage act.

  2. Oh that’s right, come out and denounce the media for reporting this atrocity. Maybe they should ignore it like the Cameroonian government, pretend there’s no problem for LGBT people.

    Alternatively, how about coming out and condemning these and other attacks and the oppressive homophobic climate, or how about passing anti-hate crime legislation to protect and include all minorities in the legal framework?

    This response is just adding insult to injury/death/mutilation

  3. keith francis farrell 20 Jul 2013, 10:08am

    Love this “launched attacks on our nation, dragging its image into the mud.” well you idiots, you do that to yourselves. Do you not think it is time for equality? hopefully you can all be left in the mud to slowly drown and then get made into something useful once the mud dries.
    Homophobes need to be removed from places of power. These born again churches need to get back to teaching gods message of love and equality not murder and hate

  4. “journalists and civil rights groups had “launched attacks on our nation, dragging its image into the mud.”


    The murderers didn’t do that?

    This official response says it all.

    We should be saying how beautiful it is, what a successful economy they have, how happy they are, how there is no poverty there, no corruption, everything smells nice.

    But unfortunately the place is a hell hole that no sane person would want to visit and most Cameroonians are desperate to leave. Maybe they should get their act together and clean up their backyard before criticising how the world sees them.

  5. ..government spokesman Issa Tchiroma and said that journalists and civil rights groups had “launched attacks on our nation, dragging its image into the mud.”

    Cameroon is already a backward with a muddy image especially when it comes to
    LGBT rights, so stop saying civil rights groups and journalists are tarnishing it’s image. It’s tarnished black already!

  6. No Issa chiroma – the media are not “…dragging its (Cameroon’s) image into the mud.” Your government is doing that yourselves. The media are just presenting the facts.

  7. johnny33308 21 Jul 2013, 8:31pm

    Ugly is as ugly does! The truth is sometimes not very pretty! Deal with it! Cameroon’s government is filled with savages and barbarians! Tell EVERYONE!
    The Cameroonian government drags its own image into the mud (of TRUTH)!

  8. The Cameroon government spokesman
    reveals why Cameroon’s image deserves to be in the mud.

    He is horrified by free speech. He is a totalitarian.

    In Cameroon a man is in prison just for telling another man that he loves him.

    Why was a gay rights activist murdered after warning the government that gay rights activists were under threat?

    Could it be that the government police budget can’t be bothered to protect them?

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