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Ireland updates travel advice for LGBT citizens travelling to Russia due to passing of anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. Ireland updates travel advice for LGBT citizens travelling to Russia due to passing of anti-gay laws:


  2. Nobody should travel to Russia.

    It is a dictatorship with no respect for human rights.

    Why has Britain not withdrawn from the Sochi Winter Olympics yet?

    We need to start piling on the pressure.

    The Putin dictatorship is not a place where the Olympics should be held.

  3. We should all boycott anything to do with this dictatorship. It is as bad now as when it was the USSR. Putin and the Orthodox Cult have a lot to answer for.

    We should all write to our MP’s demanding an official boycott of the winter Olympics.

    Why have the FCO not issued similar warnings to Ireland.

  4. Boycott Russia and the games

    1. Colin (london) 18 Jul 2013, 9:18pm

      I have always tried to be inclusive but not this time

      However we need another country to offer to take the Olympics. Canada is the obvious choice and would get this planets thanks.

      how do we ask them i do not know..Do others if so do.

      I will write to the Canadian embassy first thing tomorrow. you ?

      1. Canada has been horrendous on climate issues, they flat out violated the emission targets they’d signed in the Kyoto Protocol. As far as climate change goes they’re even worse than the US.

        After Canada and UK the last two Olympics, it’s unlikely we’d get another western European country to do it. We could try countries like Ukraine or Turkey though.

  5. I typed in “Russia gay rights” into the search engine and I came across this article, in the comments section I was expecting most people to be condemning the outrageous laws in Russa. Instead the comments on here are utterly disgusting and it reminds me what a bunch of nasty, intolerant arseholes we have even in our liberal, progressive societies. These people really should be nominated for cúnt of the year.

    1. You should see the behaviour of Russians on Holiday in places like Thailand. I have generally been disgusted with their aggressive and thieving behaviour.

      I have met a few (very few) who where seemingly nice people.

      The Thais are currently struggling to curtail the influence of the Russian mafia. In parts of Thailand many businesses are owned through Thai nominee’s. Something that is not legal in Thailand. Now they are having a half hearted clampdown. IMO Russians need to be confined to Russia until they learn to behave themselves on the world stage.

      1. My post was not an attack on the Russian people, at my university there were Russians, one of them was part of the Russian ethnic minority in Latvia, he was an absolutely lovely person who had no problem with gay people, in fact I took him out to a gay bar once. To ascribe a set of qualities to a whole nation is not only foolish but wrong. My comment was an attack on all bigots irrespective of nationality.

        I’m not denying that there are problems in Russia, that’s obvious, but the Russians themselves need to sort out their problems themselves. As for misbehaving abroad and invading other countries, well Britian would know all about that.

        My post was not an invitation to bash an entire nationality.

      2. Very true. Just look at the You Tube videos of car accidents in Russia. They drive like mad men and then when someone hits another car they batter each other like wild animals. Some of the most hostil and nasty people on the planet are russian putin style,homophobic hetrosexual . Operation Boycott Russia!

    2. I took a look at this article and the comments. Although I choose not to use the “C” word I do agree with your sentiment.

  6. Just like FIFA, the Olympic committee don’t seem to bother about LGBT oppression.

    It would be good if people boycotted the games and if Worldwide LGBT organisations organised demonstrations against both Russia and the Olympic committee with the Worldwide TV coverage of the games for allowing a country with these terrible laws to host the games.

  7. It’s such a shame cause I have always been intrigued by Russia in many ways such as it’s architecture and it’s literature and history,. I mean I’m Irish and i always thought it would be cool to go. But now these anti-gay laws and other major issues like xenophobia, corruption, racism, severe wealth imbalance. I mean these issues have been present for decades the homophobia is just a taster of issues in Russia. It blows my mind that that Fifa and Olympics said “Yes this is a great place to hold the winter olympics and the world cup”. I guess money and personal rewards to the fat-cats and the leaders of corrupt organisations means more to them than human rights.

  8. There are two chances of governments boycotting the winter Olympics over this issue: sweet FA and bugger all.

    The Olympics, like all sports, are big business nowadays and no country is going to risk a potential escalation in economic, political or diplomatic tensions with Russia by boycotting the Olympics over this issue.

    Anyone old enough to remember the boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics and the ensuing tit for tat boycott of the 1984 LA Olympics would know that such actions are futile.

    Boycotting the winter Olympics would only make the situation worse for the LGBT community in Russia as they would be held accountable by the authorities and the average Russian.

    As the IOC is a corrupt organisation I would rather see the establishment of a new Olympic organisation, and only countries who respect human rights or are showing earnest progress towards doing so would be allowed to join and participate.

    And the same could be said and done with the UN at the same time.

  9. Here’s some advice: don’t go to Russia! How stupid can you be? “Hey, we’re gay and proud so let’s jump on a plane and support the tourism economy of a country that will put us in shackles as soon as we try to be gay and proud!” You would have to be a complete moron to be gay and go to Russia. It’s not a matter of being tough or showing you’re not afraid. It’s a matter of not giving money to a country that would kill you based on who you love just so you can see some pretty sights. That would be like a group of black people going to tour the KKK clubhouse because it has nice architecture. And paying the KKK so they can do it! People need to pull their heads out of their asses. Also the winter olympics need to be boycotted.

  10. I’m on holiday in Greece right now and the hotel is full of Russians and the atmosphere when we walk in to breakfast or lie round the pool is chilling
    It’s like they’ve never seen or want to see a same sex couple and they all just stare.
    Seems they don’t want to go to Cyprus , Turkey, Egypt – because theyre scared and are boycotting those countries where LGBT s can marry.
    Doesn’t make for a relaxing holiday.
    But as a lightener many look like charcatures. Donatellas granny – mafia thug – high heels round the pool – crack whore gone bad. They are decked in gold and pay for everything in cash.
    Scary I’d ask any planned hotel stays in the east Mediterranean if they get many Russian guests and go somewhere else
    This is not meant to be racist but a caution to any gays or lesbians looking for peace and respect.

  11. “It is just totally out of order it is unacceptable in this day and age for any athlete to feel in anyway intimidated or certainly to be discriminated against because of their sexuality.”

    But it is fine if you are an ordinary Russian?

    Russia should by given the cold shoulder by all International cultural and sporting institutions. They cannot be allowed to play a part in the civilised world while operating an uncivilised country.

  12. I would still go to Russia, it remains a marvellous big country and gay life is still very much present in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, if you know where to go.
    Russia is now in the period Britain and most European countries were between 1945 and 1970, no LGTB rights, sexual repression, religious fundamentalism, a fair amount of corruption and widespread ignorance.
    And do not forget that the difference between a straight and a gay Russia is half a bottle of vodka ..

  13. If Russia cannot host the Winter Games without having respect for the laws and rights of those that are coming from other countries, they should be denied the right to host the Winter Games. Have someone else host it, and tell Russia to take a flying leap.

  14. I am personally boycotting the olympics, as is the rest of my family. I don’t believe Russia will ever change as it is a fear based dictatorship-lead country. Religion also plays a huge role in this debacle.

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