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Germany: Pamphlet advises gay football players to come out ‘quietly’

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Reader comments

  1. Do they have a similar pamphlet advising black people to sit quietly at the back of the bus where they won’t be seen?

    1. Sitting at the back of the bus wasnt not advisory – failure would land you in jail. Noone will go to jail for coming out – loudly or sliently

  2. ‘Ruhe gibt’s genug nach dem Tod’

    1. Gleich richtig

  3. Colin (London) 18 Jul 2013, 9:10pm

    On one level i so love this but it is not enough to protect players.

    It is all right for Chancellor Merkel to say they have nothing to fear but we gay people know differently. We have lived with the consequences.

    First Germany must stand proud and Chancellor Merkel introduce Equality legislation and sell it to everyone properly as Equality. She must believe it herself.

    Then good German business must come together and approve gay Equality and advertise it.

    Then the churches must be tackled and the past dealt with and the future highlighted as the way forward

    Then footballers, sportsmen and women and everyone else can hold their own coming out which is traumatic for many especially if you are in the public eye.

    Chancellor Merkel it is in your hands…please take this forward for all society and as your part in modernising this planet.

    1. God this is awful. Germany has had enough of laws aimed at changing the way people think. If your nation has a social problem, address it socially, if it has a problem with coercion, then you may wish to consider a legislative response.

  4. Commander Thor 18 Jul 2013, 10:06pm

    I guess the jews will be fine too then…

    1. Godwin’s Law strikes again.

      You Commander Thor are a dirty xenophobe.

    2. Don’t mention the war!!!!! Seriously, the Germans are now the cultured, sophisticated and gentle people they were before the horrors of WW1, the Versailles treaty, hyperinflation and the Great Depression combined to induce temporary madness.

  5. This reeks of that old “Do what you have to do behind closed doors but don’t you dare make a fuss about it” mentality

  6. Come out quietly or what?

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