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New Zealand

New Zealand: Church changes its mind on holding first same-sex wedding

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Reader comments

  1. Actually, who cares whether we can have religious weddings or not, apart from LGBT people of faith? Don’t we tend to be far more secular than our straight counterparts, for that matter? Surely what we wanted was civil marriage? We’ve got that.

    1. Who is we? You can’t speak for all LGBTs and you can’t just dismiss “LGBT people of faith” so easily.

      I say this as someone who is allergic to religion, it makes me severely nauseous.

      Glynn Cardy clearly cares and good luck to him.

    2. Mihangel apYrs 18 Jul 2013, 7:17am

      the majority of our counterparts are equally secular. However they see the trappings of church, vicar, organ as being more romantic and photogenic – maybe even a bit more real.

      It’s an opportunity for them to piss away lots of money they may not have, or which they will have to use credit cards for (or daddy gives his little Chantelle the bestest wedding money and overdraft can buy).

    3. Religious weddings? People of faith? Pagans have been performing handfastings (our equivalent to marriage) for who knows how long…

  2. Good luck to him too. However, religious adherence tends to have become highly privatised in western societies. I hope the Anglican Church of New Zealand sees sense on the issue, but do we really need religious authorisation for our marriages? Arguably not, although I do realise that this matters to LGBT people of faith.

  3. Mihangel apYrs 18 Jul 2013, 7:19am

    Having friends who are religious, I can well understand them wanting to be married in their community. I just find it difficult to understand why they are part of such communities

  4. My husband (of over 30 years) and I do not need a church to validate the sacrament we have shared, through rough times and good ones. We will have a short, tasteful, civil ceremony, followed by a lovely dinner, at much less the cost of a church wedding. Quite frankly, the church has made itself irrelevant to our lives. And this coming from two guys who were raised in the church and active in it. NO MORE!

    1. Proud that 2 of my 3 all adult kids and I do not believe in any of the sky buddy Bs which has been the horror of humanity for most of its existence

      Just go look up Leviticus and tell me if it isn’t far worse then communism – it would murder the whole of humanity for eg eating pigmeat, wearing clothes made of different kinds of threads, working on the Sabbath etc.

  5. while the anglcan church is not anythng like the hate filled horror of the west – the vatican, soon they will come to their senses re marriae

    it will be a matter of survival in a post religious world.

    Here is primarily the catholic church ‘s history

  6. Colin (London) 18 Jul 2013, 9:08am

    NZ I know you well and love you so much….Yet again you are a world leader.

    I am not religious but I believe in the principle of an inclusive society. Therefore this to me is only good and good for all parties and communities.

    See you soon good people of New Zealand.

    1. Could I note that England and Wales have nothing to be ashamed of here? It has only been three months since New Zealand introduced marriage equality here, and they have arrived at the same stage, despite the added complication of the House of Lords (given that we have a unicameral parliament). In term of transgender rights, indeed, it is New Zealand who should be ashamed.

  7. Who cares.

    It’s a church. Church and religion is defined by dishonesty, duplicity and bigotry.I

    It’s hardly news that this poxy little cult would behave in this manner.

  8. We’ve got civil marriage that is all we need, find a church that accepts the ceremony, This is not a battle worth fighting

    1. Yes, although evidently it does matter to LGBT people of faith. As Kiwi Anglicans tend to be quite civilised compared to other Christian denominations down here, one expects common sense to prevail. Sadly, fundamentalists have almost destroyed our Presbyterian Church.

      1. Fundeis are behind the hatred of our first black president, and they were the people who justified slavery as per the bible, gave us segregation and the civil war etc

        Anyone got any hungry lions?

  9. I am an atheist but discrimination must be fought everywhere. While it is not my struggle cause I’m not interested in churches, cults and religion, my heart goes out to Mr. Cardy and I wish him all the best.

  10. Why doesnt the church leader do what quite a few good xtian churches in the USA do.

    Despite official policy, they will do weddings for gay people

    most xitians groups do not have a strong central authority.

    But we should all thank the vicar for what he is trying to do

    Typically in the USA, it took 2 or 3 general meetings before the governing body approved of marriage equality. This is for presbyterian USA and evangelical lutherans

    its now happening in the Methodist church – a few near Dc, prob others, have been doing gay weddings. 1000 of their ministers have petitioned hte national body to add these weddings to their policcy

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